AN ILLUMINATI VICTORY BY CRYTOGRAPHY: the real story behind Bitcoins. This post is a follow-up article that will answer people’s questions on Bitcoins. As you know, the physical world is made up of atoms, & the digital world of bits. Bits can travel at the speed of light. While the end result of bits may appear as a picture, a song, or perhaps an algorithm to a Bitcoin, while enroute a bit looks like zillions of other bits that are travelling with it.

FINANCIAL PRIVACY. In theory it is protected by the 4th amendment, but in reality has been lost for quite some time. Financial privacy is linked to other freedoms as well. Historically, it has been linked to prosperity, & when totalitarian regimes strip everyone of privacy, they have created dynamics that impede prosperity. In the U.S., there are several acronym monsters that are out-of-control financial gestapos, they incl.: Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), NSA, CIA, DEA, & the IRS. There are daily horror stories of abuse of power from their total invasion of financial privacy. The Bank Secrecy Act (a misnomer like the “Patriot” Act) strips all financial secrecy from anyone who uses a bank. Banks are required to provide info, and the OCC provides them with guidelines on what kinds of suspicious activity they are to report to the govt., which incl. for instance: A customer who frequently deposits dirty bills, a customer whose home phone is disconnected, small size ATM deposits, & wiring money to foreign countries in U.S. dollars…plus numerous other “suspicious activities” that suggest you are a criminal. If you are a bank employee who is reluctant to take a vacation—you need to be reported—for your criminal like behavior. About 20% of bank expenses are caused by all the reporting they have to do to the fed. govt!!

HOW THE ILLUMINATI FELT VULNERABLE. I remember a man who had been in Military Intelligence telling me how they had spied on the Illum. In regards to all of us, the power of NSA & CIA has been abused; we even publicly know of Nixon misusing the CIA, & Bush the NSA. These organizations are extensive boxes within boxes that no one entirely controls, let alone even comprehends. When administration officials have asked the NSA for financial records they got from spying, at times they are turned down. So even the Illuminati was not free from their spying!! Some individuals in those acronym monsters listed above have even used their access to financial info to do their own unauthorized financial spying!! (An example of the way the NSA works: you call Brussels, Belg. & the call is routed via microwave to Vint Hill Farms Station, VA where it is intercepted by the NSA.) Foreign banks get shook down by the U.S. govt.—robbed might be a better word. For instance, Bank Leu SA of Luxembourg lost (forfeited) $3.3 million dollars. A foreigner had deposited US dollars in their bank, & even though the bank had no branches in the U.S., a U.S. court made a vague connection between the money & a forced money laundering plea. Remember Bronfman going after the Swiss banks? If foreign govt.’s robbed our banks, the U.S. govt. would probably invade them. The point of all this is that the Illuminati wanted some financial privacy, & in fact are even today trying to rein in our NSA. Yes, infighting goes on in the World.

CRYPTOGRAPHER vs. SPY. So a decade ago, the Illum. put together a budget of millions of dollars, & hired some of the best cryptographers, inventors & mathematicians. It took 2 years of hard labor, & some of the workers were given new identities. They created a fake founder w/ a fake name Satoshi Nakamoto. The invented name means “wise person with intelligent ancestors”. No such person ever existed. I suspect that they fed false rumors as to who Satoshi is supposedly, & others speculated on their own. (There was no person, only a highly intelligent team that designed the system.) A company called 2009 Bitcoin was created. But here is where you will be surprised…The Bitcoin system controls every private & govt. financial transaction. Everything travels thru their system & is monitored. So the money exchanged by Bitcoins is but a minor part of the whole system. Not only do they have total oversight over the globe’s transactions, they created their own money, thereby breaking the monopoly that govt.’s have. You might call the money exchange the insult to injury. Actually, historically it has only been relatively recent that govt.s had such a monopoly. Bitcoins, which are digitized encrypted bits, are unseen. There is no way to trace, tax, or take charge of them.

There you have it. Unable to completely control the acronym monsters so they could have financial privacy, the Illum. elite got the upper hand with the Bitcoin system & its expensive rare Bitcoins. It is conceivable that someday the ability for such financial privacy may also end up in the hands of private citizens. While most everything is vulnerable to being decrypted, some encryption methods take so long to decrypt that it precludes it being deciphered speedily. May “life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness” succeed!


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