Thoughts on some imaginable apocalyptic threats. This post is a collection of thoughts to expand the reader’s awareness & inspire more realistic thinking about mega-disasters. The globe faces some complex problems, and this post is to shed some more light on the facts.
It’s been a long time since I wrote on possible cosmic disasters, the kind of thing which is repeatedly predicted to happen in the near future,… like the 6 planet alignment on May, 2000 that was to upset the earth’s axis, which I mentioned in my post “When the World Failed to End”, an article on failed dooms day prophecies. 
People respond to the threat of Armageddon 3 different ways: passive, preventive & proactive. Many Christians passively say, “It’s God’s will, the world is ruined, accept it and wait for heaven.” Some hopeful people say, “What can be done to make the world better?” And finally, some creative people are actively & proactively inventing things to break us out of our problems. Christ would approve of working to improve & change the world as well as the hearts of men. One of his parables mentions, “Occupy till I come.” This suggests we should do likewise. But he would also want us to discern what are genuine threats, as well as turn to him to maintain a spirit of peace about what the world is coming to.

ISIS WANTS TO SET UP AN ARMAGEDDON BATTLE. Many Americans & westerners in general are unaware that Islamic eschatology is the major motivation for ISIS/ISIL’s bloodthirsty atrocities. Their eschatology believes that a great battle will occur when Christian nations place their military into Dabiq (which is located near Aleppo, NW Syria). They believe that when the non-Islamic forces come, the Muslims will defeat them, conquer the rest of the globe, and kill all who don’t convert to Islam. This will usher in the millennium of peace under Shariah law. The other reason they are trying to provoke the west into military action is their insatiable need for new recruits to join them. An invasion by infidels is a good way to recruit youngsters to join the fight. Obama is not working hard to be their enemy. His administration purged all mention of Islamic terrorism & its supporting Koran verses from various U.S. govt. training curriculums. If they want to get America embroiled in al-Sham (Syria) to have their Islamic Armageddon, they are going to have to try something different.

A COLLISION W/ A SPACE OBJECT: METEOR, COMET, ASTEROID, OR STRAY PLANET. I have already had several articles on the remote possibilities of anything serious happening from one of these events, and I mentioned comets that will pass close to earth. While some people are aware that a meteor hitting what is now the Yucatan, MX created the Chicxulub crater & wiped out most of the dinosaurs…they are not aware that the earth’s surface also records other similar sized asteroids, like the Manicouagan 5-mi. diameter asteroid, whose impact created the Eye of Quebec (aka Manicouagan) and an originally 100 kilometer wide crater when it hit, BUT had almost NO IMPACT on life around the globe. It was the 5th largest known meteor to impact the earth. Another large meteor hit Siberia 35 million yrs. ago. It’s impact created the 100 kilometer Popigai crater but it had no long term impact on life either. Before anyone tries to tie the Manicouagan site to the mass extinction at the end of the Triassic period, in ’92 it was realized that its crater was 14 million years too old to have been the cause of that extinction.

CMEs & BASALT ERUPTIONS. My previous post “Govt Plan to Shut down Power Grid in the event of Major CME” suggested that a major CME could hit us, as our own sun is our biggest astronomical threat. The post also suggested that our own govt. could just as likely (and with great ease) fake a false CME and shut the power down. Basalt eruptions have been blamed for mass extinctions, but like meteors, they have an uneven record. Some massive basalt eruptions have done nothing long term to life on this planet. The Siberian flood basalt (lava) eruption which flooded much of Siberia (at places up to 4 miles thick of basalt) is blamed for the Great Dying extinction. Yet, another large lava flood which was 10 times larger on the Ontong Java Plateau in the western Pacific did very little damage to marine life. Scientists are still trying to figure out why some lava flows hurt life & others seem to do little damage. The current popular theory is that the difference depends on if the location triggers carbon deposits or chlorine rich rocks to release massive amounts of chemicals. Salts that are rich in chlorine can, for instance, combine with methane to create an ozone-destructive gas methyl chloride. If this analysis is correct, it means that asteroids & comets might not harm much life if they hit an area that is low on carbon. The Manicouagan & Popigai asteroids, although huge, hit gneissic rock, which has little carbon. The deadly Chicxulub Yucatan event was on a continental shelf of limestone, carbon-rich sediment & salt deposits, which created Sulphur dioxide, which went into the atmosphere and in turn caused acid rain. Whatever the final explanation is in truth, the fact remains that some large lava (basalt) floods & meteors have come without having a large negative impact on life.

MANMADE ARMAGEDDON made in places like Korea, India, or the Ukraine. Gorbachev, who created Glasnost & convinced Reagan he was sincerely for peace, has been telling people that the new cold war could lead to Armageddon. He was quoted a few months ago in the Russian govt.’s newpaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta that Russia should hold summits with the EU & the US to move towards peace. As so many of you are aware, much of these manufactured crises are smoke & mirrors. A more serious situation is India & Pakistan, which have serious issues (water & territorial & religious) between each other. These issues are serious & not easily solved. Another explosion waiting to happen is North & South Korea. Both nations sell T-shirts & hats in their gift shops with the slogan “Korea is one”. Both plan on taking over (“reunifying”) the other. Ever since the 7/27/53 ceasefire stopped the active Korean War, there has been fighting between the two sides on a limited basis. The war has technically never stopped. The North sends drones over, and naval & air clashes occur frequently. About 15,000 people per decade manage to escape North Korea. Many die trying. For decades many people have suffered under the North’s totalitarianism as well as starved from the poor communist economy. South Korea is an economic miracle, but has not put the energy into having a strong military like the North…so she would draw the U.S. & our allies into a war to save her. South Korea’s economy may fall in the future due to several factors: the global economic meltdown & an aging population as young Koreans quit having kids. So future stresses to both Koreas may incite them to increase the tensions to outright war.

FINAL THOUGHTS. There is no shortage of dooms day prognosticators. A flood of books & YouTube videos warn of numerous potential mega-disasters. The rich have found themselves hideaways in South America or the Pacific. The rich in Florida are ready to relocate to higher ground like Colorado. People who never gardened are learning gardening skills. Many are learning the joy of bicycling & eating homegrown veggies. In southern Oregon (& other locations), young inventors are creating inventions that will allow us to exit some of the serious future problems. There are plenty of opportunities for people to help. I would hope that awake individuals are able to sift through the innumerable dooms day prophecies, and identify real problems facing us in order to help humanity. Have a blessed day.


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