This post is in answer to the question, “do you have any idea what the 322 means in skull and bones”? The short answer is “yes”, the longer answer forms this article. 322 is a sacred number for the members of the Order of Skull & Bones, and they refuse to talk about its meaning. The number is placed under their skull & bones “logo” and on their Tomb door (their frat building at Yale is called “the Tomb” which contains their temple). The floor of the Temple within the Tomb also has 322 inlaid on its floor.

The Illuminati bloodlines, which hid themselves within the Rosicrucians & Freemasons during the 1700’s, sponsored the German Philosopher Adam Weishaupt to form a branch of the Illuminati which would promote their agenda. He began this in 1776 in Bavaria. Soon afterwards, an affiliate began in the U.S. in Virginia called Phi Beta Kappa (which this article will refer to PBK). Phi Beta Kappa transferred its base to Yale, and set up a chapter also in Harvard. It’s rituals were based on Egyptian magic, masonic in nature, & they “illuminated” their candidates. Another early secret society of Yale, Society of Brothers in Unity, had Joseph Dulles in it…his progeny John Foster Dulles & Allen Dulles (assoc. with Rockefellers) show up in the public eye a century later. In 1825, there was a public outcry against secret societies after the murder of the Freemason Capt. Morgan. The first political party in the U.S. was the Anti-masonic party, which attacked secret societies & the power they had in America. In 1832, the Harvard PBK chapter decided to quit being secret, & sent a rep to the Yale chapter telling them so. Seeing the “handwriting on the wall” so to speak, the Yale PBK decided to become an open society, which before the century was out, faded into non-existence. In its place, the smaller, more obscure Order of the Skull & Bones was created by several PBK members.

The main PBK founder of the Order of the Skull & Bones was William Huntington Russell, a member of the Russell Illuminati bloodline, as well as an initiate of a German chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati, which he had participated in the during 1831-32 time period when he was student there. He also founded a prep school for elite boys, and this led to the Phillips Academy (prep school) for the elite. By the way, the Bavarian Illuminati continues in Bavaria even today. They are a branch of the Illuminati, and Skull & Bones has been a branch of the Bavarian Illuminati; and they do the same rituals that were exposed by the respected Freemason Robinson in his Proofs of a Conspiracy book exposing the Bavarian Illuminati.

In the occult world, things have an exoteric name & meaning along with the hidden occult name & meaning (called the esoteric or arcane). The esoteric name for S&B is “The Order 322”. The obvious meaning of 322 is that it was the second chapter of this Bavarian Illuminati chapter which began in 1832. That is so obvious that it then begs the question why people like Pres. Bush and John Kerry would refuse to say anything about 322. The Kabala, gematria, and sacred numbers are the foundation of the occult. Aleister Crowley wrote “777”. Another Satanist, who I wrote about in Be Wise As Serpents, W. Wynn Wescott said in this book “The Occult Power of Numbers” (p. 15): “… ‘Numbers are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony … spiritually as well as physically … to the evolution of the present human race; all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numerals. The sacredness of numbers …” The number 322 is used by Skull & Bones members in many ways, showing that it is considered a sacred number.

It is important that my work showing where & how the Illuminati operate are understood to realize the bigger context of what Skull & Bones operates within. They have been a chapter of something powerful & global. This is how a 1943 special legislative act gave their S&B legal corp. special exemption from having to file corporation reports. It is why Prescott Bush could be publicly proven to be an agent working with the Hitler regime after the U.S. went to war, and yet he was able to keep & use his profits to finance his family going into politics after the war. Because the members of S&B are members of a much larger secret society, you can see the S&B members throughout history move around with incredible power. You would expect the occult meaning of 322 to be much bigger than the S&B.

NEW BEGINNINGS. The Vernal (Spring) Equinox falls on March 21. The first day of Aries (the first astrological sign) is Mar. 22. The Illum. do celebrate the Spring equinox with rituals. In essence, 3/22 is the beginning of the new year. 1832, was the beginning of S&B, but more important 3-22 is the beginning of the new year. The S&B, along with the rest of the Illum., look forward to the beginning of a new age–a new world order, the return to the Golden Age. The word “Revolution” was coined because (according to Illuminati occult beliefs) violent revolutions would revolve us back to the Golden Age. So 322 is a symbol of the New Order, the new beginnings, that the Illuminati strive to bring in. Two S&B brothers, Capt. Prescott Bush and Capt. Henry Mallon were assigned to the 322nd Regiment of Field Artillery. The 2nd President Bush was fined $3.22 for missing a S&B meeting. The S&B Class of 1858 gave a note: “322 from the S.E.C. of 1858”. The overall HQ capital for the Illuminati is Brussels, Belgium, whose city code is 322. The S&B members add 322 to our calendar year to derive their cult date, in other words this year is 2015+322=2137. The number 322 is not assigned as an area code in the states–321 is East Central Florida’s Brevard Co., FL where Cape Canaveral, JFK Space Ctr., Patrick AFB, and a navy test unit are located. This is just north of Jupiter Island, part of Treasure Coast and an important Illuminati private island. 323 is the Hollywood-central LA area. Scams have frequently used 322 as their alleged area code for their scam phone numbers.

THE ELITE LIKE PRIVACY. Jupiter Island, FL is tied to S&B. Bonesmen Prescott Bush & Averell Harriman were part of Jupiter Island. It was bought in 1931 to use as a secret elite community. (Deer Island is another private S&B island used as the site of a club house.) When a judge dismissed a case against Jupiter Island, he said, “The community is unique – it is the one and only, different from all others, having no like or equal. It is unusual, extraordinary and rare. It was cut from one mold and its counterpart cannot be found elsewhere. Many people would consider it dead – but it is very much alive with genteel living, friendship and compatibility. The Town doesn’t want what many others have, but many others would be better off if they had more of what this Town has and wants to keep- seclusion, solitude and tranquility.” Richard M. Bissell, Jr. of the Bissell Illuminati family was associated with the Island. His father, Richard M. Bissell, Sr. ran a mind-control project called Neuro Psychiatric Institute, which used one of its victims to create the Mental Hygiene Society, which was a S&B mind control project years before MK Ultra. Bissell, Jr. joined the CIA as one of Allen Dulles’ close aides. He and other Bonesmen worked with creating Cuban assassination squads. (By the way, Antony Sutton, who exposed the S&B, died on June 17th, the date S&B was founded & the ritual feast day of Corpus Christi mocking Christ.) The Dulleses were in Princeton secret societies. It was said that the occult families of the secret Eastern establishment that fed into groups like S&B, Wolf’s Head, Porc Club, Scroll & Key which also use secret cult names for its members numbered 32 bloodlines. (See my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, pgs. 483-493 for a discussion of these groups, as well as the families that supply them with members.)



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