This post is sharing some examples of our outrageous police state. Perhaps all police states are outrageous. You know what, it is not like my childhood, our police are no longer here to serve and protect ! I imagine many of my readers will have their own horror stories to tell, perhaps even as outrageous as the following:

The first example is Farmageddon. The USDA/police protending another agenda, took a farmer’s flock of sheep and then killed them under the false pretenses of a fake disease that doesn’t even exist. This & a number of similar things have been collected into a documentary called Farmageddon. I have only seen the trailer on youtube. 80% of our dairy farms have been shut down. Independent farmers are harassed by the government. The govt. goes onto farms and tells them how to grow their crops or what not to grow. And people who try to obtain healthy food are prevented. Food co-ops selling healthy food are raided by the police…and on and on it goes. One gets the idea that the PTSNB want us to eat unhealthy processed food created by the big corporations, and don’t want us to be healthy or for there to be an abundant food supply.

In the fall of 2011, a father (Robert Harte), in Leewood, Johnson Co., KS, wanted to do a class project with his 13-yr. old son. He bought some items to do a small indoor garden. Months later, a large SWAT team raid scared his entire family at gunpoint. False charges were initially made by the police. The family (according to one report) spent the $25,000 in legal fees over the next year to find out why they were raided. They police would not give out any information. Finally, Robert & Adlynn Harte found out that their family was raided on the basis of a marijuana grow search warrant that was virtually based on no grounds. What struck me was that I endured a similar raid, although mine was far larger, and the police and the subservient press even more dirty to me than the Harte’s. I was raided by the Feds and SWAT teams, snipers, helicopters, etc. on a marijuana grow search warrant. There was no factual basis for it. They found nothing to support it when they ripped my place apart like a human hurricane. They took me handcuffed & in underwear to my garage where they wanted to see my reaction: one officer held up a box of 2 new fluorescent light bulbs while proclaiming “Here are his grow lights”, and another held up a new sack of BBQ rock that was even labeled BBQ rock while saying, “Here is his hydrophonic rocks”, and another held up a bottle of tomato food for my large outdoor garden while announcing, “Marijuana food.” I knew they had no case. Even so, they announced to the press they had caught a big marijuana grower, and soon ignorant people were writing on the Internet that the things I wrote exposing the system were written on drug trips. Truth be known, I am one of the few people in this country who never got involved in drugs. It is sad that almost anyone can be raided without any real cause anymore, and then your life is turned upside down.

Have you ever jogged with your head phones on? A woman jogger near the U of TX passed a cop while listening to her headphones. Not getting the response the surly cop wanted, he and another cop handcuffed her, and roughed her up. Alex Jones with his Infowars covered the story on 2/21. The jogger was arrested for failing to produce I.D. Watch out Americans! if you leave your house without your I.D. you may be arrested!

For years we warned that a police state was coming. No need to warn about it coming; it is here. We are only experiencing what many others have had to deal with, for instance, Christ and the early Christians had it no better. One time, I was pulled over for no reason by a cop, who called back up cops who then beat me up for no reason. I asked the cop if this was politically motivated or done on the orders of someone else. I never got an answer. I could share other stories…but instead will turn the floor over to my readers….if you feel like cathartically venting a little or sharing other adventures in a police state, be my guest….


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