The title of my post is the title of Dr. William W. Sargant’s book on mind-control. There is certainly a battle for your mind; & this post is to reinforce your Lie Detectors w/ fake whistleblowers.

There are many people who are connected w/ things, who have written some book supposedly exposing what they were connected with. The area of mind control has had a number of authors that were connected with the m.c., that have written that way. Quite often they cover up as much as they expose. Dr. Sargant (1907-’88) a leading British psychiatrist who wrote a book on mind control (“Battle for the Mind”), who testified as an expert on mind-control at Patty Hearst’s trial on her defense, and who would speak like he was against MK-Ultra type experiments, was himself working for MI-6, MI-5 & the CIA doing mind control, as well as mind control experiments. I use him as an example of the deception & what can be expected. In my books on mind-control, I paid attention to Dr. Ewen Cameron (Dr. White), Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, & some other major programmers…but Dr. Sargant over in London got neglected in the books. When I first got involved in helping mind control I had gotten his book, in my effort to learn everything I could. Of course he doesn’t mention that he was doing the same programming & mind control experiments in London at the St. Thomas Hospital as Cameron was doing in Montreal. Sargant also inspired an Australian doctor Harry Bailey, to replicate the same mind control experiments on unwitting Australians.

Sargant’s history. He originally wanted to be a medical doctor, but had a mental breakdown & spent some time in an institution which prevented a medical career. After that, he went into psychiatry, became a leading doctor of psych. & in 1938 got a Rockefeller Fellowship to study/experiment psychiatry at Harvard. Returning to England during WW 2, he conducted mind control experiments on soldiers w/ problems, for instance trying to see the effects of various drugs on memory & abreactions to memory. After the war, he wrote a CIA manual on torture that has been used up to recent times. From there he began working with the major programmers of trauma based mind control, and continued experiments in this area. For instance, after MK-Ultra was exposed & supposedly ended, in the ‘70’s he was conducting experiments to see if the trauma-based techniques that I detail in my Formula & Deeper Insights books could be done to adults rather than beginning with children.

One of the popular points of disinfo is that the Intelligence agencies were only conducting research & that it failed. I don’t know how many disinfo agents I’ve seen spout this. The truth is that they created operational robots that have been carrying out a myriad of mind control scripts for many decades. I was privileged to work with professional therapists who had me consult them, and I can categorically say in reference to national govt.s…that mind-control operational agents were coming out of England from during WW I to now, and from Germany before WW II, and from the U.S. govt. at least by WW II. Mengele can be credited with placing things on a more scientific basis, & fine tuning the sadism of the traumas, but the basic techniques were being done before he was brought over here. And within the Illuminati, the trauma-based mind control goes back to ancient Egypt. This stuff has been around a long time, including Biblical times.

I note that the latest National Enquirer is reporting new info on the Kennedy Assassination. The public could have gotten the truth about JFK’s 1963 assassination in ‘64 if our costly CIA agency was really doing the job people think it is doing. KGB Colonel Yuri Nosenko defected in 1964. Besides exposing many Soviet agents, & many other things, he exposed that Russian intelligence knew that Kennedy was assassinated by a group of multimillionaires (the Illuminati, kingpins like Onassis). The CIA got ahold of him & tortured him for years to get him to recant his explanation of the assassination. Amazingly, he held to his version until they finally released him.

You have certainly noticed how words like “conspiracy” have been linked to “nuts”. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of the manipulation of language to steer our thinking down the right path. Flying saucers are called UFO’s and then consistently linked with aliens. Just the wording steers us away from the realization that our govt. makes anti-gravity flying saucers. They set out to prevent alternative points of view from having credibility…and even preventing us from thinking undesired thoughts…like programming us to think UFOs=aliens. Meanwhile they take the theme of conspiracies & use it for fictional movie scripts. What is refreshing is to see how certain individuals pick up on the direction they are trying to steer our minds, and they head the other way! What is more difficult to detect are the fake whistleblowers that come out of the system. Yuri Nosenko can be used as an example of a sincere whistle blower. He repeatedly gave valuable credible info. He was never caught giving bogus info. His problem was that he gave info about JFK’s assassination that the leadership of the CIA didn’t want America to receive.


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