Preface. These times are Matthew 24ish, esp. verse 24:7: “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.” Now let us not forget Messiah’s encouragement, “But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” There is a prize at the end of this! For our Messiah’s sake, let us have courage as would please Him, and not become mice. Are you a mouse or a person of God?

WHITE BUSES. It has been reported from at least 2 witnesses that a small convoy of 8 white Blue-bird type school buses w/ govt. tags & driven by the military were seen heading west in Mississippi, as if on their way to Texas. They were identified as UN medical buses but what they are hauling or might haul is left to our speculation. Obviously, the blacked out windows indicate that their passengers are not to be seen.

JADE HELM WOODEN SHOE. The idea that the Jade Helm wooden clog in the logo means “concentration camps” is becoming popular. I don’t know who first put the idea on the Internet, but I take issue with this interpretation. Yes, inmates in concentration camps wore clogs, because many civilians during WW2 wore clogs because civilian items were not being manufactured. During the war, the U.S. quit making civilian cars. In Europe, it was even more extreme. So Klompen (the Dutch clogs which are so stereotypical of our view of the Dutch) were widely being used by all the European civilians during the war…it was not a symbol of being an inmate, but rather of being in hard times. In Deutschland they are called “Holzshuh” and in Belgium “Sabots”, & the oldest European wooden shoes found were discovered in the Amsterdam area. Another speculatory interpretation (which I am throwing out there) is the wooden shoe represents both the center of the logo and the center of the control…Brussels/NATO/the Illuminati …which is the Belgium-Dutch area. After all, Jade Helm & the Canadian Maple Resolve exercises are under the auspices of NATO, & NATO is in turn controlled by civilians in Belgium.

WALMARTS ARE PART OF MILITARY SYSTEM. I think I neglected to mention something I saw on a video a few days ago, which perhaps many of you have already also seen…a soldier testifying that Walmart entered into an agreement with the govt. whereby Walmart uses the same logistics program that the military uses to procure items. This means that Walmart stores are used for dual purposes around the world. Military quartermaster type troops can enter any Walmart worldwide and use their software to procure military items that they need. Walmart is given extra money from the govt. for being part of the overall military system.




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