A SLICE OF THE VICE: A recent post discussed the enormous power of Belgium, this follow up post shines a quick light upon the incredible Satanic vice of Belgium by giving some examples of what kind of people were involved in Belgium’s Marc Dutroux pedophilia/Satanism/child porn scandal. The Marc Dutroux scandal came close to bringing the Belgium govt. down. One site that lists some of the victims is: wikispooks.com/…/Belgian_X_dossiers_victims_and_witnesses.h…. One site that lists the known perpetrators is: plazilla.com/…/anonymous-publishes-a-list-of-people-involve… . It is from this last site, which came out recently with a list in French that much of this post is based upon. As most of my fb readers do not read French, my comments will allow others to see a slice of what was posted. One of the websites in English that discusses the Dutroux scandal is: lifeonchildreninthemix.com/BELGIUM.html . One of the better books on the scandal is the 1999 book “X-Dossiers” by 3 journalists.

I mentioned recently that other castles besides the Mother of Darkness castle were used for Satanism & pedophilia. One of these places was the Villa Westflier in Markelo where the children were intentionally raped and abused during rituals in order to split their minds. Another example of where children were often raped, abused, & frequently murdered is Castle Kattenhof in Gravenwezel, owned by the de Caters family.

There is an unwritten rule for the police in Belgium that any investigation that begins to suspect the Royal Family is to be terminated. When scandal witnesses discussed members of the Royal family to the police, their contributions ceased. In the French list, they list Prince Alexander (1942-2009) (son of King Leopold III & Liliane). They mention Argenteuil Castle which in 2002 was sold by Belgium to Jean Marie Delwart. Another witness mentioned Prince Charles (but the French list doesn’t mention him). The French text says that “he” was convicted for the rape of 2 young boys—but it is impossible for me to know who the antecedent for “he” in the article refers to, as other participants are also mentioned. At any rate, Prince Alexander’s Princess wife thought his behavior was strange in several ways; & in ’91 he indeed did do something strange, he had a secret marriage to Lea Wolman, which was kept secret until ’98. Delphine (adopted by Jacques Boël) claimed her mother had an affair in the ‘60’s before King Albert became king; she raised a paternity suit.

There were many nobles on the list of perpetrators, barons and princes, and so forth. The French list says that Prince Alexandre de Morode was seen by witnesses participating in satanic black masses, eating human flesh, sacrificing people as well as being a pedophile. His relative Prince Simon de Merode was identified in the French text as the founder of the Co-Optimistan sect. Members of the Boël family were also on the list.

Many Judges & police were involved. 3 examples are given. Paul Bourlée was a Judge as well as a pedophile. He lives in Gesves, & often goes to Castle Eindhoven for this stuff & was at a party with children at the notary Nassaux Waterloo. He owns a second home near the Castle Seilles & participates in hunting parties. Raymond Brose was the Chief of Police of Liège, Belg. and made sure to prevent proper investigations into the scandalous ongoings in Belgium. Patrick Denis was another policeman who attended the Eindhoven castle pedophile events, & was accused of trafficking children.

Many govt. officials were involved in the scandal. Two examples are given here. Willy Claes, Secretary for Mutuality, Minister of Eco. Affairs, Sec. Gen. of NATO (‘94-’95). He had to resign due to a corruption scandal. He was one of many pedophiles who would go to parties where children were available for sex. Leon Defosset, the mayor of Etterbeek, owner of Castle Leignon & manager of the Castle Faulx-les-Graves. Serge Moureaux was identified as the one who invited Leon to some pedophile orgies.

Finally, those in charge of caring for children also were involved. The French list has Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer. He made Child Focus, and has been its president. His daughter looks after the child victims of the trauma-based m.control. He is also Pres. of ARDH which buys castles that are appropriate for the rituals & pedophilia.

In the Dutroux scandal, info surfaced that shows a major problem in Belgium’s govt. This has been a sampling of the kind of people who are believed to have been involved. Researchers continue to obtain more clues about the high level Satanism that has permeated Belgium, even though around 110 people were assassinated to keep a lid on the scandal. (While this post has focused on Belgium, yet we must not forget we have a serious problem with these kind of things here in America. As responsible people, we need to clean up our own back yard so to speak.)



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