This post is a look at those who are called to spiritually follow Christ as well as those believe they are descended from Christ. The Word tells us that those of faith are a nation of Kings…do we realize our royal nature and do we rise to our role in life?

We rise in stature when we take the moral high ground. The life of Christ shows someone of noble character. He is invited to a Pharisee’s house (the story is in LK 7:36-50), probably because Jesus (Yahshua) was a minor celebrity. While everyone is eating a woman known as a harlot came up to Jesus’ feet (which stuck out from the bed which he was laying on to eat) and washed his feet & anointed him with extremely expensive perfume. Christ treated her with respect. The Word says God is no respecter of persons. It is noble to treat everyone with respect and to be courteous. Respect for others is foundational for relationships. I suppose Christ was the first man who had not looked on this woman with lust and undressed her as he looked. She obviously thought he was worthy of everything she could give, and she asked for nothing. Christ recognized her need, and allowed her distraction. His host had judgmental thoughts due to the natural pride that positions of power poison us with. Christ spoke in a win-win way with Simon his host. He asks him if 2 men have their debts forgiven, who will love the moneylender the most? The one who had the most forgiven. Now one of the lessons of this story is that those who have been struggling and then helped in life to make a success of life will be grateful, while those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, take everything for granted. The same thing happens spiritually. So God is not a respecter of persons…He realizes that some who begin life without the benefits of wealth or wonderful parents, can still rise to nobility. I challenge you to recognize your noble calling and rise to it. One final thought…Yahshua says a mild command to the woman, “Go in peace.” Shalom…go forward in Shalom…it means more than peace it means wholeness. He had forgiven her sins, that she might be whole. So let’s be whole people, noble Kings & Priests of the Kingdom of Life.

In 1991, in my book Be Wise As Serpents, I introduced the Holy Bloodline of the Illuminati, a bloodline protected by the Knights Templar. This bloodline was further discussed in my writings up to 1995 when my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book was originally published. After investigating and writing about this bloodline for 5 years, I moved on to other important subjects. Where I stopped, others picked up the subject. And it is this subject that is the topic for the second half of this post.

Recently, I wrote about Kathleen Kennedy’s marriage to William Robert John Cavendish. The House of Cavendish is part of the Illuminati’s Holy Bloodline. And while I am on it, the names John & William carry special significance to this bloodline. Fish come into the symbology & mythology of this bloodline. Dagon, the fish god, also has the name Oannes, which is reported to be a source of the name John. And here you see something…whether the reader believes that Yahshua had a wife or not, the hierarchy leadership believe they are descended from the holy bloodline of Jesus. If we were to continue reading in our passage above in Luke 7, we discover that Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Yahshua. Leaders in the Illuminati believe that they are infused with the blood of Christ going back to the union of Mary Magdalene & Yahshua.

Since Bloodlines of the Illuminati in ’95, there has been a sequence of new “evidence” come to light. I put the word “evidence” in parenthesis not to reject this evidence, but simply to highlight that it is controversial. The reader is free to form his own opinion. I know for myself, sometimes on controversial items I will go back & forth many times as both the prove & invalidity of the evidence comes in. Of course in mainstream churches, there is a strong bias against the idea that Jesus was married…although frankly, I believe the Bible is silent on the issue. The Philippines, whose laws reflect the influence of the Catholic majority, has banned books talking about Jesus being married & having living descendants. So let’s take a glance at some of the new evidence that has surfaced.

In 1996, Laurence Gardner came out with his genealogy research Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed. In 2007, there was a documentary which I was fortunate to view entitled The Lost Tomb of Jesus. Inscriptions found on ossuaries in Jerusalem in ’80 have inscriptions saying that they were Yahshua & Miriam’s (Mary’s) tomb. On Sept. 18, 2012, a professor at Harvard who studies early Christianity & Gnosticism revealed a piece of papyrus dated about 150 A.D., written in Coptic that states, “Jesus said to them, my wife…” (A photo of this will be attached to this article.) Several papyrologists , after they examined it, stated that it appears authentic, and it has been described as “impossible to forge”. While the papyrus fragment doesn’t prove Jesus was married, it does suggest that some Christians believed he had been. There is no doubt from history that the Catholic Church tried to eradicate any Christians who believed that Jesus had married Mary Magdalene…the Albigensians & the Cathars were two such groups.

When the book Holy Blood Holy Grail came out in 1982, the book brought out how the Holy Bloodline was committed to establishing the U.S. of Europe. That has since been accomplished by the bloodline, and the Illuminati’s kingpin is ruling the EU, so we do have a theocracy established like the book talked about. As I ponder this all, I realize we have two groups claiming to be Kings & Priests. I leave the reader with the final question: what does Almighty God think?


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