Alliances during Trouble 4 APR 2013

Alliances during Trouble. Big world events like tidal waves are now moving the world, & we appear tiny compared to the vastness of it all. In the midst of it all, some individuals will help us & some will hurt us. This post is to help you determine which is which. (Plus it’s possible some of you could teach me a few things.)

Christ’s ministry exhibits both types; & if taken out of context, his words when meeting the two types (hurtful or helpful) seem contradictory, in reality they produce a profound lesson. Pretend truthers out to get him challenge him. He says, “He who is not with me is against me.” (MT 12:30) Later we see his disciples try to stop someone who is not assoc. w/ them from doing miracles. This time Christ says to leave the guy alone “For he who is not against us is on our side.” (MK 9:38-41)

Let’s see if I can describe what we are looking at in these two examples, as well as by extension, our own lives.

Between two similar persons or two similar groups—if people need to maintain their distance—don’t consider them neutral, consider them dangerous. Psychologically, people will enlarge in their minds the dividing issues & create great animosity. An example would be a church split where the two sides are almost identical, but each side would rather buddy up to strange dissimilar groups rather than assoc. w/ the nearly identical other side. Also be aware of the enormous infiltration of any group against the NWO. For example, a meeting of leaders of 5 neo-nazi groups took place…all were double-agents of different law enforcement groups. I have yet to meet any militia group that I didn’t find containing double-agents & double-minded persons. (I have watched from the sidelines, first, the common law Posse Comitatus, then over the yrs. because of a series of things the militias grew to 856 active organizations until the OK City bombing which caused the no. of militias to go down to 200.) Anyway, I have never recommended to anyone to join any organization. I do suggest that people find a small cell group of like-minded persons who you know well enough to trust with your life to function as a support group. There is always safety in numbers. Christ had his inner circle of 3 disciples. And he had his wolf in sheep’s clothing. And watch out for cowardly people, they will flake out & betray a person very quickly.

And this brings me to the second category of persons. People of good will who are not formally assoc. with what we are labeled, yet sympathetic & good hearted. In studying resistance movements, Christians under severe persecution, the French resistance, the Warsaw & Polish resistance, Gandhi’s peaceful resistance, Thoreau’s civil disobedience, etc. there is one thing that I would keep noticing…people hunted by Tyranny were often saved by people not assoc. with them organizationally, who had good hearts. Like Christ says, “He who is not against us is on our side.” Don’t reject people, just because they are not in the same class or organizationally the same brand as you. Look deep in their hearts. Such people, non-Christians, who were part of the general population going about their daily lives have hid & saved many Christians during persecution, when Christians were hunted to kill them.

One final thought, Christians & other rogue freedom loving elements against the Powers are characteristically independent thinkers. They at times can be hard to work with because of their independent mindedness. Also like Paul & other Christians (Kent Hovind for a modern example), they often wind up being thrown in prison. The French Resistance’s core group & most productive members were criminals because they already knew how to resist the system. Many men & women owe their lives in WW II to the criminals who worked in the French resistance.

We want to network with others & not be isolated, but we want to associate wisely. Close associations are best with small groups. Help may come from surprising places.


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