Because people are concerned about Jade Helm, they have been asking people that might know something about it. A FEMA representative here in OR said he had not heard of Jade Helm. Rebeckah & Tim of Blood of Yehoshua Ministries interviewed Texas National Guard members who confirmed that Jade Helm was going to go on in Texas.

Rebeckah went out to a facility called Ft. Wolters, which is 4 miles NE of Mineral Wells, TX, just outside of Weatherford and looked around. The history of Ft. Wolters is that it was a POW camp during WW 2. Texas had quite a few such camps. After the war, it became an infantry replacement center, and then from ’66-73 an army helicopter center. Later part of it was set up as a training ctr. for the TX Nat. Guard, and also a summer camp for the Civil Air Patrol. What caught their attention was that Ft. Wolters has been quietly activated to be a prison, and has a sign from the CCA (Correction Corp. of Amer.) that it is a pre-parole transfer facility. Also one of the govt. guards said that the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency had a facility at the Ft. Wolters which was off limits to people. The area that has been turned into a prison has new razor wire, a new set of high netting walls, new numbers painted on bdgs., and new digging construction. She was thinking that this & other ex-POW camps might be used for Jade Helm, as the FEMA camps & old POW camps line up with Jade Helm staging areas. What the exact relationship, of course, is not known, but it certainly merits attention.

Final thoughts. Jade Helm is not the only military activity/exercise going on in the U.S. during the time period of its activities. Also Jade Helm does not include many states, which is why an Oregon FEMA person might not know about it. I will continue to post informational updates if I think I have something that merits your attention.



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