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book part 4

Trigger Warning: Please be aware that this information was meant to help therapists understand programming by a large occultic organization, and could be very triggering for survivors.

IV.     Programming Methods

In this section, I will discuss some of the methodologies that the Jesuits use to train and program the members of their order. This information not only discloses how their work is done; it is also the “master template” that the 12 secret societies that serve the Vatican also use within their organizations (with modifications).  These organizations include Illuminati, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Magnificat, Trinity, Order of the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucians and others.

This is by no means comprehensive, and instead, is simply a short overview. Also, programming methods are always being updated, and new experimental programs developed, so that any book on programming will be outdated within weeks of its writing. But the principles remain the same over time, even if some of the methods change.


Josef Mengele is considered “the father of modern programming” due to the information and methods that he developed during his infamous end-point experiments on infants, young children and adults inside the Nazi death camps. These experiments were funded in part by the Vatican, as well as other organizations, because they were highly interested in improving their methodologies.

Before Mengele, most serious programming was begun between birth to two years old (the age at which programming was initiated varied between groups), since behaviorists believed that the infant brain was too immature to hold much programming. Mengele proved with his well-kept records based upon unutterably cruel research done on infants that the most effective programming was done prenatally; that prenatal programming automatically enters into the subconscious and deeper brain, and that the most effective time to create the core personality splits is during the first five months of life after conception. He also proved that fetuses can see, understand and respond to programming cues and images at this time in life, and can be taught to organize the splits based upon these cues.

A fetus and an infant can much more easily internalize an external object than an older child, since the fetal brain has no external world to contradict what it is told; and the infant brain is at its peak ability to absorb and process information during the first days of life.

The information that Mengele obtained was combined with data from other behaviorists, including attachment theory, to create programming that is considered “unbreakable.” After the second world war, Mengele was often flown to Europe to program Jesuit infants. He worked for the Vatican, and left his personal stamp on many infants and young children programmed by them. He was also hired out at times (for an exorbitant fee) to other organizations, but his primary post-war work was continuing his research and programming Jesuit infants.

Mengele ran an infamous (within the occultic world) research center (“the institute”) where he employed the top trainers within the 12 societies, who continued his research under his (brutal) supervision on end point trauma (trauma that takes the subject to physical or psychological death) and other traumas, and the effect on the human psyche. The volumes and volumes of carefully documented research data from that time are still held within the Vatican vaults, and have been replicated and shared throughout the world. The research that he began is still ongoing, as the search for better, “unbreakable” methods of programming continues. One of the larger research centers for experimental programming is on the West Coast of the United States; the large research facility is underground, and is combined with sophisticated milab (military laboratory) research. Another is in East Berlin; and another is in Prague in Europe, and yet another one exists in Rome.

In the following sections, I have divided up the programming methodologies used by the Jesuits into age categories, since different ages are considered “prime times” for the installation of different programs. But all foundational spiritual and other programs are created during the first few months of life in fetuses unfortunate enough to be selected by the Jesuits.

A.      Infant Programming

When a Jesuit infant is born, it has already undergone significant programming within the womb. Immediately after conception and implantation of the genetically altered embryo (more on genetic research will be discussed later). Soon after conception, the occultic oracles place their hands on the womb of the expectant mother, to determine whether or not the embryo should be allowed to live. If yes, the embryo is dedicated to a demonic entity, and continues to grow.

By four months of gestation, early brain waves (delta waves) begin to appear in the fetal brain, and with it, some degree of consciousness. At this time, a primary trauma will often be intentionally engineered, to create one of the first splits (others will have been created even earlier). Often, the mother and fetus will be injected in utero with an agent that causes extreme pain, but does not cause labor. The fetus experiences extreme terror, excruciating pain, and will hear the mother screaming “Get it out!” regarding the fetus that appears to be causing her the intense pain in her womb.

This is a primary rejection trauma, and the pain and rejection combined will cause a core personality split. This split is in a deep delta (unconscious) brain state, and the programming begins in earnest immediately afterwards. Headphones are placed on the womb, and for hours, the young fetal splits are exposed to recordings regarding their identity, their wants, their beliefs, and their role in the new world order. This programming occurs during the 16th week of gestation onwards, and the information in the recordings is recorded at the deepest unconscious levels before the infant is ever born.

Secondary, tertiary and other traumas will also occur within the womb, with spiritual ceremonies that dedicate these intra-utero splits to different demonic entities. Before the infant draws his or her first breath, they will have the foundational core splits, their beliefs and identities firmly in place.

