This post is an update on a number of things. I had enough material to write numerous articles on current events, but felt that it would be advantageous to condense a number of current events down to a single article. An example of a recent development, the bison are leaving Yellowstone…what are they running from? I will not be able to mention every current story of interest in this article, but will concentrate on what seems most important to reveal.

NOBILITY OF SPIRIT. Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke up against the nazification of the German churches, such as allowing Hitler to be named the head the churches, rather than the head remaining Christ. He took a moral stand & willingly became a martyr. What will we do in identical circumstances??? He inspired people & his stand against tyranny continues to inspire people. His life was an unyielding & compelling moral stand against the World evil, especially against a type of Anti Christ, similar to what may in the following years face us.
During the past few months, Larry Klayman has been working to legally deport Obama. He sent several deportation petitions to DHS to legally remove Obama from the U.S. on the grounds that Obama lied & gave false birth documentation. Obama’s “birth certificate” appears to be a crude computer generated forgery. However, the State of Hawaii, which is the alleged issuing body says the obviously fake document is legit, and as the supposed issuing body their word stands. Klayman points out that even if a more legit document is produced it will not erase the illegal deception that Obama has already perpetrated. Even Obama’s own website confirmed that he was a Kenyan citizen until 1982, and during his campaign against Hillary, some of her supporters tried to challenge his eligibility to run for president, based on the fact he is foreign born. This whole issue, which does not seem to go anywhere, is just one good indication that the USA is now no longer a free nation but is under a dictatorship. Just because Hitler came into rule by using democracy does not mean democracy followed. For years, some of us warned a police state was coming…well, it is here.

WIFE OF INSIDER EXPLAINS HOW JUSTICE PERVERTED. The wife (Kay Griggs) of a high level military assassin (George Griggs) recently revealed the details of how many civilian judges are still in the military (secretly in the active reserves) & that due to their importance to the criminal elements running this nation & our military, these judges can do any criminal thing they want incl. killing their wives. Kay is a Christian who takes her faith in Christ seriously & her marriage vows seriously, which is why she stayed with her abusive husband so long and was constantly standing up for what was right. She soon was butting heads w/ the perverts in charge of the Marines & Navy in her Norfolk, VA area. Her 4 hr. “tell-all” interview was recently (on June 3) placed on you tube with the title “Illuminati wife telling it all”. During the first 2 hrs. I watched, I did not hear her mention the name “Illuminati” but she certainly touched on some of its members such as Heinz (Henry) Kissinger, & his promotion of arm sales. From watching the first 2 hrs., I can highly recommend this interview to people. It validates many things that I have written about. It is obvious this whistle blowing wife (Kay Griggs) has not been exposed to my writings. That is one reason why her testimony is important for people to see. Her story is based upon her years of being married to a trained military assassin who was intimate with many key people in this nation. On my side of things, I have known some other military assassins, and had one confide to me at length about how he is entrapped & has to kill (murder) civilians (even American women) for the U.S. military. See KAY GRIGGS amazing testimony at…

PRINCETON. I have focused in my books on Yale & its secret Illuminati societies, Kay provides us info on the Princeton Cap & Gown club, which bills itself as an “eating club” for students, but is styled by Kay as an equivalent to Yale’s Skull & Bones. The Cap & Gown club (founded in 1891) soon had their own bldg. on Prospect Ave. Her husband went to Princeton for 4 yrs. & was a mmbr of the club. She talked about the club having members connected to the Marine Corp hierarchy & athletics. She exposes the private Hun college prep school also. What is interesting is her exposure of the Saudi connection to Princeton… & indeed several important Saudis went to Princeton, as well as the Hun school, for instance: Saudi prince Saud bin Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz (born 1941), who was Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia & Saudi prince Khalid bin Faisal (bn. 1940), who was Gov. of ‘Asir Province, now Gov. of Mecca Province.

THE ASSASSINATION BUREAU. Readers will remember that I have mentioned a number of times about the Illuminati assassination bureau. Kay reveals a great deal about all this. She gives lots of names! For instance, Gen. Al Gray ran all the wet ops (called “dirty tricks”) in Lebanon. Gen. Jim Joy & Gen. Karl Steiner were in charge of training all the assassins used at Waco against the Branch Davidians. She exposes how the top Marines running the assassin bureau are all homosexuals…or bisexuals (incl. her husband). When the leaders identify a person who is controllable, perverted sexually & a good candidate to create into one of the bureau’s assassins they are labelled “rising stars”. She talks about how the HQ for the murder bureau has been Paris, & its Amer. HQ is New Orleans. (The bureau is called by its members various names incl. “the Brotherhood”, “the Firm”, etc.) What Kay reveals is pertinent to the JFK assassination. For instance, she talks about how the military look for men with a particular profile to turn into assassins, and how Lee Harvey Oswald had a profile identical to her husband. Note how New Orleans connected to the JFK assassination. She is sure Oswald was simply a patsy, which most of us have also long ago concluded.

