Because the Clackamas Town Center shooting happened near my house 16 DEC 2012

Because the Clackamas Town Center shooting happened near my house, I will provide some details about it for others. (The first time I tried to post this it disappeared when I tried to post it. If at first you don’t succeed, try again, eh?) See if you find any of these details suspicious?? The police had done a mock training drill of a shooting at Clackamas Town Center a month before; and according to eyewitnesses arrived in about one minute after the shooting began. Some of the arriving police were in full combat gear, camo uniforms, and are impossible to distinguish from army troops, and arrived in what they called “hunter cells”. No one (according to the media) actually saw the eyes or face of the shooter, who was alleged to be a 22 year old who alledgedly stole the AR-15 that morning. His schoolmates say that his personality was not like that. The alleged 22 year old shooter left by a service stairwell and didn’t shoot a person he met there, but went a short distance and with one shot killed himself. There were many conflicting strange reports at first but the final story is that 3 people died and one was wounded. The ratio of 3 dead to one wounded is unusual. In combat with trained soldiers, the ratio of dead to wounded can be more like 1 dead to ten wounded. And shooting oneself and killing oneself with one shot with an unfamiliar gun firing a .223 by an untrained person is quite a feat. Mall security was watching it all on security cameras, but no mention of them is made, and no videos have been shown of the action. One could run through realistic possibilities, the possibility that the real killer blended with the crowds that left, after changing into perhaps a security uniform. Some eyewitnesses thought some of the black clothed cops were the shooters from the way they came through. There were lots of conflicting reports, and the approved details we are given definitely leave more questions than answers. And this incident is just one of a series. Allow me to remind people that my Illuminati sources said back in 1991 that schools, malls, and public buildings would be shot up in the coming years; and my 1991 Be Wise As Serpents book warned about this agenda.


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