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Book Part 8


Under Vulcan is Prometheus, the main white system (presentations) controller punisher. His punishments include fire, burning, and intense pain, depending upon the traumas the person has undergone. During the early years, the Jesuits will incorporate primary punishment traumas that include:

·    Flagellation with a whip that has attached sharp rocks and razors

·    Burning at a stake

·    Having feet and legs chewed on by rats

·    Being stung by a swarm of angry bees (the child is given anti-venom before and after to prevent death)

·    Infants being dropped, and startled into a mechanical panic reaction

·    Being attacked by birds and wolves

·    Demonic attacks

·    Rapes with steel instruments

·    Shocks throughout the body

·    Death and near-death experiences

·    Paralysis and being tortured while unable to move

·    Drowning and smothering

There are others; these are just a few representative traumas. The death experiences can be accessed and used to make the individual believe that they are dying as a result of disobedience; the heart may even stop beating for intervals that range from skipped beats to no beat for up to a minute. Breathing may also stop when the individual attempts to break core level punishment programming, since the ultimate punishment is physical death, and this is deliberately installed by the Jesuit Fathers as a “fail safe” if all other protocols fail.


Saturn will be the primary reprogramming system, and is responsible for reprogramming the systems nightly with the traumas described above. Horrific reprogramming traumas will be instilled, first physically and later using virtual reality. Small core-level infants will be dropped, pounded, shocked, raped, burned, cut, eaten on by rats, blinded by needles, suffocated and otherwise traumatized during the reprogramming.

Jesuit systems reprogram constantly, with the reprogramming sequences changing every two hours throughout the day. This ensures that all systems are reprogrammed daily.

E. Jesuit Master Controllers

The primary master controllers for a Jesuit system will reflect the primary spiritual relationships in the child’s life.

Althea (the Tree of Life)

These will include the “unholy trinity” of the Father (Satan), the Son (the antichrist and the beast) and the Spirit (Althea, the tree of life).  The Fathers worship all three. In fact, the Arbor de Vitae monastery just north of Rome (the primary Jesuit monastery) is believed to be the dwelling place of Althea, the tree of life. This wicked creature lives in the basement of the monastery, and the young children (and adults) will often hear her moaning at night to be fed. And they do feed her, at regular intervals, with sacrifices of every human variety.

The Jesuit children are taught from infancy to participate in these rituals; as infants, the Fathers place their hands over a baby’s, and teach them to make the sacrifice. As the child gets older, they must take a more active role, or suffer severe punishment by Althea (which appears at times like a huge willow whose branches “whip” the child terribly).

No Jesuit child ever wants to be called down for a spiritual whipping of this manner, and so they quickly learn how to feed the tree very efficiently. After a ritual, the tree will be quiet for days or weeks, but will always begin moaning again to be fed. The child grows up knowing that in order for there to be peace, they must give this entity what it asks for. The child will have been dedicated to Althea, will have a representation of her in their system, and must dismantle it, kick out the spiritual entity, and heal the human part.

Helping the Survivor

When the tree of life is pulled out, the three roots (white, black and silver gray) must also be rooted out, since these represent early infant demonic traumas used in installing the roots of the tree of life and the q’ballah internally. This takes extensive prayer, seeking the Lord, and asking the Holy Spirit to help the survivor overcome the fear of uprooting these demonic strongholds.

The tree of life will often have grown to a large tree with 1,000 points of life, each representing a life taken (including those of infants), and the demonic that entered as a result, during the installation of the tree. These lives must be grieved for; the murders repented of, and forgiveness received, to break the hold of the tree of life on the survivvor’s mind.

Some survivors will also have a mirror images of the tree of life, or a “tree of death” internally, that again is based upon the ritual murder of young infants, with the roots attached to the heart of the survivor (they are wrapped around the heart, and the survivor may believe that they will die if the tree is taken out).

The survivor will need to realize that the Lord is able to undo even this type of programming; can overcome the fear of uprooting the demonic. It can help the survivor if they are reminded that the fear they feel is the fear that the demonic feels at losing its “home” inside, and that they will actually feel more peace once the tree is rooted out. They can pray and ask the Lord to uproot it for them; this may be seen visually inside as Jesus reaching in and pulling it out, or as an increased peace as the rituals are repented of, and the person exercises authority.

The relief may be dramatic, or occur over several weeks. But the survivor will have more internal peace and healing once they choose to get rid of this voracious entity, and allow the Holy Spirit to fill them instead.

