As the Psalmist sang, “Give me understanding and I shall live.” 7 JUL 2013

As the Psalmist sang, “Give me understanding and I shall live.” We also learn in the Word that Satan comes with such power & deception, that people perish because they did not love the truth. (2 THES 2:9-10). The love of the truth shall save us. Therefore, join me in singing, “Wonderful words of life, Let me more of their beauty see, Wonderful words of life.”
Feb. 29, 2013
MECCA — As the Moslems launched a third day of air raids against Democrat troops, senior Moslem officials said that they hoped to choke off fuel, food and other supplies that the Democrats need to maintain their grip on power. As the attacks continue Moslem officials said for the first time that the strikes are meant to help Republicans overturn the ruling Obama regime. They declared today that they wanted suspect Obama “dead or alive”. While they declared their resolve to hunt down terrorists, they added, “The face of terror is not the true face of Americans.”
Among the targets struck near San Francisco were major fuel depots, the officials said, part of an effort to hurt the ability to move troops. Hundreds of civilians were caught by the bombing attack, and some were children. Hospitals in California reported 521 people wounded during the latest attacks, and 32 killed.
In another incident, an American wedding party was mistaken for a troop convey and annihilated by Moslem Coalition planes who had been warned of troop movements.
Meanwhile, refugees continue to flood into neighboring Canada, and there have been clashes between Canadian border troops and refugees, many of whom have been caught in the crossfire as the International Moslem coalition hunts down suspected terrorist Obama and his democratic allies, who still refuse to hand him over.
The refugees mostly on foot, but some on bikes & cars, fled Wash. D.C. where the bombing campaign has been intense. Many are headed north with nothing but the clothes on their backs. International relief workers warn that famine will wipe out millions of Americans if drastic measures aren’t initiated immediately. Bombs hit a hospital in Wash. D.C. today, but the chief of the Air Force told reporters that the bombs were actually targeted on a Congressman’s house nearby. Photo recon confirms a hospital & nearby neighborhood were hit by a stray bomb.
Meanwhile Obama has appeared on a video vowing to “fight to the death”, and is still in hiding, reportedly moving frequently from one hideout to another. In a day of talks, Democratic officials demanded the Moslems provide “convincing evidence” that Obama bombed sites in Moslem countries. Extremists are claiming that the Moslem leadership makes money off of oil and drugs; as these extremists are anti-Moslem and support anything anti-Moslem, Moslem leadership has moved to protect children from their hate by barring American access to such things as the Internet.
Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you….Walk a mile in another man’s moccasins…They who live by the sword shall die by the sword…Whatsoever a man soweth (bombs?) that shall he also reap (bombs!).
Heavenly Father, forgive our nation for its sins upon the world. Shine some wisdom upon our leaders that their consciences might grasp what they are doing. In Christ’s name, Amen.
I am reminded of Micah 6:12, where it speaks of rich mean being full of violence, and the citizens full of lies. Nahum 3:1 pronounces a woe on those that exploit, “Woe to the bloody city! It is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departs not….”
There will be consequences for the sins of our government, and typically nations are judged as a whole…in other words…even though many of us don’t approve Obama, just like many Iraqis didn’t approve Saddam Hussein, they lived in Iraq & partook in the suffering of their nation. Afghanistan has been no different.
Peace & Shalom my friends be upon you.


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