AMERICA SPURNS THE SOLUTION TO FOLLOW THE MYTH: An honest balanced examination of how success happens. This post is about how Americans follow a myth, & even attack those who might question that myth, while despising the solution to the New World Order that God divinely showed me in 1990. I often wince inside when people claim that no one offers solutions; the problem is that, in general, Americans don’t want the solution. Virtually, nothing has happened since I wrote up in 1990 what God showed me. My attempts to implement an example of what I was shown have been repeatedly destroyed by… Christians, the very people who I thought would help!

In 1990, I went deep into prayer to discover the solution to the World Order. What YHWH God revealed was that the Body of Christ needed to function as a genuine body, not an aggregation of individuals & different churches, a body that was intimately in community with each other. I’ve seen these kind of intimate communities of believers in such places as prison fellowships, & the Amish. My farm relatives, of pioneer stock, are strongly motivated by the widely held myth of the rugged individual who is a self-made success. When their farms were failing, I tried to point out that their neighbors—a Mennonite community of farmers, who worked together, were debt free & thriving. You would think w/ success staring them in the face, it would be obvious…but the myth’s power shielded them from the truth. This American myth is that the rugged individualist all on his own forges the tools of his own success, by his own hard work & creativity. By pulling oneself up by the bootstraps, one goes from rags to riches. Author Michael More labeled this myth “a fantasy drug”, & I would agree. It ranks up there w/ the American hope that “I will win the lottery”. Perhaps you know people like I do, whose primary hope in life is not Christ, but that they will win the lottery. These are the ones that have given up on the self-made rags to riches myth. There have been plenty of Americans who have gone from poverty to wealth, the reality is that all of us, even the successful ones, get lots of help from society & other sources.

Yes, I know there are many books full of self-made rags to riches success stories. The problem is that part of them are pure fiction, & all of them ignore the contributions that others (incl. society) made to the person’s success. For instance, Geo. Bush, Jr. & Donald Trump like to brag about being self-made successes. I focus on these two, because hopefully the readers know enough to see thru their egotistical stories. Donald Trump inherited perhaps $200 million from a father who was a real estate magnate. Both father & son received lots of benefits from the govt. & society during their years. The fact is that many people when they tell their success story don’t like to admit how much advantage & privilege they had behind their success. Amer. stable business environment has helped many. My observation is that the majority of Americans have little comprehension of how much help they receive from society, the govt. & other individuals. When interviewed many Americans claim they never have gotten help from a govt. program– (say what?)– when they have benefited from Pell Grants, Vet Benefits, the GI Bill, or perhaps the Home Mortgage Interest deduction on their income tax form…not to mention that they use the Interstate highways, & benefit from countless other items…but they are convinced they have received nothing from govt. programs. One thing I learned firsthand is that the Amish communities thrive because they exist in a nation with great infrastructure & wealth. Even though the Amish try to live away from “the world”, & work together, they too benefit from the greater society. Groups of Amish who have been repulsed by the moral rot of Amer. & moved to Central or So. America have discovered the lack of infrastructure in 3rd world countries prevented them from succeeding & many moved back. Reality must intrude on the myth! Reality is that Amer. society (the soil of prosperity) plays an important role in the success of individuals as well as the govt., as well as even the natural wealth of this nation. The entrepreneurial spirit is helpful, but it is not the total reason for anyone’s success. Walt Disney is an excellent example of someone who the public thought created all those cartoons, when all the creative work was done by others, with all the attention & fame given to Walt. His brother helped finance Disney. So many people & things helped Walt & went for years without any credit.

Ann Rand, Rothschild’s mistress, wrote a book Atlas Shrugged (publ. 1957) which has greatly influenced Americans to believe in the myth. Rush Limbaugh & the Tea Party love the book. Private grants (of up to $2 million) are given to schools if they will make her book required reading. Over 60 schools have taken the grant money. The book promotes “individualism” & the idea that successful men are self-made, and the foundation of the world’s success. The titans of industry happen to be some of the people I expose in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book. While I know books promote some of these titans as self-made, like I say, the reality for all of them is otherwise. Filthy rich CEO’s today with ridiculously excessive pay use the myth to justify their extravagant earnings. The billionaire brothers Charles & David Koch who fund libertarian/conservative groups also promote the idea of the independent self-made man. Of course the super-rich support the myth. I have heard common Americans talk like America’s rich were success stories that no one should dare criticize—”don’t attack success”, they warn. (Sort of like another brand of chosen people.) What’s sad is that the U.S. & U.K. relative to many European countries actually have low levels of social mobility!! And it is a myth that everyone has the same chance.

Why am I bashing the myth?? Because I have seen that it prevents people from realizing how success comes about…it is a joint effort, and if we want more success, we should do more of what caused the success in the first place. Even American church congregations are bastions of independence. How does your body function? Every part is in intimate connection with all the rest.

The Word tells us that Christ set up various parts of the Body of Christ…”for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith…but speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ—from who the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.” EPH 4:11-16


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