This post is a follow up on my posts on Underground facilities, futuristic unmanned aero systems UAV, and the connection between the U.S. military & the World Order. Many of the workers of these areas are under the trauma-based mind control I expose. Much of its info is taken from the research of Tom Mahood who investigated the four California facilities dealt with in this post:
• 18 mi. west of ROSAMOND, CA>> Northrop Grumman RCS facility at TEJON (34 54’58.78″ N 118 30’20.73″ W)
• 25 mi. east of PALMDALE, CA>>orig. McDonnell Douglas (now General Atomics Aero Systems) GRAY BUTTE RCS facility (34 33’21.72″ N 117)
• 5 mi. north of HELENDALE, CA>> Lockheed Martin HELENDALE RCS facility
• 2 mi. SW of Maturango Peak (in the far NE portion of the NAWS) in the MOJAVE DESERT in CA>> JUNCTION RANCH RCS facility at CHINA LAKE NAVAL AIR WEAPONS STATION

PURPOSES OF THESE SECRET FACILITIES. These four facilities were largely built during the 1980’s…and the land sales were very secretive and used cutouts & deception. The Gray Buttes site & the Helendale site had old small airfields before the sites were made over. It is clear that Stealth technology & unmanned combat systems have been researched & tested at these sites. The Tejon (42 levels?), Palmdale (32 levels) and Helendale (42 levels) sites have large underground bases underneath. Hi-tech Flying Saucer type craft which are reported to be anti-matter vehicles fly in & out. Large diamond shaped spots on the ground are coverings for silos w/ pit doors in the ctr. When helicopters & UFOs come in to land, they simply disappear into the ground. Small fast orbs also operate over the sites.

•Northrop Grumman RCS facility at Tejon in Kern, Co. While the govt. does not own the site, it is treated by the county as if the govt. owns it. County officials even refer to it as a “secret govt. base”. It has 4 ranges. It openly tests on freqs from 2 GHz to 18 GHz. It has antenna arrays using high freqs. And it uses high microwaves freqs. Northrup Grumman calls itself a “global security company” which provides “innovative systems”. True that. They create global aerospace & defense tech. Their CEO Ronald Sugar has also been dir. of Chevron. The previous CEO Kent Kresa seriously revived Northrup Grumman. They are assoc. w/ the Carlyle Group. They have their HQ near WA D.C., the Pentagon & CIA at Falls Church, VA. They have created the Mk9, which has been called the “most capable & reliable unmanned vehicle”. They are international, for instance, upgrading Brazil’s Air Defense system of air traffic communication.
•McDonnell Douglas Gray Butte RCS facility. This site has been sold to General Atomics Aero Systems who make various UAV’s such as the Predator C, the MQ-1 Predator, and the MQ-9 Reaper. The site is 4.5 sq. mi. It has buildings on rails, which have sides that roll up. It is also built to hide things from satellite surveillance.
•Lockheed Martin Helendale RCS facility. Lockhead Martin has a long incestuous history w/ the govt. and uses bribes as SOP. As an example of how they can get by w/ about anything is the C-5A transport that the govt. contracted w/ them to build. Sen. Richard Russell, chrmn. of the Senate Armed Serv. Comm. insured that his state of Georgia would build the plane. The govt. secretly guaranteed Lockheed they would pay all cost overruns, & Lockheed took full advantage of this, receiving quietly $2 billion for cost overruns. When the project was finished, it did not meet the contracted specs…the plane was a lemon. When the U.S. tried to resupply Israel in the ’73 war w/ their C5As, 46 C5As were grounded needing repairs, and when the others tried to take off, 69 flights were terminated or delayed due to mechanical malfunctions. Lockheed whistleblowers had their lives threatened. Lockheed’s CEO/Pres. Marillyn A. Hewson is also dir. of DuPont & the govt.’s secret Sandia Nat. Labs. Their facility at Helendale is 9 sq. miles, and had the ’85 extension plans drawn up by a subsidiary of Morrison-Knudson. At the far end is the Upper Chamber (aka Area 35) which covers a 210’ deep silo which silo was built with 3,000 cu.yds. of concrete. The silo contains a hoist, stairs, and a Swedish made elevator for staff. The site also has a 150,000 gal. emergency water reservoir.
•Junction Ranch RCS facility at China Lake. The Navy Intelligence’s China Lake was exposed in my mind control books as a major trauma-based mind control programming center. The initial base programming is carried out here on a large scale. China Lake is also known as Inyokern, the town in the area. Stealth aircraft have been tested at Junction Ranch.

Because a picture is worth a 1,000 words, there will be a link to a you tube video by Tom Mahood. (I realize some of you may have already seen this.)


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