The Beast

The Beast has a room and a lair in the Vatican dedicated to him. This room supposedly dates from early Roman times, when sacrifices were conducted in the original cave located there that the Vatican was built over. This angry and vindictive spirit makes its presence known, and is eagerly sought out by the Fathers, since they believe he gives great power over enemies. The young child will be placed during the second year of life in a dark, cave-like lair underneath the altar in the Beast’s room. They will spend 24 hours in this lair, where the Beast visits with the child, makes suggestions, and eventually has the child give in to its requests (to kill another child put in with them).

This is extremely traumatizing to the young child, who feels intense guilt. The child will have internalized the Beast (see the above discussion on programming methods used). This internal Beast only knows and understands killing and destroying, and spiritual warfare and deliverance must be done to free the human part trapped by the spiritual part. The Beast also gives energy to the punishment systems described previously, and will demand absolute obedience to it and the Pantheon, until the individual learns their authority in Yeshua, and is able to break free.


Many times, it can take years of dedicated work to go beneath the tree and beast layers, and reach the true system master controller: Satan.  From pre-birth and birth dedication, this is the being the Jesuits truly serve, in both his incarnations: as satan (cruel, vicious, demanding, destructive and lying) and Theo (kind, benevolent, manipulative, charming). The child will have been bonded to both, as described previously.

Satan’s Throne

During the toddler years, at times the child will be physically placed on satan’s throne. When supplicants crawl up the hall on ground glass, or nails, or hot rocks, satan will be sitting on the throne next to the child. He will ask the child what kind of judgment should be made; or what price should be paid for a request, and the child will answer. If satan is pleased with the answer, he and the child will simultaneously make the pronouncement. If the child is too kind-hearted, they will be punished severely until they learn the types of judgment that are acceptable.

This internalizes the satan identity for the core master controller, since the adults treat the child on satan’s throne as if he/she were satan himself, in every way. The child is actually temporarily possessed, in that part, by satan during the ceremonies and judgments. The evil behavior convinces the survivor that he/she is evil and anchors the belief in the part that they are actually satan.

Helping the survivor

In later years, the adult will have to overcome very difficult memories of the lives taken or asked for when in that role, and the cruel decisions made. They will need to repent of these deeds, and ask the Lord for forgiveness (which He offers freely). It can help to remind the survivor that the Lord knew all about their past, even when they didn’t; that He is not surprised or repulsed by them or their past. When they came to Jesus, He knew all about each act they committed, and forgave them.

They will also need emotional support to process the pain of these memories, and to be treated as loveable, in spite of the horrific acts that they committed. This is a challenge, since many Christians want to “turn away” from those with a past such as this. But the survivor is looking to their therapist or support person to demonstrate the love of Christ to systems that may have no idea of what true Christianity is.

Once they “get it” and realize they are forgiven, these parts will quickly give up their old jobs and choose freedom, if they believe they have the physical safety to support healing.

Demonic Chess

The Jesuit Fathers are accomplished “chess masters.” The term comes from the original, demonic origin of chess, which was first used by the ancient Babylonians, then the Egyptians, then passed down through the centuries. The original form of chess is considered an important part of mage training.

During the game, the young child is taught to first control the easier, white pieces, which are made of stone. During the game, the pieces come demonically alive, and they will try to turn on and attack the child. At first, the toddler needs the help of their spiritual mentor (the Father) to control the pieces and to prevent being bitten and wounded terribly. As the child gets older, and stronger in the occult, they are eventually able to demonically control and move the pieces on the board. They also learn to move and control the much more difficult black pieces in the same manner.

The winner of the game is allowed to ask the board for the answer to a question. If white wins, the answer will be written in black on the king’s square; if black wins, the answer is written in shining silver on the black king’s square. The monarchs of Europe often played this form of chess in order to get answers as to which battle strategy would be best to use, or to get “inside” information on their enemies. A true “chess master” is actually an ascended master who is able to win frequently at this form of chess.

The occultic form of chess is one reason why there is a chessboard in the Alice in Wonderland books; the game is actually based on a demonic game being played.

Torture Training

The Jesuits are considered the “best” (or, worst would be a better adjective) torturers in the world.  They were the ones who conducted the Inquisition (Torquemada was an infamous “interrogator”) and they refined the art of torture throughout the centuries.  All Jesuits undergo training from infancy on in how to torture and interrogate others.

