AN OVERCOMER WALKING IN VICTORY vs. BEING A NWO PAWN: An examination of the divine advice on how to overcome rather than serve the World Order. It’s one or the other according to Christ. The World will go bankrupt in several ways, so don’t invest in it, especially don’t invest your life in it! We are in a life & death struggle w/ the World. The mistakes of those churches that loved the World haunt us today, as they have been assimilated into the World & used as fronts for its hidden hand.

“…the whole World is under the control of the evil one” (God’s Word @ 1 JN 5:19). The “World” that 1 JN refers to is popularly called the New World Order today. This World Order is the reign of the god of this World, Satan. The Word (also in 1 JN) says this World is in the process of disintegration…and as evil contains the seed of its own destruction this is a very credible assessment. While the World is attractive, it’s not permanent, much like the attractive stunning blond who has attached herself to the recent lottery winner.

The World Order has created numerous systems of control, each system striving to create dependence. Those dependences are part of the subtle slavery the World imposes. As Christ came to set the captives free, the Word gives us numerous strategies to break those dependences…beginning with the overall advice: “love not the World, neither the things that are in the World.” 1 JN 2:15. This is of course not suggesting that you don’t love your pet dog, it’s referring to the World System’s things…such as the Masonic Lodge and other things…we have to be careful not to be unequally yoked w/ the World for it will choke out any good spiritual seed planted by the Spirit in you (MT 13:22)…

For instance, one World dependency is that for thousands of years the World has had fashions & fads which require a person’s thinking to be in step w/ the World’s latest acceptable fashion. This dependence goes beyond just knowing the latest style (of cars for instance)…the technology itself is designed to make you dependent (planned obsolescence). That’s one reason some Amish rejected cars; horse transportation kept them much less dependent upon the World (such as Detroit city). Equipment to use horses can be locally produced, & one is not dependent upon factories, mechanics, insurance, driver’s licenses, & whether gas stations can get gas from Saudi Arabia, not to mention the latest fashion. I got a bike so I’d be less dependent on the World. The Bible gives the principle not to be conformed to the World’s thinking (i.e. fads & fashions). But here’s the deal, the Bible gives no list of worldly things, & no list would work. The Pharisees had their list, but turned around & worshipped the World Order’s Caesar in the Temple, thereby showing how following a list can fail. One reason lists fail…we are warned in 1 COR 7:31 that the fashions of the World are transitory & pass away. Another reason, we can geographically escape the World by going to a monastery or joining the Pharisees or an Amish settlement, & still take the World’s things with us in our heart & mind. Not loving the World & its things is an issue of the heart.

Martin Luther, intimidated by the Catholic Church’s Worldly Power, decided he needed some Worldly power & aligned w/ the German princes. Making the Lutheran church dependent upon Worldly power has caused it more problems than it solved. The mistake immediately resulted in the nightmare 30 Yrs. War that gutted central Europe. As the Lutheran Church became a state religion, real Christians who followed Christ ended up being put to death by the Church w/ the assistance of the State. The persecution matched inquisitions in Catholic states. True spirituality is restored by the Holy Spirit not man’s coercion. Using coercion to create faith in God is dangerous & destructive as it fails to produce that true voluntary love of God. Further, dependence upon the World’s military power is why the German Lutheran Church supported Hitler. In Europe, this alliance w/ the World has meant that for instance, the German govt. supports the Lutheran church w/ taxes, but the church has almost ceased to exist. It’s no surprise state churches fade…the World hates our souls (1 PTR 2:11).

The World’s mass media tries to filter out the Holy Spirit, as well as all anti-World Order elements. Yes, I know the BBC claims it is “bias-free”; that claim is pure propaganda. The media both filters & reforms news stories until they are politically correct. The World’s schools & media have become guardians of the World’s politically correct party line to control your mind. They promote the World’s sacred cows. Anything loving the World is sucked into it & controlled.

The Word in 1 JN 2 tells us personal ways we can love (esteem) the World: the pride of life, the lust of the flesh, & the lust of the eyes. Let’s take a closer look at one of these, the pride of life, before this post concludes. The pride of life includes a wide range of things incl.: the arrogant attitude that we determine our own destiny & therefore don’t need God (PS 17:8-14), having a high opinion of oneself, you know, self-conceit incl. conceit of intellectual/racial superiority (JER 17:9, ROM 12:3), or it could be an ungodly curiosity into life, like Eve had (COL 3:18). It also involves showing off, which includes religious shows like prideful prayers. Perhaps the most subtle, but sickening way to have pride of life is illustrated in REV 3:15-17: “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot…Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched [spiritually]…” This is one of the deceitful aspects of riches, a pervasive problem w/in the American churches. We are servants of God doing things for his glory. I enjoy what Christ said, he asked the Father to glorify him so that he could glorify the Father. So it is worth it for us to meditate on what we are in God’s eyes, because that is what counts. (cf. 1 COR 7:17, 23) Let us remember, we were bought back with a price by God; so we are not to be slaves to men…but are to abide in God. (1 COR 7:23-24)


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