In conversation today with a couple of Christians, the subject came up. This post is a short review from my perspective on the subject of dimensions other than our own. You may have seen movies &/or read books of fiction that describe portals (also called doorways, vortexes, doors, wormholes, kivas, slides, & space-time gates). You may have even met individuals that claim to have experienced a portal to another dimension. While such individuals are relatively rare, there are actually a surprising no. of people who claim such an experience.

THE CHRISTIAN VIEW. The Christian scriptures describe heaven, sheol, hell, and Abraham’s bosom which sound very much like alternate dimensions. The Scriptures are adamant that our knowledge is quite limited; for instance, JAS 4:14, “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the marrow…For what is your life?” And we are warned that our view of things is hazy…I COR 13:12, “For now we see through a glass I know in part, but then shall I know…” or as another translation says in part: “Now my knowledge comes from seeing but a part…” A glass or a mirror should be revealing things to us, but this verse says that rather than revealing it all, we are getting a hazy distorted partial picture. The Word refers to veils repeatedly. Now none of this proves alternate dimensions…but it does permit us to realize that our understanding is limited & alternate dimensions could exist within the framework of truths that we are given in God’s Word.

KIVAS & THE HOPI. For a number of years I put out a monthly newsletter about 100 pages long. It was the equivalent to my current daily fb posts. My March 1, 1993 newsletter had an article about the Hopi Indians. However, I was quite muted in explaining why I wrote about them, which I will explain near the end of this paragraph. I described how the Hopi tribe was similar to the Levites, because they are looked up to as a tribe of priests that have spiritual wisdom. Further, was how they have sacred spiritual sites that are off-limits to all except the most sacred. The head religious leader goes into the Holiest place. There are several mesas of spiritual significance. The Black Mesa, which lies north of Hwy. 268, west of Keams Canyon & SE of Moenkopi & east of Oraibi, is the most sacred Mesa. There are 3 sacred mesas that branch out from the Black Mesa, the First, Second, & Third. Kivas, generally round, are underground holy chambers that are believed to link to another dimension. The Saqua are believed by the Hopi to have come from another dimension through natural portals. One mystical place is called Xibalba. Secret underground installations of the NWO are often on Indian reservations in SW USA, and the Feds pay the Indians to enforce no trespassing laws & to keep quiet. The Hopis believe we are living in the final days of what they call “the fourth world”. And now for why I wrote an article about the Hopis…someone who came across as knowing about the New World Order had said that if you wanted to understand what was going on, you needed to understand about the Hopis & portals to other dimensions. The topic seemed too extreme to discuss directly w/ my readers, so I somewhat skirted the real issue—portals to other dimensions. However, since then, I have studied quantum physics, its string theory and its mathematical proofs of other dimensions. I have noted that men like Albert Einstein have theorized another dimension. After over 20 yrs. since that discreet article, perhaps the topic of other dimensions merits direct mention.

CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. Angels that simply appear & disappear, demons, aliens, Men in Black, Bigfoot & spirits, like the Hopi’s 237 Kachina spirits, seem to be linked to other dimensions. Are beings able to travel from other dimensions to ours?? It certainly is an interesting concept, but at this time, at least for me, it is still speculation or theory. The hierarchy of the Illuminati have spoken about how a modification to this dimension is coming—a shift is to occur that will make much of our culture irrelevant. Is this simply New Age nonsense?? Some of the “aliens” also speak this way.

The Word of God speaks of vast changes that will overcome this planet & raise it to higher levels. Is the hierarchy’s concept of the future a version of this? From my perspective, I don’t have solid answers to the various questions the subject of portals to other dimensions raises. However, I do feel that enough scientific & circumstantial evidence exists that the topic is worth directly discussing. Christians base their thinking on Biblical prophecy, unfortunately even though many people are sure of their own opinions, Biblical prophecy is not easy to grasp, & a great deal of bogus ideas are popular. It reminds me of the phrase: “it was the best of times, & it was the worst of times”. Some verses indicate things getting better, some that they get worse. And the truth of it all is that both prophecies may be true. In all humility, there are many things that we just don’t know. We were taught by Yahshua to pray, “thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven”. We pray that Heaven would come down & manifest itself here. If heaven is another dimension…what are we praying for??


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