This update will review details about Jade Helm that may not have been picked up by the average person. The military has quietly been asking officials to give them letters of invitation, but were it not for the alternative media, most people would not be hearing about Jade Helm. Obviously, people in the military are not as concerned as they are pretending. In a similar situation in 2013, Americans were terrified when camouflaged military personnel descended on a Houston School without many people knowing it was coming. None of this Post’s info is unknown, but it is being offered because it may be fresh for the reader.

JADE HELM IS A MILITARY ACRONYM. Military acronyms most often have dual meanings, the spelled out meaning and the meaning of the abbreviation that constitutes the acronym. DUWK was an amphibious assault vehicle. ACES is Automated Command & Control Eval. System. MAGIIC is Mobile Army Ground Imagery Interp. Syst. So various people have speculated about what Jade Helm means. Here are some ideas I want to throw out there…I have leaned towards the idea that Jade refers to China…the royal gem of China for millennia was Jade (called “yu” in China). Wearing Jade is supposed to make you strong. It is the birthstone of the sun. Recently on 15 DEC 14 a Chinese lunar explorer landed on the moon (& has been making news-mostly due to its malfunctioning)…its name is “Jade Rabbit”. Jade for modern Americans represents a character in the Mortal Kombat video fighting game and Jade Helm is a witchdoctor in the Diablo III video game. So the term Jade Helm has both the connotation of China and a mean evil fighter. The Aztecs also valued jade, and Mexico has been helping the Chinese military and will play a role in Jade Helm. Helm of course is to take control. If one asks what is to be controlled? The military exercises are clearly designed to practice martial law subjugation. They will be practicing the kind of pre-dawn snatch & grab inserts that would proceed martial law. The more I think of these connotations to Jade Helm, the more appropriate it seems as a name to the operation.

OFFICIAL EXPLANATIONS. The public is being told that this is standard normal training. For instance, the office of the governor of UT said it was merely “standard” training. NO. The Governor of TX says he trusts the military & wants to cooperate, but to calm the fear of Texans the TX National Guard will monitor the U.S. Operation Jade Helm. The military itself describes the training as “realistic”. However, the locations they have picked and the way they will carry out operations is NOT realistic for Iran, Iraq, Somalia, or Afghanistan. For instance, none of those places look like San Antonio or Florida. The settings and ops will be realistic for a martial law situation in America! The military says that along w/ its super soldiers (Green Berets, Navy Seals, Air Force & Marine teams) they will have “Interagency partners” working alongside them in Jade Helm such as the DEA, DHS, LEA, FBI, & JPRA. Since when does the FBI, DEA & DHS go into war with our super soldiers!? Of course they could not admit this is a martial law training operation, because it is illegal to use American soldiers as police!! And the slogan for Jade Helm? “Master the Human Domain”. It is not “Beat the enemy’s military.” It is “Master the human domain” (i.e. public!). A sheriff in the TX county of Victoria said that the military will practice moving around without the American civilians being able to spot them. That’s realistic training!

CONFLICTING STATEMENTS. The Army has said that the 1200 plus military participants will be in uniform or wearing orange armbands to publicly let people know they are part of Jade Helm. Yet another official statement on pg. 9 of the unclassified US Army Special Operations Command document on Jade Helm says, “Some participants will be wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles.” Why? To disguise themselves as civilians. And certain people will be “role playing” as civilians. And we are further told: don’t worry, the size of the battle groups will only be 60-65 personnel & will have a medical person with them. So American communities will be the covert training theater for “realistic” training. Hmmm. Perhaps as a precursor, on this March 28, the military held training exercises at night in Fort Lauderdale, FL where the army practiced arresting people & moving the civilian detainees to imprisonment. I can’t help thinking of Gen. Westmoreland’s statement that the media needs to be controlled for “Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind.” Our govt. doesn’t dare allow independent thought. Some people who are trying to get info out on Jade Helm are getting opposition. The govt. claims that foreign troops will not be involved. Foreign troops are in this nation, incl. Russian military; & Russian troops did join in Grid EX II & the RIMPAC war games so it is not inconceivable that a few Russian & other foreign troops might participate.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This post is a nice length and so I will wrap it up. I still believe that Jade Helm looks like a training exercise to desensitize us to these kind of operations going on here in America. I still believe that we need to use restraint & be slow to announce that this will bring in martial law. But we can face the truth that this exercise is not realistic training for overseas—but realistic training for our military in operations in America…incl. CA,TX and FL , which are 3 of our biggest states, and will also add in UT, NV, AZ, NM and Mississippi for good measure. We can expect big things coming at us in the future; may God have mercy.



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