Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4 – Svali Blog Post 2021

Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4

Early Splitting

The first weeks of life for an infant born to the Jesuits are very busy and extremely painful. This is when the first splits are split again, and templates for systems are created and organized. Spiritual programming is also conducted in a more methodical method.

The first organization and traumas occur with “white room” and “black room” training. The infant undergoes traumas which include: being quickly lowered while the head is supported (to make the infant feel as if they are falling and initiate the startle reflex); peeling of skin with sharp knives from the sole of the feet, the backs of the legs, the backs of the arms, and the back (infants heal very quickly, with minimal scarring, since only the very top layer of skin is peeled off); digital rape; electroshock; near-drowning in a tub of water; partial suffocation; burning with fire on digits and the soles of the feet. These are called “prime traumas” and become the foundational physical traumas for the systems being created.

Along with the physical trauma is severe spiritual trauma. Rituals are conducted, and demons are attached to the splits being created, to cause the splits to remain apart (the brain will normally try to rapidly re-attach splits during infancy unless demonic barriers are put in place). The impartation is often done through the laying on of hands of the Father or programmer on the infant’s head and/or belly.

The initial, primary programming, occurs either in a white room, where the programmers, walls, clothing and lights are all white (this would occur for the presentation or cover programming), or in an all-black room where the only light comes from a black, or ultraviolet, light, if any. This is where theta (spiritual) programming and the programming of the true deeper (back) layers occurs.

One reason that the initial theta, or spiritual, programming occurs in an all-black room is not only for mental organization, but to also decrease the amount of interaction with the physical world via sight and the senses that will occur within these parts being created. Many of these parts are created literally in darkness, and have never seen daylight throughout their lives until healing occurs.

The primary core splits, and the master controllers are always created first. These will take on the roles and names of spiritual entities, since a Jesuit system is first and primarily spiritual, designed to serve satan, the antichrist, and the beast (father, son and spirit). All three will be represented in these first splits along with other deities.

The presentations are also created, and dedicated to deities with roles of amnesia; in fact, the presentation undergoes as much or more programming than any other parts in Jesuit systems, which tends to surprise survivors. who may have believed that these systems “didn’t go through bad things.” They have, and their traumas are among the worst, which is why presenter programming is often the last to heal in many systems.

These traumas fuel the deep amnesia that is always present in Jesuit systems: there are always huge barriers placed between the presentations (“hosts”), the cover programming, the Vatican programming, and the New World Order programming.


In these sophisticated systems, buffers will be created between the front and back with one sole purpose: to hide the extent of the programming, by “buffering” the feelings between front and back, and maintaining emotional and memory distance between the two. The buffers will always be very void of feeling, and extremely traumatized, since they “hide the back” and help make the programming “undetectable” to the world, and the survivor.

Brain Wave Programming, Early Theta and Spiritual Training

The Jesuits utilize the fact that when a person’s brain waves are in theta state, they are the most open to the spiritual realm. This is why much of their spiritual training is conducted when the individual is in theta state.

Early Brain Wave Programming

The infant is taught to stay in theta state by attaching electrodes to their head that pick up brain waves and show them on a monitor. When the infant personality that is being trained is in theta state, the infant is heavily praised. If the personality “bounces” out of theta state, as is normal, the infant is heavily shocked. Eventually, the personalities created learn to stay permanently in theta state (this same training method is also used for the personalities in other brain wave states, to teach them to stay in the desired brain wave state).
To the left above is a graph of brain wave states (the major ones except epsilon are shown). Gamma is the highest brain wave state, and will occur when a person is in a highly excited or nervous state. This is where loyalty programming and sabotage scripts will later be programmed in, since the high anxiety in this state will trigger calling the police, accuse the helper of kidnapping, or other self-sabotage, if someone tries to help the survivor.

Beta state is a normal alert state, and this is where military systems and those that need a normal alert state will be created. Alpha is more relaxed, and accessing systems and presentations will be created in this state. Delta is the deepest brain state, and will hold semi-unconscious and even unconscious beliefs; delta programming will be discussed in more detail later in this book.

