SEPARATING STUBBORN VITAL FACTS FROM MEDIA NOISE. For those who are interested in Jade Helm but don’t have time to follow all the mainstream & alternative media reports, this is a synopsis of new developments & info. We are now experiencing a phase of media backlash against those who are warning about Jade Helm 15. The controlled mass media are calling anyone who tries to warn about the significance of Jade Helm 15 as being “lunatics” who wear tin foil hats. The governor of TX who tried to appease the concerns of Texans by asking the TX National Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15 has been called a tinfoil hat lunatic by the mass media. Is it crazy to have prudence?? Let us look at history.

IGNORED WARNINGS. First, I have been trying for the last 24 years to warn people that all our ideas about how to size people up are obsolete & irrelevant, because of the ability of the elite to create programmed multiple personalities. A person can sound totally sincere, be absolutely convincing, and yet be “untruthful”…because that personality is technically not lying…because that personality is part of a system of dissociative multiple personalities. Hitler is a case in point. He was a programmed multiple. One personality could convincingly tell people he wanted peace, and he would then switch to another personality an hour later & be planning the details for starting WW 2. Chamberlain, the PM of the UK, accurately said, “War wins nothing, cures nothing, ends nothing.” That is a wise assessment of the insanity of war. But how does one prevent war?? Did trusting Hitler spare the U.K. war? No. Chamberlain unwittingly sabotaged the military coup that Germans were planning to overthrow Hitler in 1939, by meeting with Hitler & trusting him. Chamberlain said, “In spite of the hardness & ruthlessness I thought I saw in his face, I got the impression that here was a man who could be relied upon when he had given his word.” Chamberlain made an agreement with Hitler that was announced to the world as the “Peace for our time.” The appeasement of Hitler was for a short time praised by the controlled media as insuring peace for that generation. Chamberlain would have been better served to have read Mein Kampf, and to have known how MPD works, & to have dealt with Hitler on that basis which was that Hitler’s multiple system (under mind control) would stay true to the programming he received from the Illuminati in 1919.

Today, we have various civilian & military leaders making all kinds of statements that they know nothing about Jade Helm or that it is merely training for our military to operate in foreign countries & has nothing to do with martial law. Whether these leaders are intentionally lying or are simply MPD victims with an ignorant alter spouting what it is programmed to say—either way the stubborn fact REMAINS that Jade Helm 15 is without a doubt training for martial law in the United States. You do not operate in American cities & realistically train for action in some Islamic country!! It is now known that there are 3 major components to Jade Helm 15: the elite military units, American law enforcement, and the Intelligence agencies!! One of the components of “Mastering the Human Domain” is the creation of extensive multiple layered computer maps of the American population. Why would you do extensive data mining & detailed map building of every American if this were a routine training exercise for some possible foreign action? The military & intelligence agencies are also getting practice & experience working with local government officials. That experience would be worthless if this were merely training for overseas.

BACKLASH FROM MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Chuck Norris, who is not ashamed to call himself a Christian, made some reasonable intelligent comments about Jade Helm & has been labelled a lunatic by the controlled media. Chuck Norris wrote, “Concerned Texans and Americans are in no way calling into question our brave & courageous men & women in uniform. They are merely following orders. What’s under question are those who are pulling the strings at the top of Jade Helm 15 back in Washington. The U.S. government says, ‘It’s just a training exercise.’ But I’m not sure the term ‘just’ has any reference to reality when the government uses it.” We are repeatedly being told Jade Helm is “routine training”. Common on…the stubborn fact is that this is obviously not routine training!

ABILITIES OF U.S. TROOPS. I have spoken with an Army sergeant who led troops into houses in places like Afghanistan. He explained to me the startling details of how they would do it. American troops are highly skilled at taking over a house & searching it. They do not need to practice this on American homes! They have years of on the job training already in situations where the populace was trying to hide bomb making materials & weapons in no-nonsense, sincere, skillful attempts to destroy the American military presence. From my discussion with this army leader, I could see that the normal places that Americans think of hiding things would fail to safeguard anything. Don’t forget they also used trained sniffing dogs that can easily detect munitions.

WALMART DENIAL. Walmart issued a statement contradicting reports (& a video of a tunnel) which claim that there are underground tunnels below the 5 closed Walmarts. Further along the truth will be exposed. Let’s not forget that Walmart’s claim that these stores were closed for plumbing has already been proved to be bogus. The credibility of their public statements is already weak.

HISTORY IS FULL OF IGNORED WARNINGS. If you see the handwriting on the wall with Jade Helm 15, don’t let the ignorance of the general population, and the backlash of the media deter you from being a diligent awake person. There were countless warnings about the Nazis sending Jews to camps, which were ignored by those Jews still at liberty. There were numerous detailed warnings about Hitler’s June 22 invasion of the USSR given to Stalin & the Soviet government from many sources, including eyewitnesses of the Nazi pre-invasion buildup, which were all ignored. The Israeli government received numerous warnings of Sadat’s 1973 surprise Yom Kippur invasion, and chose not to deal with the danger. The Israeli govt. suppressed eyewitness warnings about Hama’s tunnels built under the Gaza border with Israel. Locals had heard the tunnel building but govt. censorship prevented the population from learning about the tunnels, until after the Israeli invasion into the Gaza strip.

ARE YOU QUALIFIED TO HAVE AN INFORMED IDEA? The World System is built so that only “approved experts” of the system dare raise their voice. Supposedly only the approved voices know anything. Don’t be beguiled by this. An example of how dangerous this warped thinking can be is the true story of how an ordinary seaman tried to save his fleet. This British fleet had been in fog, and this sailor had meticulously kept track of where the ships were while they sailed in the fog. The seaman knew they were about to hit some dangerous shoals & rocks. The admiral had assembled all his navigators to ask them where they were. The seaman came to them & warned them. As he was not an approved expert, the British admiral rewarded his boldness in giving his warning by charging him with mutiny and having him immediately hung to death. The fleet soon hit the rocks, and sank with only 2 sailors out of 2,000 surviving.

FINAL THOUGHTS. In my informed view, there is NO DOUBT that Jade Helm 15 pertains to martial law over America. Countless details of the operation pertain to controlling the American population. Our military & civilian leaders continue to deny that it pertains to controlling Americans. Our mass media lampoons with deriding cartoons, mocks & makes snide remarks to belittle anyone who questions the official party line about Jade Helm 15. They don’t use logic, rather they use ridicule to silence the concerns of citizens. Supposedly our government never lies. However, the governor of AZ obviously does not trust Obama. He sent a message to Obama saying that no executive orders would be followed in Arizona. On the flip side, I continue to warn that those who claim this is actually an operation to impose martial law are over inflating the facts as we know it. If riots were to break out, it would be very handy to have troops in place to impose martial law. As of today, extensive civil unrest is most likely to happen after the collapse of the dollar –not before. At any rate, we have known that martial law has been a likely scenario in the future. The elite have not put all the laws, unused concentration camps, trains to haul people & other items in place for nothing.



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