Bees or not Bees, that is the question 21 NOV 2012

Bees or not Bees, that is the question.

What I am about to say gives me an empty feeling in my stomach. I try to translate what I know into warnings that give you foresight, yet the last thing I want is to create fear. Foreknowledge hopefully gives you some realization that God above does care about us, as He said He would not do anything before warning people through His prophets. My father spent his career as an ag expert (especially specializing in water resources) to help the world improve their food production and use water resources more efficiently. I tried farming myself. I still have relatives and friends that farm. Farming is my family heritage, so I am in a place to warn people what is happening.

In working with the programming of the Illuminati’s mind-control victims, I became acutely aware of how they design scripts. They use the natural flow of things and then manipulate and twist these to their ends. Now if you were a psychopathic kingpin in the Illuminati, and you were trying to design an irresistible crisis for humanity, how would you design it?? When there is a shortage of food and water, there is no way around not having a crisis! And next, what happens to the bottom of the food chain…??

And how do we stress out the world’s agricultural production? There are many ways, and they have all been done across the board. Large scale agriculture depends upon a number of things: water, top soil, oil and gas for modern equipment, capital to finance operations, and some other things, such as competent farmers. I have watched them destroy most independent hard working farmers. The destruction of the American family farmer has gone on for decades, and when I mention it to city people, they generally could care less and have absolutely no sympathy. Repeatedly I am told, let the big international ag businesses do it, they can do it more efficiently. People, people, people…The big businesses do not do it better, they are just owned and controlled by the Illuminati bloodlines that have the means and leverage to force others out of business.

Supplies of water have been vastly depleted. My Uncle Arlin’s farm, once irrigated, is now dry land farmed by his son, my cousin. Why? The aquifer for irrigation has been pumped dry. WW I vets who were farmers who pooled their money in Klamath Falls, OR area to build a reservoir for irrigation water, had the government seize their water around the 2000-2002 time period to supposedly save a worthless bottom feeding sucker fish that the Feds claimed would become extinct if the farmers got their irrigation water. Yes, I was down there as perhaps the rare journalist on the farmer’s side, as I wasn’t part of the controlled media.

Most of you already know the credit shortages and the financial problems developing. A few of you are probably aware of the scam perpetrated on many unwitting farmers with the commercial fertilizers that were intentionally designed to destroy this nation’s top soil. Find the rare book Toxic Harvest to read about this horrible crime done by the powers that be to our nation’s top soil.

One of the highlights of my 2012 summer trip was the Denver Botanical Gardens. In the gardens are some gardens in which plants that are pollinated by various pollinators such as birds, butterflies, slugs and honeybees are placed in separate sections. I was surprised to view the plants that detestable slugs pollinate! By and large, most of our important agricultural plants that provide us with food are pollinated by honeybees. Recently, in the last few years, it is reported that70% of the honey bees have died (57,000,000,000 hardworking honey bees are dead in North America), and the remainder are threatened as their numbers continue to drop. I suspect that one of the purposes of the chemtrails is to destroy the honeybee population. And I ask the readers if they can provide any clues that this is true. They are doing large scale patterns of chemtrails over rural areas…why? The overlooked weak link in the entire process of food production is the honeybee. For instance, without the honey bee pollinating crops, apples don’t grow, as well as countless other major foods including lots of the veggies you like. Recently, here in Oregon we tomato fields had lots of healthy tomato plants but almost no tomatoes due to the lack of bees.

So there you have it. Without bees, there is little food produced. It is the kind of programmed crisis I saw the Illuminati so good at creating. Every other aspect of agricultural production (credit, gas, water, top soil, etc.) is stressed also. How do you get around not having plants pollinated? Next question: when will the undersupply hit us??? And how far will our funny money, ready to inflate this next year, go in buying scarce food supplies? And what are the Illuminati storing in their private underground facilities?


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