The middle of America, Denver, Dallas, & Kansas City (KC) have big future roles; but before I offer a forecast, let’s put things in proper perspective…shall I say…provide a warning label. Knowing God provides more security, than knowing the future. Neither trust temples, seek YHWH. (Amos 5:4-5) Why worry about how many secrets you can learn, when you’ll be held accountable for acting properly on what you know. Our Creator Almighty God orders the steps of a good man (PS 37:23) & reveals His plans to His servants; YET even His forecasts can be modified (ISA 38:1-6 cf. Amos 7:1-6). Another example of this is prophet Isaiah declaring Damascus would be a heap of ruins, it’s still today a busy city. (ISA 17:1) So we must keep in mind the future is not mechanically determined, but is related to spiritual conditions & people’s moral choices. Indeed today we face turmoil & spiritual crises that ask us to make positive responses to our Creator. Today is the day of the Lord, seek Him while He can be found.

In the distant future, Denver is to be a political capital & KC an economic hub. The Superhighway from Canada to Mexico will boost the importance of all the major pts. along its route—Chicago, KC, Dallas & San Antonio. Disasters, like the rising ocean levels, will force the abandonment of the East coast. Deep water ports (existing & being built) in Mexico & Canada will route Chinese & Asian goods in containers through San Antonio & KC for distribution to future Americans. Mexico’s existing deep ports Manzanillo & Lazaro Cardenas, run by the Chinese, will have Punta Colonet, being built by the Chinese, in use. Denver, KC, & San Antonio have already declared themselves inland port cities, and have been building & growing like crazy. In terms of efficiency, KC with its nationally central location is ideal as a hub.

Insiders know the secret plans. They knew where the new Denver Airport would be built before it was discussed. Land sales reveal the insiders were able to make good purchases before any public discussion of the new airport. Private investors got a big boost when Pres. Bush decreed Exec. Order #12803 privatizing govt. infrastructure projects, allowing those with money, including foreign investors, to make big bucks off of govt. infrastructure projects.

Illum. kingpin Li Ka-shing owns Global Crossing network & Hutchison Whampoa. Working with Lockhead Martin & No. Amer.’s SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc., Li placed radio frequency I.D.s (RFID) stations all along Interstate 35, which is the general corridor area for the new superhighway. Canada launched a large building project Asia-Pacific Gateway & Corridor Initiative (APGCI) to move millions of Chinese containers from hundreds of Asian container ships to the planned NAFTA Corridor Superhighway (near the I-35 corridor). Railroads in Mex. & the U.S. are being prepared for the future. KC, MO donated at taxpayer expense a $3 million building for the Mexican govt.’s customs officials—called innocuously “Kansas City Customs Port” (run by the Mex. govt.)

The future is to have the North American Amero replace the currencies of Canada, U.S. & Mex.

In the midst of these changes, Christ will be active & working. He may also use KC in a big way, just as He used Roman highways to spread the message of Christ. He may use KC as a spiritual hub too. KC—specifically the Independence area is one of those places around the world with intense “spiritual energy”. It was an area for prophecy to the natives. The Illuminati have made it a practice to identify these places, & build layers of spirits upon them. Independence in the 1830’s-40’s was a gateway for settlers to the west. But it also held spiritual significance. Remember that in my books I exposed that Joseph Smith, Jr. came from an Illum. bloodline & that the Illuminati conceal their temples under Mormon temples. The Book of Mormon in Ether 13:1-5 prophesied that the saints would gather for Christ’s return, and in 1831, Joseph Smith revealed that Independence, MO was the spot where Christ would return, as well as a temple would be built there prior to the return. The RLDS has built a temple there, the LDS has only a Visitor’s Center; they placed their expensive KC temple some miles away from the exact sacred location. Independence is to be the New Jerusalem, and “Zion”. Strangely, I can’t help thinking, “Praise is waiting You, O God, in Zion.” (PS 65:1-3) Two Mormon denominations are headquartered in Independence: The Church of Christ (Mormon—Temple Lot) & Community of Christ (f.k.a. RLDS).

It seems the area has also attracted the attention of more than the various Mormon groups. Besides Divine Science, Luciferian-run Unity School & their churches, Wiccan & Satanic covens, many denominations have their headquarters in the KC or MO area. Protestant denominational headquarters incl. Lutheran Church (MO Synod), 2 Baptist denominations, Church of God (Holiness), Church of the Nazarene, Assemblies of God, Pentacostal Church of God, United Pentacostal Church, Int. Plus a Holy Order of Catholic priests, the Society of St. Pius X, also has their headquarters in KC, MO.

Like Paris & Berlin are centrally located, Denver & Kansas City are also. I hope this post builds a better perspective on what the various sides in the great war of good & evil may do.


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