A collection of little known information. In the past, some friends have voiced an interest in prophecy. Yesterday, some expressed an interest in ancient history. This article is a little of both, with the goal of presenting new information.

USING PSEUDO-SCIENCE. Yesterday’s article was on the priestly city of Cutha, whose city god was Nergal (Satan); it discussed how the city contained an observatory for astrology/astronomy. The priests looked for heavenly signs to justify the govt’s actions, such as to make a war or an alliance. Likewise, globally the modern elite are using pseudo-sciences like global warming & psycho-babble to justify their actions. Of course, the ancient Mesopotamian mystery religion priests, who were fascinated by the stars as much as our culture is about outer space, had lots of scientific babble to sound sophisticated and snow the common person. They had temple libraries with all the factoids. (Interestingly, tablets were stored on shelves, like our libraries.) Now you know what kind of educated people Daniel came up against.

For centuries, they kept daily diaries of celestial movements. For instance, the 1800 B.C. Venus Tablet 63 (aka Venus Tablets of Ammizadaga) records the positions of Venus. By 2000 B.C., the priest astronomers had books (tablets) that gave squares, square roots, cubes, reciprocals, & other math values. They invented the abacus & algebra (history has not given them credit). By 1000 B.C., they were solving quadratic equations. They had sundials & water clocks. Their number system was the best in the world & was great for large numbers (which you find in astronomy), and great for working with fractions. The Babylonian number system used place values, and had a marker for zero.(Their use of a zero marker has not been widely recognized, & was thousands of years before the Arabs used zero. The Romans did not use place value nor zero…in other words 2,000 yrs. before the Roman empire, the Babylonians’ number system was ahead of Rome’s.) Our system is base 10, theirs was base 60. We use base 60 for time, for geographic coordinates, & for angles. For instance: 60 seconds = 1 degree…360 degrees= 1 revolution. 60 sec.=1 min.; 60 min.=1 hr. Around 500 B.C., they created the 12 sign Zodiac system with 30 degree intervals. Much of their science, and pseudo-science (like astrology) were adopted by the Greeks. The word Zodiac is actually a Greek word we adopted. They were ahead of many civilizations that came after them. Their sexagesimal time system broke time down to 2 microseconds. They had the equivalent of 6 a.m. hours, & 6 p.m. hrs., with their minutes equaling 2 of ours. They worked w/ irrational numbers like pi & the square root of 2.

USING SLAVERY. The temples used slaves and everyone else could too in Babylon. Slaves were bought, sold & branded. Sometimes it appears people took poison & died along with someone great who died. In China when an emperor died, the entire household was killed & buried with him. The Babylonians loved roads & great buildings, like other tyrannical govts. have (like Rome, Hitler, and now us). When I think of what the Babylonians knew, and that they had that information for many centuries, some of it for 2,000 yrs. or more (because much of it, like their writing & astronomy, came from Sumer)…then it begs the question: why did they not progress more? They had intelligent priests who had all the time they wanted to study things. I have a theory that they were held back by slavery. Necessity is the mother of invention. When they needed to develop irrigation, they were brilliant. Babylon & Nineveh were reported to have incredible Hanging Gardens irrigated by aqueducts & machines with screws for lifting water to great heights. A parallel may be America’s old South; George Washington Carver noted that slavery kept the South backward. If slaves can do the work, why progress?

BABYLON THE GREAT: A “CRYPTIC NAME”. The Word of God tells us that Babylon the Great is a “mystery” and that her name is “cryptic”.(A) Obviously, the end time Babylon the Great of prophecy is not historic Babylon. Bible prophecy in REV tells us that Babylon the Great is:
• a commercial center with a great port
• a global military & financial power over all the nations of the earth
• responsible for all the people slaughtered in history, and all the prophets of God who were killed in history.
• has 7 kings (and 7 mountains–translated hills, whatever mountains means, whether hills or kingships)
• trades in the souls of men
• by its sorceries (& drugs) all nations were deceived, and its spiritual adultery made the nations drunk
I have argued that the power that matches this can only be the Illuminati, which is Satan’s organization to control humanity. Rome is not a seaport…it is landlocked. Neither Rome nor the US were around to be guilty of all the people slaughtered in history’s warfare and to be guilty of all the prophets of God who were killed. Many prophets were killed before the Catholic church was even thought of, and most before America was even created. But the Illuminati goes back to these ancient mystery religion priests. These mystery religion priests were plotting wars & justifying their actions by the stars. The elite, which have run things, is responsible for all the wars. Their ancestor Nimrod is credited with inventing war. Sumer invented the wheel, which was developed into war chariots. The Illum. today has great commercial power (basically all the multinational corporations), great financial power (IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve), and great military power (there are secret international Illum. meetings where their military men gather & discuss how the Illum. control all the nations & are having the globe play out their script). Its highest council is 7 people, while they have delegated a Council of 13 men to rule Europe, and other councils for other areas.

PROPHECIES IN JEREMIAH. There are a number of prophecies in Jeremiah on Babylon that should also apply to today. Prophecy is truth, and in similar situations, similar things happen. In other words, prophecy can have more than one fulfillment. JER 50:40 says that the destruction of Babylon is like the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. This matches end times prophecy in the New Testament.

“COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, LEST YOU SHARE IN HER SINS, AND LEST YOU RECEIVE HER PLAGUES.” (REV 18:4)… And JER 51:6, 24 says, “Flee from the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of God’s vengeance; He will render unto her a recompense…’I will repay Babylon…for all the evil they have done in Zion…’, says YHWH.” JER 50:28 is similar. It is helpful that the prophecy of Revelation, which builds upon Jeremiah’s prophecy teaches us that the end time equivalent to the World power of the ancients, is not the same as ancient Babylon. But there is still some continuity and similarity…and so again I call attention to the continuity of the modern continuation of the mystery religion priesthoods (the Illum.) and the many similarities they have to their forefathers. These Illuminati kingpins have repeatedly referred to their modern creation of a united Europe (EU) as the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel. Indeed they are re-uniting mankind under a global govt. And it will be stopped just as the original Tower of Babel.
(A) REV 17:5, REV 18:23-24


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