A brief update on current events.

ECONOMIC WAR AGAINST RUSSIA. People may have heard me, or may have read something I wrote to the effect that these low gas prices are part of an economic war against Russia. Sanctions were placed on Russia and Russians for Russia’s aggression in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Putin talked like the sanctions meant nothing, but the truth is that Russians in the street are seriously hurting economically. Saudi Arabia is helping the USA out. They have replaced Russia in supplying crude oil to Poland & Sweden, who traditionally have bought from Russia. Eastern European refineries are set up to refine Russia’s Ural Crude and Iran’s crude is similar to this. Saudi Arabia’s crude could not replace the Ural crude, but Iran’s can. Now I have a better understanding of why the nuclear deal with Iran took place. It allowed the 2012 sanctions against Iran selling its oil to be lifted. Iran plans to regain all its former markets, and will slip into Eastern Europe and replace their crude for Russia’s. Just one more loss of oil & gas revenues for Russia, which is the principal foundation of the Russian govt.’s budget. Meanwhile a few days ago, I actually bought gas for less than $2 per gallon. It’s been a long time since that happened.

SABER RATTLING FOR AN ACTUAL WAR. Russia today “leaked” (supposedly by accident) their plans for a long-range nuclear torpedo “Status-6”. Our military keeps “leaking” their focus on planning for WW 3. As you know, U.S. troops are in combat in the Middle East. Every few months, the Israelis bomb some military base in Syria. And we have the American & Russian militaries in Syria. This conflict has allowed Europe to open its borders to massive amounts of refugees, who are causing massive amounts of stress to the countries they have flooded into. Germans are now calling for the removal of Chancellor Merkel. In spite of Merkel, the German govt. has just reversed its asylum policies to a stricter stance and is talking about deporting some of the refugees. Unfortunately, the same widespread stress & chaos that Europe is experiencing, may be coming to the USA. These refugees from Africa & the Middle East carry diseases that don’t (or barely) exist in the US. By spreading them all over our nation, they are bringing in diseases that we have been free of. Once here, it will be hard to eradicate them. And you know what the govt. will try doing—mandatory vaccinations which will be laced with all kinds of deadly things. (This is genocide… ”population control” that the US govt. has legally committed itself to carry out.) Bear in mind that earlier the USA signed treaties in Geneva that ban the forceful use of medical treatment. You have a right not to accept any medical treatment. Keep your rights and say “no”. It is criminal for anyone to force a treatment on you. In some places, I hear they have police roadblocks where they are forcing Americans to take vaccinations. Learn your rights concerning medical treatment, and demand them. You and your kids’ lives may depend on you demanding your rights. Pray for strength as we are assaulted on every side.

WARS & MORE RUMORS OF WARS. And the beat goes on…Father in heaven, there are so many hurting & sad people. Activate our compassion for those who are hurting. Comfort us in all our troubles, Forgive us of our sins Father, thank you for showing us ahead of time what these days would be like,… in Christ we pray, Amen.


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