This is an attempt to give readers the bigger picture on events after the FBI intentionally murdered LaVoy Finicum, an articulate kind patriot & father of 11 children (some adopted). Two eyewitnesses (who were not arrested but travelling with the Bundy group) describe how LaVoy had his hands raised in surrender and was coldly gunned down by a barrage of fire from multiple shooters. There was no “shootout” like the controlled media stated, but rather the two vehicles travelling on Hwy. 395 to a community meeting were ambushed and riddled with bullets. You will notice the FBI said “shots were fired”…if the patriots had shot back they would have made a big deal out of it. Instead the ambushed patriots were trying to raise & show their hands to exhibit they were not fighting back. One of the Bundy brothers was shot in the shoulder and taken to the Burns hospital. This is a sad day for liberty loving Americans—BUT wait…before you act rashly…please take the time to read this. There is a bigger game being played here. The stakes are not the remaining group at the Refuge, but the stakes are all patriots & gun lovers in this nation. (If in reaction to this post, you come across as a troll in your comments to this—you will be immediately blocked.)

THE NWO’S STRATEGY. I have been watching the Illuminati, their strategy & tactics for years. They have some of the best minds brainstorming how to achieve their objectives. They have studied the situation in the U.S. and have a plan of action that is several steps ahead of most freedom loving Americans. The Illuminati bragged to me that they initiated the original Apr. 2014 Bundy standoff between the BLM & Cliven Bundy. They have talked about how they were playing a chess game. But most thought it was simply a fight between Bundy & the BLM. I did not know what the elite’s strategy was, but it is becoming clearer to me. This entire standoff in Harney Co. is an elaborate chess move, setting up some more moves that are designed to demonize all patriots and gun owners. Today’s action was so horrendous—like the murders at Ruby Ridge & Waco—that a violent patriot “over” reaction to it will seem natural to the public, a public that knows only the controlled media’s spins. Remember that the accepted story is that Timothy McVeigh killed like 76 people in Oklahoma City in revenge for Waco & Ruby Ridge. I don’t remember what, but something years ago led me to believe McVeigh was under govt. mind control. The result of what McVeigh did devastated the militia movement. Entire groups quit & disbanded. A similar patriot “over” reaction to LaVoy’s shooting would be believed by the public, who are basically ignorant of the powers of trauma-based mind control (as well as other mind control modalities). Remember, they always try to get the public to want to do what the controllers want. Just as militia groups disbanded after OK City, likewise a future followup horrible event tied to today’s murder of LaVoy will cause Americans to hate patriots and guns. It worked once, & I believe they will try to pull it off again. As I have said, I have certain firm info showing that the New World Order stringpullers want a civil war in America.

FOR THE RECORD. Personally, the concerns of the ranchers strike a positive chord with me. In general, I support the concept that somehow our out-of-control govt. needs to be stopped. Americans need to take a stand against tyranny. I believe the American Constitution is good and should be adhered to. But I also see that the elite have wargamed how to take America out. They have wargamed how to disarm the American people. The false flags, like James Holmes (who was under mind control) and the Aurora cinema shooting, backfired. Gun sales immediately spiked, and American attitudes towards guns did not change, or if attitudes did change…it was in the direction of wanting more guns. The false flags are causing debates on gun control, and even some new laws…but they are not making Americans dislike guns. For that, TPTSNB are going to have to get craftier, and that is why they are wanting events like the Malheur standoff. Could both the FBI and some outraged Patriots want to clash??…sure, that is not an impossibility. But the elite have wargamed this all out, and they know how to manipulate these events to their advantage. True patriots need to do more than just knee jerk reactions…because the elite’s plans are based on human nature, and what they expect us to do. We need to be wise as serpents, and peaceful as doves.

SCRIPTED. In terms of the standoff, I have no way of knowing what is fully scripted, & what is simply the manipulation of the way people think. People close to the Harney Co. standoff have said both sides at times were clearly acting a script. In 1993, an independently wealthy patriot from back east ask me & then took me to Harney Co. to install an end times survival depot near the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. It was strange…but seems even stranger after this year’s events. Who had placed this specific area in his mind?—come on, out of all the sites in western USA, that was a bizarre choice. Whether he followed up on anything, I have no idea. While acting like he was supportive of my work against the NWO, he never gave any support to it. Then last winter, I ended up tracking a t.b.m.c. slave, who was murdered, back to Harney Co., where she grew up, and events in her life showed the sheriff dept. was compromised to the Illuminati. Of course, as you may know Harney Co.’s corrupt sheriff got replaced by Ward, who was appointed, not elected. I am sharing all these strange things, to show that from the start, I was leery of what might be happening in Harney Co. with the standoff. I have had enough clues to be on edge, but not enough to put the whole puzzle together. To my way of seeing things, the ambush & the murder of LaVoy was planned. And if it was planned, then it was planned to give the elite an advantage…think chess people…and realize that the enemies of freedom are quite a few plays ahead of us…and basing their strategy on what is reasonable to expect us to do.

DID THE FBI/NEW WORLD ORDER LOSE ANYTHING TODAY? If the FBI had upset Illuminati plans, heads would be rolling. But that is not the case. Things are going according to plan. Now earlier today, I was thinking…there may be so many millions of patriotic Americans enraged with moral indignation from yesterday’s murder that they may have started a fire they cannot control. But in watching the relatively small scale reaction to the murder, I realize that the elite know exactly how many people are going to be outraged, and the numbers are too small for them to care. The benefits of this Bundy standoff for the World Order controllers are far greater than their costs. And they have the media in their pocket. They have ordered the mass media to go away (so they cannot be witnesses), and then the media regurgitated their lie that the media has been chased away for the media’s safety. (Let me tell you my friends that there were media people in the first waves of events like D-Day…the media has often gone into far more danger than the Malheur Refuge!) The controlled media then writes the spin, “Later, as they [the FBI] tightened their perimeter around the compound and appeared to be preparing for additional action, they advised reporters to leave the immediate area for their own safety.” And to put the blame on any govt. massacre of ranchers they wrote: “[Sheriff] Ward said officials might have been able to wait longer to move against the protesters if they had not “created a lot of stress” in the community. “Some of these folks have spent a lot of time in town trying to stir up issues in the community,” he [Ward] said. “It has been tearing our community apart.” ” Everything in the public’s eye has been caused by these crazy Christian militias running around scaring people & breaking laws. So you see duped responses to the murder of an innocent American, “He got what he deserved.” Now you are witnessing how Hitler came to power with the support of the German people!

CONCLUSION. It seems clear to me that the World Order is wanting events to happen just like they are unfolding. The damage the Illuminati receive from the standoff in Harney Co. is small compared to the gains they expect to make when they make their next moves.



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