These traumas can include the use of electromagnetic waves to cause extreme pain in the fetus; fetal surgery; breaking the arm of the fetus; electroshock, flatlining the mother (to punish the fetus, who is blamed for the mother’s “death” and resultant spiritual pain/anxiety) and other traumas. The mother is carefully monitored with sophisticated, high-tech medical intervention to prevent abortion or premature labor, which is the body’s natural response to these types of traumas.

The demonic is used to keep the splits in the fetus separate, since in nature, the splits would try to rejoin automatically. The demonic creates a deep feeling of terror and re-experiencing of the primary traumas should the prenatal psyche attempt to join together.

To enable the fetus to survive such traumas and become dissocative (rather than give up and die), immediately after primary rejection traumas and other traumas, the programmers will offer love and care to the fetus in order to create a deep bond with the programmer (s). This is done by speaking kindly to the fetus and birthmother, soothing them and meeting their needs, with phrases such as “I love you” etc. being used to create attachments. These deep bonds must be addressed for healing.

Birth Trauma

Upon birth, an infant that is to be used by the Jesuits undergoes a very specific trauma. As soon as the infant is born, a Jesuit Father takes the infant and begins to smother it to death. The infant is asked spiritually, “Do you want to live?” Behind the Father is satan, and the infant is aware within their spirit that if they answer, “Yes” that satan will enter them. This being is hideous and terrifying, and it takes a very strong will to live to respond affirmatively. If the infant responds “No” they are smothered to death. If yes, they are allowed to breathe, and with their first cries in the physical world, satan attaches to the core.

The birth mother will be killed at the point of birth, and the newborn will be shown the body (which has been split open from the birth canal upwards) and is told “this is your fault” to create extreme guilt in the infant, and this is an underlying foundation for later guilt-based programming.


When infants are very young, there are caretakers that perform physical care for the infant. These “nannies” or surrogate mothers take care of several infants at a time. While caretaking, they give bottles, rock the infant, and sing songs to them. These songs always contain programming embedded within them; they are songs about various spiritual (demonic) entities and praise to them, or of the joy of the coming order, or other messages. The goal is for the infant to associate caretaking and the relief of physical distress or abandoment feelings with love and loyalty to the order and the beings described. This is a terrible manipulation of an infant’s need to attach to a caregiver, since these early songs are also embedded within the subconscious of the infant.

Helping the survivor

Because the prenatal and birth traumas are so emotionally and spiritually devastating, they will often only come up fairly late in therapy if ever, after the survivor has received help for other later splits. These primary traumas cause intense feelings of grief, rejection and despair, and are often the prime traumas underlying suicide programming. The demonic terror that causes fear of coming together may affect all parts of the systems, causing a prime fear of remembering or coming together for all parts, at an unconscious level.

It takes an experienced therapist to help an individual through these types of trauma. The survivor will be understanding that their entire life, even in the womb, was planned and programmed out, and feel intense anger at the betrayal and manipulation it involves. They may direct this anger at God, wondering where He was when this happened; and they may wonder if any part of them was ever not “owned” by the group.

This is where scriptures regarding God’s love for individuals both before and during their creation in the womb can help; as well as praying and asking the Lord to show the survivor what He thought of them at conception. This is needed truth, to counteract a lifetime of being told and believing lies such as that the survivor was always the “Jesuit’s”, since they will have no memories before the prime traumas.

Because the programming and messages are implanted at such a very deep, unconscious level, it can also help to use a digital recorder, and record very specific scriptures and truths to counteract the lies (i.e. “reprogramming” with truth). It may take a significant amount of time to bring truth to these core beliefs, and is one reason that controllers at higher levels in the system may seem so “resistant” to truth: they may have buried at the unconscious, fetal level, prime traumas and programming that counteract other truths brought in.

Some helpful scriptures can include:

Ps.139:13: “For you created my inmost being;    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

This verse directly counteracts the lie that the cult “owned” the person from the beginning, and shows who truly gave them life and their individual characteristics, in spite of prenatal programming.

Psalm 51:6. “Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb;  you taught me wisdom in that secret place.”

How does the Lord teach wisdom in the womb? Only He truly knows the answer. But He does minister even to the fetus in the womb, as is made clear in this verse. The programming messages are NOT the only things the fetus was aware of before birth.

Isaiah 44:2. “This is what the Lord says—   he who made you, who formed you in the womb,    and who will help you: Do not be afraid, Jacob, my servant, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen.”

How wonderful for the survivor to know that they were loving formed in the womb by the LORD, and that He chose them before birth, regardless of what the oracles said.

Isaiah 49:1. “Listen to me, you islands;  hear this, you distant nations:Before I was born the Lord called me;   from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name.”

Not only did the Lord call the survivor to know and serve Him from the womb, He even spoke their (real, not cult) name. He spoke the name of their future destiny, and no amount of programming can undo this.


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