If you were part of those who secretly control things from the top of the pyramid, how might a glance at the World look? This short post attempts to recreate how it would look (of course written by me, an outsider). No attempt has been made to be comprehensive, but simply to share some thoughts. Nor is this a report on the many kinds of secret things going on globally without notice by the controlled mass media.

REDRAWING NATIONAL BORDERS. A year by year display of world political boundaries for the last 300 years will show they are constantly in flux. Obviously those who run things are not committed to stable boundaries. I believe it can be safely said that at present, the Illuminati agenda contains a lot of boundary changes. The entire ISIS thing looks like the creation of an Islamic caliphate from the nations of Syria, Iraq & Lebanon. How many planned changes in national boundaries will occur around the world in the next decades? Along this line, patriotism is being weakened in the USA. More technologies & infrastructure projects will continue to bring the world closer, for instance, the new Suez canal & the new Nicaragua canal.

CHINA. Singapore, a model state for the World Order, is a valuable working partner with China. Singapore is also important for the “Belt & Road” initiative which is being planned to create land & sea infrastructures to connect Asia better, as well as provide a modern “Silk Road” to Europe across western China. Improved commerce will enhance trade & profits. China’s economy is controlled by the elite…and China is facing some vulnerabilities, which we have been seeing manifest lately. China may turn to India to find brides for their masses of single men, the product of their one-child-per-family policy. They are trying to get Japan to pay back for gold stolen in WW 2. As China looks for solutions to their problems, they are also trying to work within the International situation. They realize there is going to be some give & take, although they would prefer that others see them as powerful and defer to their wishes. China’s historic role as a bully is a reality for the nations near it; that’s why nations like Vietnam seek alliances to counter the weight of next door China. Yet China’s new prosperity is also helping the other Asian nations, and most now have China as their no. 1 trading partner. The Illuminati will continue to allow China an increasing role in the World, but it will never be turned completely loose…and if it is…it would only be to destroy it like Nazi Germany. The American military continues to be groomed for its ongoing role as world policeman. It also continues to stir up trouble in various places, for instance, they recently did air strikes in Syria against Jabhat Al Nusra, rather than ISIS (ISIL). And they are putting in a provocative missile system in Eastern & Southern Europe, which upsets the Russians. China & Russia are key players in the new Hegelian dialectics.

GREECE. This nation, like most other nations of the world have been looted and controlled by Illuminati financial institutions. The Greek govt.’s recent debt crisis has caused the Greek people to wake up & ask questions. Over the yrs., who has been profiting and in what way from Greece? The Greek journalist Matthaios Tsimitakis stated, “This is the first time someone tried to articulate an alternative to global capitalism.” A Greek financial leader explained on one of the Greek Debt Truth Commission websites, “It will not be possible to change Greece domestically while accepting the bailout. What we need to do is withdraw our consent to this agreement and redesign a radical program that is consistent with our values, our aims, and what we told to the Greek people… and that program is impossible without an exit from the euro.” Zoi Konstantopoulou, speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, addressed the opening session of the conference. “These are very difficult times for those of us who believed there was a limit to this anti-democratic, anti-European, anti-human policy.” What people are realizing is that these Illuminati institutions like Goldman Sachs, the EU and the IMF work for the elite and are truly “anti-democratic, anti-European, anti-human.” The Illuminati are doing damage control in Greece and have many ways to control the situation…enough that they will prevail. Yet how much damage will be done to Illum. control & image before things move on track?? Even the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called the Aug. 11th new bailout agreement similar to the Treaty of Versailles. [My comment: Hopefully, people in Greece will awake to the bigger picture, that the common people of the earth are dealing with a global elite cabal. I hope they read my “Bloodlines of the Illuminati book!]

MANAGING THEIR IMAGE. A great deal of negative info has surfaced in recent yrs. about the elite that run things. The elite are going to have to insure their public image is at least functional. There is no doubt they can hire the best minds for this to insure they remain credible and to improve their capabilities. For many worldly people, simply the fact that Illuminati kingpins have money & power is sufficient to insure their credibility [Note my post yest.]…. But many people are catching on to all the wars, plagues and financial disasters that these global elite orchestrate, and they realize the enormous risks to the human race that these controllers pose. The elite will need to be seen as benefactors.

CONTROL. The new technologies offer both more control and new problems. Some of these new problems may require going to the next large programs of deception…an asteroid hitting the earth and a mock alien invasion. Will these deceptive programs work or have they been compromised? At any rate, problems of some kind are going to have to be created that are serious enough that people are just thankful for any answers…and that the survivors will be grateful to give more power to the controllers in exchange for their answers…Big Brother to the rescue!


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