Austin Thomas, out of Las Vegas had me on his show tonight 9 FEB 2013

Austin Thomas, out of Las Vegas had me on his show tonight. The topic was Illuminati mind-control, the CIA program doing this was called MK Ultra, and it has also gone under other labels like Monarch mind control. The hosts tonight…Austin and A.J. are both informed and bold. They wanted the full truth out there on the Illuminati’s trauma-based mind control. Things are vastly different from the early ’90’s when the subject was unknown. The level of awareness of these crimes against humanity has sky-rocketed…however, I did notice that the callers who were given the opportunity to ask questions did not know what the Illuminati’s total mind control is. They mistakingly think it is something that relates to what they already know. In order to comprehend what is being done, people need to be willing to do a “paradigm shift” to comprehend the truth, and I recommend my Formula book and Deeper Insights book which are available at the website .


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