Dictated “Sustainability” and the New Economic Order. (16 NOV ’15) Recently, Paris has been the center of attention…and others have covered this western intelligence operation (by France’s External Security, M16, & Amer. intel.) so well that there isn’t much I could add. I try to write articles that contribute something new of value to my readers; & I believe my topic on Portland, Oregon leading us into the New Economic Order fits that criteria. For instance, to insure the Portland city govt. can protect us, “all buildings” (I believe the spokesperson meant businesses) with 20 sq. ft. or more, are required to track their energy use for the Portland city govt. who will publish energy scores. (This is just one of hundreds of Portland city’s sustainability laws.) Another one is the tax businesses pay (incl. small businesses that are located where public transportation doesn’t go) to fund public transportation.

OREGON & PORTLAND USED AS TEST SITES. I have frequently mentioned how Oregon (as a state) & Portland (as a city) have functioned as test locations for new ideas for the elite. Portland in response to “Global warming” created a Climate Action Plan, which includes sustainability goals & actions. Both Obama and the Pope have expressed praise for Portland’s Climate Action Plan, and it is being heralded as a model for other cities. Other cities are adopting the Portland model. The people creating the Portland model say that “business in the future will be totally different”. Their goal is to reduce “emissions” by 40%. (More on that later.)

THE PROCESS. In previous writings & talks, I have broken down how the Illuminati will come up with a plan and take perhaps 50 years to actually get to the bottom line. They will have their universities, policy planning groups, & their scientists study a situation for years, and then come up with the approved solution. These (preconceived) solutions will appear to be supported by science & educated professionals. Eventually, the politicians get involved and take the advice of these educated professionals and all these study groups. They often work to get us to also ask for what they have wanted to do for decades. Environmentalism & sustainability are now indoctrinated throughout the school years to children. Satanic politicians like Al Gore have committed themselves to spread what practically amounts to a new religion: environmentalism. Those who oppose this are labeled in the mainstream press with such adjectives such as “grandiose paranoid”. It is not the first time someone who thinks for him or herself outside of the mandated p.c. box is called “crazy” and a “nut”. Gore attacks Christianity in his Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit because (according to him) they suppressed the “goddess religion” that worshipped nature. Supposedly, female led covens knew the “spiritual sense of our place in nature”.(A) Supposedly, Christians hated the environment. (This is taught in the public schools, & many believe this even though it is unfounded in real history.) One final note on the process, the Illuminati create banner issues that everyone will want to support, behind which they run other agendas.

PORTLAND’S ACTIONS. The city of Portland has promoted public transportation for decades. Back around 1992, I visited w/ a Mennonite minister in SE Portland. He had owned his house for some time. The people on their street parked their cars alongside the street. The street did not have sidewalks. Walking & public transportation are “sustainable” activities, so Portland promotes them. Without any warning to this minister’s neighborhood, Portland built sidewalks on the street, and forbid everyone from parking in front of their houses, and levied a surprise $40,000 bill to each house for the “improvements” the city had made. Portland was quite open about their goal, they told the minister they wanted to encourage people to walk & take the bus, not to drive. It seems to me that that policy may help explain why Portland’s highways & streets are insufficient to handle the traffic loads. When I have visited, for instance, San Antonio, TX whose metro area is twice the population as Portland’s metro area, with 1.4 million in S.A.’s city proper, they have almost no congestion compared to Portland. Our highways frequently become parking lots. When hundreds of cars travel 3 m.p.h. for miles, they burn up a lot of gas, which causes a big carbon footprint…but obviously our Portland planners think it is more green to build bike paths & sidewalks and to neglect building a necessary street infrastructure. This is the wave of the future…to take our cars away and have us ride bikes & buses. (I like riding a bike–but not at the expense of cars being outlawed.) Portland’s Climate Action Plan supports the use of electric cars…hmmm…the planners say the production & disposal of their car batteries is a minor problem. Gas is bad, electric cars are green. (Too bad the elite’s corporations have suppressed so much technology.)

UNUSED ENERGY. Our hydroelectric dams in this area sell their electricity out of region. Our wind generators go mostly unused along the windy Columbia gorge. Meanwhile our city of Portland planners have decided that Portland uses too much energy… and that its energy use creates an intolerable carbon footprint. The city counts 250 green building projects since 1990. Buildings are big users of energy–according to govt. stats. The U.S. Energy Info. Admin. states that buildings account for 48% of all energy used, and the U.S. Dept. of Energy states that 73.1 % of energy consumption is used by buildings. The govt. EPA says buildings cause 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. So they are not only down on you having a car, they are also down on you having a house. “Compact urban density” (in other words packing the people into tight city areas) is claimed to be a great green thing.(B) Diversity of residents is claimed to be a wonderful green thing–we see the reality of that diversity in Europe now–however, people are forbidden to say anything negative about it. Europeans criticizing the new immigrants have actually been arrested & sent to jail!! So how will the world turn such environmental problems around?? Well, the p.c. answer is a global policy enforced by something like the U.N. …hence, we see Agenda 21, and Portland’s 4th generation of its Climate Action Plan to help prevent global warming.

ENVIRONMENTALISM MEANS WORLD GOVT. Global warming is a convenient way to justify socialism. This is actually written in some policies this way, and it explains why Socialist International (which promotes global socialism) created the Commission for a Sustainable World Society (CSWS), which some environmental planners belong to. The only group to have the power to fix a global environmental problem is of course a global govt.! So to save us from ourselves, they will shut down our economic progress. In spite of the constant barrage of scare tactics, most people still don’t follow the party line, & they cont. to worry more about being unemployed than about global warming & environmental apocalypses. But the common people are not the ones making policy. It is people like Pres. Obama & the Pope, and they are excited about Portland’s model of sustainability. And Portland’s Model has great stats. They have reduced emissions by 14%! When I asked one of Portland’s sustainability leaders about their sustainability statistics– what the statistics meant–what does emissions mean? Can you give me an idea what this statistic means? I was told she could not answer the question. Pseudo stats to support a pseudo-science which is really functioning as a new religion. And non-believers are actually being called “heretics” by these environmentalists! But these people are going to be in control of your future, and the Portland planners believe that a “low-carbon economy” is coming to America. While Portland’s environmental staff implementing their Climate Action Plan don’t call it socialism, when they speak, they say the non-whites have been discriminated against because their communities don’t have the same services as the white neighborhoods. Huh?? Their policy is to level the services of everyone and to insure that neighborhoods are mixed with different kinds of people. They want everyone to have the same thing–well that is socialism, which is being implemented under the disguise of saving the planet.

(A) Gore, Al. Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit, p. 260. (B) Fundamentals of Integrated Design for Sustainable Building, pg. 198…They also quote some studies by John Holtzclaw.



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