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  This information is mirrored from – Jul 29, 2001 – © Doug Riggs Trigger warning: contains Christian content Here is a guest article by someone whose work with survivors and help to those in the healing community I respect greatly. Here are some insights based on his therapeutic work and insights as a… read more »

Therapists Speak Out on Ritual Abuse (Svali Blog Post)

  The following information was mirrored from – Several months ago, I sent a questionaire out to the professional community to find out the opinions of therapists who work with ritual abuse. I contacted the ISSD as well as several therapists whom I had heard of in the field. Why? Because I wanted a… read more »

The Source of Real Healing (Svali Blog Post)

  This information is mirrored from – Trigger warning: this article contains a strong Christian message. I am often asked, “Why have you chosen to write so openly on the topic of ritual abuse and mind control?” (Translation: Are you nuts? A secret worker for the cult giving out disinformation? Do you have a… read more »

The search for a good therapist (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – Searching for a good therapist “You aren’t DID,” the therapist announced. I felt immense relief. This was a specialist in working with PTSD and DID, and the referral for a large Christian counseling group in Southern California. “You couldn’t be,” she continued, “because I lose time when I… read more »

Survivors Speak Out: on Dissociation: Part One (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – Survivors speak out on: Dissociation One of the most lingering effects of ritual abuse in a survivor’s life is the reality of dissociation. Dissociation can take many forms, and describes a complex continuum of methods to cope psychologically with intense pain. Ritual abuse is some of the most… read more »

Survivors Speak Out on Remembering: part two (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – Survivors Speak Out, part two: Survivors of ritual abuse come from all over the world. This is not a phenomenon limited to the United States or Europe. John, a survivor outside the U.S., shares his process of remembering:I did not always remember. As with many sexual assault survivors… read more »

Survivors Speak Out on Remembering: part one (Svali Blog Post)

  This information is mirrored from – Survivors speak out: On Remembering Part one: Important: part of this article contains discussion of survivor memories. If you are a survivor of ritual abuse, please be aware that reading about it may be triggering, and do not read if you become uncomfortable**A significant aspect of the… read more »

Spiritual Warfare: A Healing Journey (Svali Blog Post)

  This article is mirrored from – Trigger Warning:This article discusses Christianity, prayer, and spiritual warfare, deliverance, and the demonic in detail. It is not meant to replace therapy with a qualified counselor, and is only the opinion of a survivor, based on her personal experiences. “I command you to leave this woman’s body… read more »

Should I Confront My Abuser(s)? (Svali Blog Post)

  This information was mirrored from – Trigger warning: discusses cult abuse, suicidal programming, and acting out on it in article “Mom, I remember. I remember what happened. I remember my cult name, A—-, I remember yours, Sh——. I remember Dr. Brogan and what happened with him.””You’re making this all up, sweetie. Nothing happened.””Then… read more »

Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Evidence Surfaces (Svali Blog Post)

  This information is mirrored from – Sep 19, 2001 – © Daniel Ryder YOU DON’T HAVE TO PLAY ME BACKWARDS…SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE: THE EVIDENCE SURFACESDaniel Ryder, CCDC, LSW The following lyrics are from a song about Satanic ritual abuse off Joan Baez’s latest album, Play Me Backwards. Incidentally, it’s the lead song. “You… read more »