Theta Training

Once they can stay in theta state, the early spiritual training begins. The thetas are kept in a blackened room, and the people who interact with them appear shadowy. Actors dressed as demons will come into the room, and “chain” the infant to them. The actors demonstrate to the infant how demons act, growling, snarling and torturing them in various ways. At the same time, the infant is told that THEY are the demon. This is how demonic punishers and controllers are created in the first weeks of life.

The Jesuits understand that an infant must be shown an external reality in order to internalize it. The infant must internalize in order to establish the programming that the Jesuits desire for later control.

The theta state parts in the infants are left in darkened cribs and are given objects such as decapitated heads to play with; or demonic toys such as fetishes. The infant’s fingers are placed around the neck of a kitten, and when they squeeze, as babies will, they are highly praised. The infant has no idea of what they are doing at this stage, but the foundation for later assassination training is being put in place.

Demons come into the room, and talk and play with the infant’s theta parts. This is their first bonding, with these creatures that appear horrific.

Gradually, the infant is taught to call on the demonic for theta capabilities. The Jesuit Father will throw a ball at the infant to hit it, and encourage the baby to spiritually throw the ball back at them (they are too young to have the physical coordination to do so, but can easily do this demonically). Throwing a ball demonically is demonstrated, and the baby is hit again and again, until in anger and frustration, they are able to loft the ball back at the person hitting them. This is heavily praised, since the infant is using spiritual power to accomplish what it cannot physically, and using its hurt and rage at being abused and turning it to hurt another back. This is the early foundation for later theta capabilities.

The infants are taken to rituals, where they watch sacrifices performed, their infant seats propped amidst the fires. They are also taken to re-enactments of “hell” where demons dance and torture victims, and the first subconscious images of hell and the need to punish even the slightest disobedience are ingrained. The infants undergo extensive torture from demons, to teach them in these first weeks of life to fear “descending” and “going to hell” above any other punishment.

White Room Programming

In the white room, the other controllers are being created as well. Men and women dressed as members of the Greek Pantheon (for the white/Illuminati or Beast-Loyal systems), the Roman Pantheon (for the Black, or Vatican/Satan-Loyal systems), and the Ancient Pantheon (for the grey, or New World Order/Antichrist-Loyal systems) visit the infant, introduce themselves, explain who they are, and create a spiritual tie to these parts. They literally take cords (white, black, and grey) and tie themselves physically to the infant for hours; they also force the infant to undergo rituals dedicating these parts to the demons. The infant also watches videos, virtual reality programs, and holograms in which these ‘gods and goddesses’ of the Pantheons talk to them, and explain that they also are a god or goddess.

This basic programming all takes place in the first three months of life, and is continued for years afterwards.

Mentors are also bonded to the young theta splits. These are individuals with strong theta skills in place as well (otherwise, they would be maimed by the infant who has not learned to “focus” or control their developing skills). These mentors will “rescue” the young theta splits from death during setups time and again, to teach them to trust the mentor with their life. This is important for later theta spiritual programming, where the young child will travel demonically through the dimensions and must follow their mentor, or risk death.

The mentoring relationship creates a deep “mother-daughter” or “father-daughter” bond at the deepest spiritual levels, and is the only semblance of a “mother” relationship that a young child is allowed to have in the Jesuit order. All other mother figures in their life are purposely extremely abandoning and emotionally unavailable, to force the child to trust their spiritual mentor (often viewed as a “cult mother”) as their true “mother bond.” Healing for the survivor will include grieving the extremely distorted attachment bonds that were allowed, as well as remembering the terrible abandonment by maternal figures during infancy.

The survivor may also have to work through the grieving that occurs when they remember that as an older teen or adult, they mentored spiritual (and/or) biological children of their own. These love bonds are real, and very deep, and are held unconsciously. These bonds are often manipulated in attempts to “draw” the person back to the group, since the survivor may be completely unaware of their emotional and spiritual attachment to a person they mentored, until the parts that bonded choose to bring this knowledge to conscious awareness.


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