The lower levels of all Jesuit monasteries, and the Vatican, contain rooms that are literal dungeons, with torture instruments that range from medieval (such as racks, water wheels – a favorite of the Fathers), pincers, and iron maidens, as well as every variety of whip (including those with small stones and razors attached), to more modern equipment.

The Jesuits are infamous for their ability to keep individuals they wish to make examples of alive for weeks while undergoing torture such as having the skin peeled off and reattached; having digits removed, blinding the victim with hot pokers, needles or other instruments; doing “dental work” without anesthesia; electroshock, paralysis and suffocation, burning digits and working inwards, and other methods. They have very sophisticated medical equipment on hand, and will insert I.V.s and use other methods to prevent dehydration; and will give a variety of medications to either enhance and prolong pain, or to resuscitate the victim.

The toddler is forced to learn to do all of these things, and others. If they hesitate or refuse, the toddler is tortured in the same way they were asked to torture another, until under great pain, they finally agree. The victims they learn on are often homeless adults at first, or traitors; the child is taught that these tortures are what happen to those who betray the Order, or try to leave it.

A favorite form of torture at the monasteries is actual crucifixions; the “traitors” are nailed to crosses, and slowly suffocate and dehydrate over a period of three to four days. The Jesuit classes are marched by at intervals to watch the result; the individuals always lose their bodily control during the first day, and their minds by the second. It is a terrible sight to see the incoherent screams and begging for mercy by the last day or two, and it makes an unforgettable impression on the young Jesuits in training. They rapidly decide that being a “traitor” is something that they never want to experience.

The toddler is at first awkward with knives, but during early childhood, with instruction by the Jesuit Fathers, they become quite skilled at using a knife for torture and/or slaughter. Important rituals are “practiced” ahead of time to ensure that the children are all able to fulfill their roles without hesitation and perform perfectly. The slightest error is not tolerated in these settings.

F. Anti-Christian Programming

The Jesuit Fathers create innumerable setups to ensure that the young child will learn to hate and fear the real Jesus of Christianity.  These setups can include the following:

·    The child runs away when very young, because the gates to the monastery are “miraculously” left open. Eager to escape their torture and abuse, they run down the road. There is a house to the right, and in front is a kindly, smiling figure in a white robe who introduces himself as “Jesus.” He invites the child in for a meal and “safety” from the “bad Fathers.” The child accepts the invitation and once inside the house, is locked in and terribly sexually abused and tortured for several days. The child finally “finds” an opportunity to escape and is found by a Father as they run back to the monastery, which is better than what they experienced in the “Mansion with many rooms” that the false “Jesus” lives in.

·    When a bit older, the child may be taken to a monastery near the coast of Ireland, where there are numerous caves. While there, they meet a shepherd in a white robe with a flock of sheep; the shepherd has a staff, and introduces himself to the child as Jesus. Others with him are the disciples. “Jesus” ties the child to himself with a rope, and takes the child into different caves, where sexual abuse occurs. The false Jesus and disciples also practice bestiality, torture the child, hit the child with the shepherd’s staff, all the while reciting scriptures about the “Good shepherd and His sheep,” “Let the little children come unto me” (when sexual abuse occurs), “My sheep hear my voice,” (the child is beaten), and other shepherd scriptures, from the “rod and staff comfort me,” to “entering the gate.”

·    Theta, or dark spiritual parts, are taught that “Jesus smells.” At some point, the child is taken to the shore of the ocean, where there is a boat filled with very rotten fish. A false “Jesus” who smells like the fish, and his “disciples” grab the child and take them retching out onto the water in the boat, declaring that they are “fishers of men” and will make the child one as well. In the ocean is a rotting corpse which they “fish out.” The memory of the smell will make these parts of the child feel ill for days, and they come to equate Jesus and Christians with this smell. When they come out, they cannot come near the Christian presenters without smelling this foul smell, until the memory is worked through.

·    Numerous “Witch Trials” are set up starting during the toddler years, when spiritual parts are brought before a jury of “Christians” who condemn them for witchcraft, and consign them to death by burning at the stake. A Jesuit Father “rescues” the young witch or mage from “death” and the part is left with a deep hatred for Christians.

·    Spiritual parts go before a false representation of “God” on his “throne” where they are judged and sent to “hell”. Again, this reinforces hatred for the Christian God in the darker spiritual parts. In these scenarios, “satan” will come and rescue the child from “hell.”


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