WALT WHITMAN ROSTOW (1916-2003). Kay does some exposing of Rostow. She doesn’t mention that he was an Illum. mmbr., Jewish, a Rhodes Scholar, an OSS agent, and the 7th U.S. Nat. Sec. Advisor, who was preceded as the NS Advisor by Illum. mmbr McGeorge Bundy, & succeeded by Illum. mmbr. Kissinger. However, Kay does realize that he was a “wiseman” advisor and a nasty person, who got us involved in the Vietnam War. I enjoyed her exposure of NATO and SHAAF, which are connected to the mob & are used by the mob/Illum./military industrial complex to sell weapons around the world.

THE ILLUM. & ORG. CRIME & THE MILITARY. Kay exposes that organized crime is part of the upper echelons of our military. When I investigated the Illum., I learned that they use organized crime and the military for their purposes, so the 3 groups are intimately in bed with each other. You will notice some of my diagrams show organized crime overlapping the membership of the Illuminati, and that some high ranking military officials are mmbrs of the Illum.. While Gen. MacArthur was a high ranking Mason, & an insider to some degree, he refused to prolong wars for the military industrial complex…Kay is correct in bringing this point out. And she is correct in exposing how Bosnia is being used to traumatize boys (by perverted sex) to help turn them into amoral assassins for the World System.

PROGRAMMABLE MATERIAL. One of the things being sprayed in the chemtrails are nano particles that are programmable. Study on Morgellons & look at the site below. Our DNA is being altered by a list of things…incl. chemtrail ingredients & GMO foods. One of the strange govt. groups is the Blackbox Group who have a unit called the Red Rovers.(See the link to their own site below.) I believe they are involved in human mind control using these new technologies. Bear in mind that the human mind is a black box. Also bear in mind that the name “Black” is given to many of these elite (Illum.) ventures. Many people have asked me to expose the new electronic mind control techniques, & so this section is in response to their requests. You can learn some more about all this kind of stuff at the following two sites:…/government-solutions/index.aspx …and…

White Sands, Los Alamos, Sandia Nat. Labs., Hollaman AFB/Alamagordo, Cannon/Artesia, NM. All of these sites in New Mexico have connections to each other. White Sands, Los Alamos & Sandia Nat. Labs are connected by tunnels, and they also have another thing in common: their above ground level is for show to deflect attention from their secret underground activities. They have many underground levels. An insider told me that what they are working on is beyond what I have imagined to expose! Considering I linked mind control to these sites, and exposed their underground bases in my Deeper Insights book, and their genetic experiments, I am left wondering what more they are up to!!! These sites have been hiring hundreds of m.c. techy kids. They are assoc. with the Illum. hierarchy & “aliens” (like in fallen angels). Artesia, NM is a small SE town with a Fed Training Ctr. which has more activity and wealth than one expect for a small town. People from Albuquerque drive all the way to work there & go home on weekends (reminding me of Area 51 workers & Las Vegas). So Artesia, NM is just one more spot to watch. By the way, a number of Area 51 workers transferred to Sandia Nat. Labs. Scientists at these labs who have appeared to have broken their oaths of silence soon die of “brain cancer”. Hmmm. Others have testified to me that they saw human/transhuman genetic experiments at Dulce, and for that reason I went to the Dulce area (Jicarilla Apache Reservation) in Aug. 1993 to investigate. Of course, above ground there is nothing to detect. But I concluded that there is indeed something top secret going on there. I believe what my witnesses say they saw underground there. The question for me is when will all these weird creatures be unleashed upon us. They are now working with DNA as if it were a program that they can simply write however they want. So what kind of creatures have they created from scratch! ?

FINAL THOUGHT. This has been enough to keep your mind busy. Perhaps a little too much. Hope you as the reader don’t feel overwhelmed. We can admire Kay Grigg’s courage to expose what she knows. Whether this prolongs her life, or ends it quicker, we will see as time moves on. She has already suffered persecution…something I can identify with firsthand myself. May you be inspired not only to learn the truth but also to provide moral leadership in these dark days.


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