This post is primarily about Ben Bernanke’s upcoming memoirs. Ben Bernanke, 14th chairperson of the Fed Reserve from FEB. 2006 to FEB. 2014 & an Illuminati member, announced that he is going to reveal interesting info on how he made decisions; an insider close to him has further revealed that it will also disclose new info on the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, and the difficulties Bernanke had to deal w/ from shall we say “stupid” people in various positions. The second book, Unbroken, is already available since 2010 & has been a powerful encouragement to its readers.

Ben Shalom Bernanke was chosen for his position as chairman of the Fed because of his incredible brilliance as well as his membership w/in the Illuminati. His front religious background is Jewish, & the hidden occult side is Luciferic Gnosticism secretly done in Illum. rituals. Consider this, he scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT. He was his high school valedictorian. He was the Chairperson of the Council of Economic Advisors from ’05-06. He was part of the Illum.’s Brookings Institute & Bilderbergers. He was Time magazine’s person of the year in ’09. He went to Stanford’s Grad. School, & he received the Order of Palmetto. At Princeton, he was recognized as the nation’s “pre-eminent monetary scholar”, and it is well known that he studied in-depth the Great Depression, bank failures, and how fiscal policies affect an economic system. He has been known by his professional colleagues as a hard worker, who is soft spoken & remains calm during a crisis. No wonder he was chosen for chairman of the Fed!!

On Feb. 24, when Bernanke announced his upcoming memoir, he told the AP, “I want people to understand what we knew, when we knew it, how we made decisions and how we dealt with the enormous economic uncertainty.” The Wall St. Journal did an important report on 2/25 about the new book. During the ’07-09 Crisis Bernanke had said, “I play Jekyll & Hyde quite a bit and argue with myself in the shower and other places.” The Fed’s vice-chrmn Kohn said, “The outlook is full of puzzles…” This is quite true…no matter how sophisticated their plans & computer programs, nothing and no person is on top of all the variables that can affect the global economy…but I have to suggest that the Illuminati hierarchy have a much better idea of what will happen than the rest of us!

Bernanke was not popular, one poll showed only 29% had a favorable opinion…& the governor of TX called him “treasonous” and Newt Gingrich called him “the most dangerous Fed chairman in history”. I have to wonder at his apparent refusal to believe in eco. bubbles. His reign in the Bush & Obama administrations saw plenty of opposition, for instance, Ron Paul’s book “End the Fed”. And Bernanke simply defied Congress with his Operation Twist. He reluctantly bailed out AIG. His new book is to reveal info on the AIG bailout and what he sees as the real reason for ‘08’s Eco. Crisis. I have learned that the hierarchy has given him permission to reveal secrets…apparently they feel very much in control of the globe…and consider these new revelations will help people understand the elite better. The idea that walking a mile in another man’s moccasins will help one understand him. Also, the Illuminati feel that these revelations will help the public find the right scapegoats when the crash comes, or to put it in their own language “pay with their lives”.

On that reference to death, let’s switch to a book about survival, resilience & redemption! I have heard good things about the book Unbroken (which came out in 2010 written by the same author as Seabiscuit) & like Bernanke’s book have it on my to-read list. The book begins with a boy born in ’22 who is wild & overactive. At nine, he begins channeling his defiance into running. He goes to the Berlin Olympics as a miler. In WW II, as Lt. Louie Zamperini, his plane goes down in the Pacific, and he manages to survive in one of the most incredible stories of history. Every time you think it can’t get worse…it does! From the positive feedback about the book, as well as having read the author’s previous book Seabiscuit, it sounds like a good encouraging book to read.


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