As I sang this old hymn today, I contemplated how true it is. We often fail to focus on His solutions, and focus on our fears of the problems. Our minds exaggerate the problems, and often fail to see that solutions have been created and are waiting for us. I have a family member who faces death due to cancer, and all around cancer is taking people. The Blush Wood Berries found in the rain forests of Far North Queensland in Australia have been found to cure melanoma cancer quickly in 75% of the cases, and cure it so it doesn’t return. Sea cucumbers kill all kinds of cancers. This is in line with the Bible verse, “…and the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.” The context of this verse is where people are in perfect fellowship with their Creator, and I believe would apply to us today if we were in close harmony with Him. The reason these cancer cures are not widely known or used is that greedy pharma can’t make money off of them. Good hearted people still have a voice, they can still share with each other globally using the Internet. If we realize what we have, we realize that we are not living in a hopeless world.

BECAUSE HE LIVES, ALL FEAR IS GONE. The song’s chorus goes like this: “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, Because He lives, all fear is gone; Because I know He holds the future, And life is worth the living, Just because He lives!” We need to take a moment and pause and reflect…the World is sliding into a time of fear…the global economy wants to melt down…stock markets are crashing around the world…nations are devaluing their currencies…natural disasters are popping up…our govt. & the elite are creating civil disturbances in the U.S. between races & helping create Islamic terrorists even on own soil…certainly it seems normal to live in fear. But what about Yahshua’s time period? Those living back then faced many of the same kind of things. It is why the crowds gathered around Christ, because he had answers to all these countless problems. And people are still amassing around him to seek answers…just not much in the U.S.A. or Europe, because the masses have been taught to be politically correct with the World. As one political figure recently said, “Political correctness is killing this nation.” And that is one political statement I can agree with. God’s Word encourages us: “For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.” Life is worth the living, just because He lives!


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