Bechtel—an Illuminati affair involved w/ CIA & the military-industrial complex & the Mid East 1 JUN 2013

Bechtel—an Illuminati affair involved w/ CIA & the military-industrial complex & the Mid East.
For those who are not savvy about Bechtel Group, this post is offered for your edification. It gives an overview of this Illum. affair which is a clear example of how the elite operate.

Bechtel Group (aka Bechtel Corp.) is a private family owned corporation that was financed with Illuminati money, esp. Rockefeller and Schroder money. (Baron Kurt von Schroder was Hitler’s personal banker, illustrating again that it’s a small world at the top.) The Export Import Bank has also financed many Bechtel projects. In 2010, Bechtel had projects in around 40 countries, frequently gets mega-project contracts, and recently had a yearly revenue of $32.9 billion. Bechtel has controlling interest in Dillon, Read & Co. Last I knew, Riley Bechtel (the 4th generation of family corporation leaders) was the CEO.

Bechtel was involved with the 1948 Syrian coup. In recent times, it has been building Syria’s new pipeline. In recent years, they have been doing projects throughout the Middle East, incl. Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq & Saudi Arabia. In Egypt they have been developing the electric power plants. In Saudi Arabia they built the world’s largest airport. Doing construction business in so many foreign countries makes Bechtel a good partner with the CIA. Bechtel helps the CIA, and the CIA helps them back in an incestuous relationship. Several DCI (directors) of the CIA have been connected to Bechtel incl. Allen Dulles, John McCone, Richard Helms & William Casey. Repeatedly, the CIA has helped Bechtel get contracts. While they got $2 billion to reconstruct Iraq, Halliburton (also connected to the elite) got $10 billion in contracts. The big boys want to eat at the trough.

If you can think of a big mega-project, there is a good chance Bechtel was building it: Hoover Dam, Channel tunnel, Alaska pipeline, Trans Alaska-Canada hwy., San Francisco Bay Bridge, as well as airports, nuclear reactors, and pipelines in numerous places. For our military they have specialized in underground bunkers, and have built & operated the Bechtel Nevada Test Site for the U.S. Nat. Nuclear Security Administration. They helped build the U.S. Missile Shield Defense.

Not everyone is happy with Bechtel. They have a reputation for poor quality work on nuclear reactors, some of which soon permanently shut down due to poor construction. They have been accused of threatening competition. They have been working with the World Bank to privatize water—in other words, you’d pay a fee for rainwater on your land. In Papua New Guinea, they created an enormous environmental disaster with waste from a large mine. They have been fined in WA, NH and ID for environmental offenses. They have been accused of mismanagement on various projects that waste money & fail to produce results. But they are almost politically untouchable. When people tried to get law enforcement to investigate bribes, the FBI looked the other way. “Bechtelites” are scattered throughout high levels of the U.S. govt. & protect the corp.

As an example of Bechtel in govt., Reagan had two Bechtel men run his Presidential campaign, George Pratt Schultz (pres. of Bechtel), and Casper Weinberger (v. pres. of Bechtel). Both Bechtel executives then were placed on his cabinet along with other Bechtel members. Donald Rumsfeld, a Bechtel man became his Sec. of Defense. Someone working for Bechtel named Philip C. Habib, while he was still working for them, became Pres. Reagan’s special mid-east envoy. The younger set won’t remember Habib, but back in the day he got lots of press from his work as envoy.

Bechtel is a good example of how power interlocks. One sees corporate, government, and intelligence leadership interlock with Bechtel. The original and subsequent financing was provided by the Illuminati, at times through their banks, and other methods. Bechtel is part of the military industrial complex that has made billions off of war beginning in WW 2. This private corporation is a clear example of how the elite operate.


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