A TALE OF 2 CITIES: MORE ON THE REVELATION GIVEN JOHN. Due to today’s parallels, much attention is on the apocalyptic revelation given to John, who– a half century before– was the young beloved disciple of Yahshua who put his head on his breast during the last supper. The other disciples had all been martyred, killed in various manners and in various places for their faith, before John was given the Revelation of Christ in a cave on the (then-wretched) island of Patmos, where old man John did 18 months hard labor in mines for his Christian faith.
John sees 7 stars & 7 candlesticks and is then told the stars are angels assigned to area churches, & the 7 candlesticks are 7 churches that Christ wants to send messages. There were other churches in that province as well as many other churches in Europe, Asia & Africa at this time. But Christ chooses 7 churches that are on a circular imperial route in the Roman province of Asia (not to be confused w/ the continent) which are representative of all the churches worldwide. Today’s post draws some lessons from only two of those 7 city churches: Pergamos (aka “Pergamum” and in ancient times the “City of the Serpent”) & Laodicea.
Pergamos was named after Pyrrhus’s son, when Arcadian colonists of the Tribe of Dan built it as a fortified city on Mt. Pindasus. It was believed to be the birth site of the Father of the gods Zeus, and it was the center of Zeus worship. When Cyrus II (the Great) conquered the Medes & Babylonians & then Belshazzar died in 503 B.C., the governing body of the Mystery Religions relocated from Babylon to Pergamum. John’s revelation calls it “where Satan’s seat is” & “where Satan dwells…” (REV 2:13) which is accurate as that was then the epicenter HQ of the Illuminati (which is the governing body of the Mystery Religions). Esclepius (also spelled Aesculapius) worship was also centered here and lots of live snakes were kept at the Aesulapium. Aesculapius’ “healing” centers used drugs & hypnosis, and appear to me to be early precursors to modern trauma-base mind-control programming centers. The HQ for Athena worship & Dionysus worship were also at Pergamum as well as Apollo, Aphrodite & Emperor worship. Apollo was a Christ-like figure and Aesculapius was called “the Savior the son of Apollo”, and was also identified with Nimrod. The priests of Nimrod moved to Pergamos when Babylon fell. Pergamos was known for its science, refinement, and incredible library with perhaps 200,000 manuscripts that rivaled Alexandria, Egypt’s library. The Illuminati head of all the pagan mystery religions was called Pontifex Maximus (high priest). Later, the titular head was transferred to the power crazed Caesars in Rome, & was the title of Constantine when he “converted” to Christianity. In 378, the year after Constantine the Great died, the title Pontifex Maximus was bestowed upon the Bishop of Rome, which the Catholic Church lists as the 37th pope, Peter supposedly being the first. Christ mentions two things of note to the church at Pergamum, that they hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which was the concept of separation of Christians into laity, clergy & governing bodies (i.e. the Illuminati pyramid structure of control) which has been adopted by most of Christendom. Also the doctrine of Balaam is mentioned… Balaam etymologically is related to Armillus, the name in Jewish tradition of the final Antichrist.
The church at Pergamum is promised great things that contrast with what the occult have. The occult there had a large black meteorite there for goddess worship, and it is common for mystery religions to rename an initiate—in contrast, Christ promises a new name on a white stone. Great things are offered the church… the emphasis is on purity…as the Word says, “Everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.” 1 JN 3:3.
One might think that the worst archetype of church was the one in the center of Satan’s HQs! Today, that would be equivalent to being a Christian in places like London, Brussels, NYC or Beijing. No, the worst was the one that America models, the Laodicean church!! It had an evil more insidious than any other, self-complacency, indifference, & lack of commitment…materially rich yet lacking spiritual riches…exactly what foreign Christians discover when they come to America!
Hosea 12:7-8 warns of the rich self-satisfied merchant (capitalist) who has no need of anything, incl. spiritual riches. Laodicea was the banking, commercial, financial center of the province w/ trade routes running to India & China. They had lots of rich bankers, great shopping centers, a huge stadium, and a large theater. Being cosmopolitan they were tolerant & didn’t persecute the Christians. They refined gold, produced a raven-colored wool & a famous eye-ointment. Christ said he had better gold, he’d give them raiment of white, and that they were blind. The Christians there had the same lifestyle & thinking of the world. They had no strong views, and in their comfort did not need God. Our minds are Satan’s playdough, when we aren’t grounded on firm truths. Christ does not offer the Laodiceans the promises he gives the other churches, instead he says he stands at the door & knocks (would we let him in?), and that he wants to spit them out of his mouth.
“America, Wake up & BE ZEALOUS FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS!!” Let’s meditate on that for a while!


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  • HI I tried reaching out for help in a comment section of another post with no luck, and someone deleted my profile. Basically my situation is in need of help, and I am trying to help some friends out of satanic cult(s). Some of them have kids. Well this is my last try so if this doesn’t work then sorry I bothered.

    • Hi! First of all very sorry about the account being deleted, it can be hard to tell what is a spam and real account. I will keep this one active.

      To be really honest it can take several years and is very hard to get out. The first reaction is to try help in some way when realising that persons are caught up in this stuff, which is completely natural. The trick is the best way how. The cult has some very heavy defensive mechanisms, so even trying to directly tell or help these people wont be of much use as the programming will counter that. They may deny it all or in some way or another filter you out of their lives to protect the cult programming.

      For children it’s a really tough area. As much as I wish I could have better news, these are the realities of these cults.

      https://deprogramwiki.com/deprogramming/deprogramming-modalities-for-trauma-mind-control-survivors/ – this page is good for information and also links to other areas. There is nothing I can do to help, except provide the right information and knowledge.

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