Today, here in Portland, Jim Fetzler gave a great 2 hour presentation (w/ an hour of questions) on all the false flags that have been manufactured. He pointed out that it took the Jersey girls 4 years, but they finally got a govt. investigation into 9/11. Rather than kill real people, the Power elite turned to hiring crisis actors during FEMA drills and faking the false flags, and since they control the media it works like a charm. I hope that people will view his talk on youtube when Fetzler’s talk is put up there. During Q&A, he was asked about Trump.

FETZLER ON TRUMP. Jim Fetzler is a truther I respect. He is sincere, and he & I talked with the audience about how 90% (or more) of those who parade around against the NW O are working for the other side. He knows first hand what I have experienced with all the shills and trolls and disinfo agents who constantly attack and try to destroy one’s message. So I was interested in how Fetzler would respond. Before I share his response…I believe it is important to explain my position (or bias) if one wants to use that word. I view my citizenship in the Kingdom of God, I am an American but that is not my primary citizenship. My loyalty is to that Kingdom and its king Christ (Yahshua ha Messiach). While I certainly have opinions & feelings…it is improper for me to endorse something of the World…I have to stay neutral or out of world politics. The voting is rigged, the elections are a big show to convince Americans they select their president… the World does its own thing. I am not of it. Anyway, Jim pointed out that Trump is the first candidate who is not bought out, who speaks the truth that people need to hear. He is quite excited to see Trump be elected. (Hey, he can’t be as bad as Obama, who has signed secret executive decrees that we can’t even find out about—that have become new laws. When these kind of things happen you know you are living in tyranny people. We are no longer a free people. Our country is straight up a secret dictatorship. The FBI was involved in all of these American false flags, and Jim made the comment the FBI spends more time covering up govt. crimes than protecting the Amer. people.

I think people who are interested in Donald Trump, should watch this short clip of Trump on the Opfrey Winfrey show….. 25 years ago. You may be surprised how he was discontent with the way things were going with this country, and Opfrey suggests he run for president. He says he is not interested, but if he ever did get interested he would run to win, because he plays to win at everything in life.
VIDEO Uncovered Trump Interview From Over 25 Years Ago Will Shock A Lot of People – YouTube…


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