One of my amazements is how little critical thinking seems to go on concerning public figures. To be mighty in intellect is to judge truth by our mind. To be mighty in spirit is to judge truth by God’s Spirit & our own which both should harmonize. “Try the spirits whether they are of God.” (1 JN 4:1) History is being made; here are 4 major players in this current power struggle, & recent developments.

Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych is in the center of the Ukrainian drama. He is part of the reason some Crimeans are fed up with being part of the Ukraine, they are tired of bad leaders. The first pres., Kravchuk, was incompetent, the next Kuchma (a Russian stooge) was corrupt & made his friends billionaires, & on it went…Yanukovych makes Putin look good. He was the Ukrainian Pres. from Feb. 2010 until the Ukrainian parliament voted to remove him from his post in Feb. 2014. He escaped to Russia, where they are protecting him, & he declared himself to still be “the legitimate head of the Ukrainian state” & then formally asked Russia to intervene militarily into the Ukraine. In examining Yanukovych’s life, it is rare I find anyone so corrupt & w/out a shred of moral fiber. When the Ukrainian activists called for democracy, Yanukovych, whose native language is Russian, was Russia’s handpicked man to keep the Ukraine a Russian puppet govt., it took a few yrs. for Russia to install him, yet even Putin dislikes the man. The man has led a life of crime, incl. robbery, assault & rape. He didn’t stop his life of crime just because he was President. While President he transferred $70 billion from the Ukrainian treasury to bank acts. in Europe. He is currently est. to be worth several billion (obviously stolen) from the Ukrainian people, whose national treasury is empty. He has a $75 million mansion, and bank acts. in Switz., Luxem., & Monoco. As of today, the EU have blocked all his & his kid’s accounts; & Austrian & Swiss officials are investigating his corrupt money. His first foreign visit as Pres. was to Brussels to the Pres. of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, a high ranking Illum. member. He met many other Illum. members during his reign, incl. Hillary in Kiev on July 2, 2010. I noticed that he was all over the place, one day saying one thing, the next the opposite. He pretended to have some pro-Western sentiments, but his actions were mostly for himself, & then for Russia. Putin must have been desperate to have felt compelled to put him into power. The U.S Treasury also placed holds on his assets today.

Putin, the coldblooded bullying dictator of Russia, is popular w/ some Westerners because he has stood up to the bankers & the elite…but then so did Hitler. In fact, Hitler & Putin use similar methods to keep their popularity up at home: improve the economy, take total ruthless control of everything & eliminate any opposition, and give the people pride in themselves & their nation. Attacking various nations, incl. the Crimea is part of Putin’s way of giving his people pride in Russia. The German people felt parts of Czech. & Poland were German & endorsed Hitler’s seizure of what they felt was German land. The Russian people feel the same w/ Putin’s seizures. He is returning Russia to greatness. In Aug. ’07, he laid claim to the underwater region of the North Pole. Putin has admired/honored Stalin; & Stalin in turn studied Ivan the Terrible (although he felt Ivan was too lenient). Russian rulers have always been part criminal. The people have learned to accept brutality, cruelty & death. For centuries, they have been passive to brutal totalitarian rulers. In general, Americans can’t comprehend how much they accept brutality & death. (Some Russians here are aghast to even hear what I do.) Yeltsin appointed Putin as his successor because Putin could be depended on not to prosecute Yeltsin & his family for their financial crimes. Once in power, Putin rallied the siloviki (military & homeland security agents) and gave them control over the political & corporate worlds w/ the promise they would remain in power w/ him. The siloviki have gotten wealthy & powerful, & are like the German Nazis, in love with their nationalism. With the siloviki behind him, Putin began a campaign of false flags (one of which was exposed in Sept. ’99 at Ryazan SE of Moscow). Scared by the false flags, the Russians were happy to get the security of Putin’s totalitarian regime. Putin knows how to divide & conquer like the Armenia-Azebaijan conflict he created, and the civil war in Georgia. He also manipulates mind-control agents, incl. sleeper agents left behind in the ex-USSR territories. And he manipulates economic levers in these countries also. He has created a firm pyramid of power…but people like him w/ a Napoleon complex end up ultimately destroying what they are building by over-reaching; they end up deaf to real life & in love with their own image.

