As some of you who have followed my work are aware, I have tried to expose the doubles-program that the elite have for everyone who plays a major role in their agenda script. (While additional reports come in about Jade Helm & another Clinton scandal…they sold uranium to the Russians to build nukes,…I think the topics of these 2 book reviews merit a post.) You may remember that people attacked me last year, because they said Hillary’s public schedule said she was speaking to some woman’s group when I said she was in Europe. I tried to explain that all of these major public figures have doubles which have been created in various ways. I have been publicly saying that since 1990. We have all probably seen doubles & not realized it at one time or the other. In fact, if you think about it, you already knew that Hollywood, when making movies, has substitutes & stunt men for many of the scenes of major actors so that the producers can limit their expenses as well as seemingly show the character doing stunts that they would not risk doing.

Now a fully illustrated book about Hitler’s various doubles has come out. The author Peter Fotis Kapnistros, of Greek heritage, wrote me that he’d mentioned my work. I have written/spoken about Hitler’s 2 main Doppelgangers for 25 years…I was fortunate to bump into articles in the 30’s by British/American press where they told the public about it…such as Time magazine, July 8, 1935. I have not read Peter’s book, but from what I have heard about it, it certainly is something I would recommend. The subject of elite doubles is critical to know about if we are to understand genuine history. A pdf version of Hitler’s Doubles: Fully-Illustrated by Peter Fotis Kapnistros is now available for review. Enjoy your reading. Peter doesn’t stop with just WW2 but brings things forward into modern times. My ex-Illuminati members who I was helping/working with in the early ‘90s were convinced that Hitler had survived WW2. I was fully convinced of that before speaking to them (for instance, having info on one of his descendants), and felt that was simply more confirmation to what seemed obvious from the evidence…if one didn’t swallow the shallow Russian propaganda about finding his burnt body.

BE WISE AS SERPENTS. In a recent discussion, I realize many followers have not had a chance to read my Be Wise As Serpents book, & are unfamiliar with one of the themes documented in this massive tome. A review of this particular theme (one of many) in condensed form would be helpful for everyone, as this theme may get lost to readers in the myriad of details & documentation in the book.

HOW A CONTROLLED CONFLICT WAS CREATED. The book shows the elite bloodlines were behind both the creation of Freemasonry & the day to day running of the Catholic Church. The book documents how Freemasonry was set up by the occult elite and used to create a religious war between Protestants & Catholics. This war ended in the 1960’s for the leaders of the Catholic Church & Freemasonry, both of which today receive instructions directly from the Grand United Lodge in London. Popes & Vatican officials during the 1960s began having masonic memberships.
One part of the Hegelian process was for Freemasonry to create an Adventist movement that was Christian and strongly Anti-Catholic. The book documents the Masonic career of the founder of the Adventist movement William Miller. It also goes on to show that after William Miller’s false prophecy of Christ returning in 1844 failed, that the various branches (splits) of Adventism such as the Second Adventists (from memory I believe I mentioned them), Seventh-day Adventists, and the Bible Students (later known as Jehovah’s Witnesses) continued to be connected to Freemasonry, continued the Anti-Catholic campaign, & continued to carry out projects for the elite. The Adventist church accepted abortion even before Wade v. Roe. In WW2, the Seventh-day Adventist hierarchy secretly allowed their men to be used for biological and mind control experiments. The Watchtower Society was used to promote Zionism, to destroy Nationalism, to destroy African colonialism, and to promote Armageddon awareness & fear worldwide house to house. A look at Adventist & Witness literature, esp. during the 1930’s shows an extremely unbalanced campaign to vilify the Catholic Church. In recent years, after the Catholic-Masonic leadership has begun to work together, you will notice that various Adventist church leaders and the Watchtower leaders are much more congenial to the Catholic Church. You will still see instances of rage against them in order to keep their own identity, but the rapprochement has come a long ways from the peak of the masonic religious war against the Catholic Church.

As I point out in Be Wise As Serpents, all these various religious bodies are controlled, and are used as vehicles to control us. I document how the various Protestant denominations were created & controlled by Freemasons. One of the things I was privileged to expose was how the failed prophecy of Freemason William Miller of Christ’s 1844 return was actually “fulfilled” in Iran, which created the Bahai religion. A secret masonic Order of the Magi working in the Chicago Masonic Temple brought the Bahai religion to America, made up its early members, helped it gain UN status. There are other themes in the Be Wise As Serpents book, but I notice that some followers of mine continue to operate without knowing the above theme.

Having studied & worked around many chronologies that “prove” some date of Christ’s return—the Adventists and Watchtower Society being specialists in such things, you will find me extremely skeptical of any chronology no matter how good it sounds. There have been many good sounding chronologies in the past—such as 88 reasons why Christ will return in 1988…and they have consistently failed no matter how good they sound. I believe there was a reason why Christ said no one would know when, but that we should have an attitude of being expectant and ready, like the wise virgins!! Maranatha! Have a great day my friend.



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