Christine Madeleine Lagarde (controversial & tough) is the IMF Managing Director & also sits on the new Illuminati 5 member Board of Directors that functions sort of like a cabinet for the head of the Illuminati. (This board functions as the Council of 13 was previously described.) She got into the news today because she is privately talking with U.S. lawmakers to gain support for the IMF economic aid package for the Ukraine. She announced that the IMF mission will work from Mar. 4 to 21st w/ Ukrainian authorities to create economic reform so the Ukraine can have sustainable growth. To do that, the Illuminati will have to remove criminals like Yanukovych, who are out to steal as much as possible from their own people. Christine was born in Paris, France, and was a minister in the French govt. Interestingly, she worked for Republican Rep. William Cohen in Wash. D.C. in 1973. (Readers may remember that Cohen, after being a Senator on important committees like the Senate Intelligence Committee, became the Sec. of Defense for Clinton even though he was a Republican. He worked w/ Yeltsin & favored expansion of NATO.) Christine, like Hillary, not only was an intern in Wash., but she was associated with law, having joined the International Law firm Baker & McKenzie in ’81, and became its chrperson in ’99. She will team up w/ Hillary on Apr. 3, ’14 at the 5th Annual Women in the World Summit. Christine was portrayed in the TV drama Too Big to Fail by actress Laila Robins. I note she is also Commander of the Order of Merite agricole. Obviously, she is one powerful lady, who is hard at work to make the Ukraine’s economy successful w/out Russian domination.

The final person is George Soros, an elite businessman, philanthropist, Bilderberger, & CFR member. I suspect he is an Illum. mmbr. Soros is the evil boogeyman for Russia. He has given an est. $4 billion to help democracy in ex-Soviet nations. (Not a small amount considering he was listed in 2005 as having only $7.2 billion.) The Russians see him behind every protest & problem. He has used his foundations: Soros Foundations & Open Society Foundations (in the Ukraine the Renaissance Foundation) to help the democracy/pro-West individuals/movements in the Ukraine. For instance, the Ukrainian Pora youth groups received financial help. He travelled to the Ukraine a few times. When he was in Kiev in 2004 he made the public understatement, “I can guess he [Putin] doesn’t like me.” Madeleine Albright (who worked w/ Secretary Cohen) is a personal friend of Soros, and also spent time in the Ukraine. She went to the Ukraine after his trip in 2004. George Soros, orig. a Hungarian Jew from Budapest, hates totalitarianism. He could have lost his life during WW 2 in Hungary. He left Hungary in ’47 after the Communists had been in power. He warned before Putin came to power that Putin would likely be authoritarian & nationalistic. In ’47, he studied at the London School of Economics. He became a trader in NYC, & later made lots of money in FOREX. In 1988, he tried to assemble investors into the Illuminati’s Societe Generale. In Feb. 2009, Soros said that the World Financial system had effectively disintegrated, and was on life support with no answers for the near future. He has supported the idea of the EU, as well as NATO’s expansion.

This has been a quick look at some of the major players in the current Ukrainian drama. Putin has several options. Stick with what he has, formally annex the Crimea, or seize even more by going into eastern Ukraine. Russia has just deployed more troops to the northern area of Crimea; but, according to reports, large scale troop movements have not been seen near eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian govt. referred to Russian military takeover of the Crimea as “a military invasion”. Gazpron, the large Russian energy giant, had their chief executive (Alexei Miller) placed in the asset freezes/travel bans by the EU today. While these are significant gestures, they are not going to intimidate the kind of hard-baked Russian characters they were applied to. The EU, the U.S. & the Illuminati see their primary mission to prevent a war from breaking out. The problem of the Crimea’s status (as to whether it is Russian, independent, or returned to the Ukraine) is not as important. The question is how firm must they get to prevent another Ukrainian land grab by Putin’s Russian military, while not actually escalating into a war. From what I can make out, progress is being made to a peaceful resolution, but Putin must do his posturing.


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