Testimonies of God Coming Through & The Helicopters Couldn’t Find Me (Svali Blog Post 2017)

Testimonies of God Coming Through

Survivors of ritual abuse and mind control often must struggle with some very difficult things to overcome, as indicated in the articles on this website and on other websites that share how it is done.  I have created a testimonies page for a reason: to share testimonies of healing; of how God came through for survivors – because He often does. Satan is not more powerful, and he doesn’t win, as the testimonies below will indicate. The LORD is able to heal and deliver. I invite others to email me your testimonies to add to this page over time. Below is one from me.

The Helicopters Couldn’t Find Me (svali)

Several years ago, I was working on a horse farm in East Texas, with a good friend. I loved working there, since I like riding horses, and don’t mind doing barn chores at all. After living there for almost 10 months without being found (I was paid in cash, and drove a vehicle borrowed from the farm owner that had not been identified with me). It was a quiet and good life. But one day, when I went into town, I went to a new store that had an attached art gallery – and was seen. My friend and I were seen, and the store owner, who looked very familiar to me, came to the window, and was writing down the license plate of the truck I was driving as I drove away.

Two days later, it started. Footprints in the dirt arena behind our mobile trailer – that didn’t belong to either my friend and I, or anyone else on the farm. Odd noises in the barn and the horse acting frightened at night; we would go out to investigate, and a figure clothed in black night gear would be running and jumped over the fence – too quick to catch as they ran into the thick woods nearby.

After several days of this type of activity – when my friend and I knew that we had been “found” and they were checking out where we lived – one day, a large osprey helicopter showed up in an area with no military base for hundreds of miles, in an area where no helicopter had ever flown before (it brought all the neighbors out, who later asked “What the heck was THAT, and why did if fly out HERE?”). The osprey flew directly over the trailer I lived in, and over a hill, then landed somewhere on the other side. Hmmm, military maneuvers in horse country, where none had ever been done before…

The next day, there was a silent chopper directly above the trailer I was living in; it just sat there, until my friend went inside and got his shotgun out, and aimed at the chopper. It left. But for the next two days, it kept coming back. It was annoying.

My friend and I realized we would have to leave the area. We notified our boss, who was sad to see us go (we were both good workers!) That night, in the middle of the night, we left as quickly as possible, and checked into a motel in a mid-sized city two hours away. In the middle of the night, someone checked into the room next to us. And the noises began: tones, phone rings in different sequences, high-pitched tones. I felt physically ill from not only the triggers, but the sense of dark oppression. We packed our bags, and went to check out – and the couple in the room making all the noise next to ours came out, and checked out too (they had only been in their room an hour). They looked directly at me, nodded, and slowly smiled (I hate that type of smile).

As we got on the road, to our dismay, we realized that there were two helicopters directly above us, following us (my friend was ex-military mind control); they kept pace with our vehicle. I was upset, and recall that the conversation with my friend went something like this:

Me: “Shit, there are two helicopters following us! We’re screwed!” (even though I am a Christian, when upset, my language deteriorates at times).

Friend: I see them! We need to pray!

Me: What, do you think God can stop helicopters from tracking us? They have GIS equipment and can see us from up there. There’s no way we’re going to get away!

Friend (who had a lot more faith than I did at the time): Well, we need a miracle then, don’t we? Quit whining and start praying!

I did; we both did, asking God for a miracle. Suddenly, my friend had an idea. The day had gotten rainy, with a lot of cloud cover; but we also both knew that the helicopters could use heat tracking to track us anyway, even if visibility was low. Suddenly, he swerved next to a hydroelectric plant, and parked the truck under cover.

Friend: I think God gave me the idea – the electro-magnetic current could block their “seeing” us on their trackers.

Me: (frantically praying): Oh God, Oh God, please let this work!

We waited two hours, and there was no sound of helicopters. My friend then sped the truck to a larger hydroelectric plant he knew of (he had lived in the area several years before), and parked the truck in the woods nearby, and we threw a camo cover over it.

I laid down and tried to sleep, as the sound of helicopters criss-crossing in a seek-and-find pattern was heard intermittently. I was feeling panic, but kept praying, and napped briefly.

At nightfall, we took the truck and drove to another state, with our headlights off (they didn’t work anyway). We took back roads, and finally camped in woods. We stayed there for two weeks, with no sign of helicopters. Finally, we went back into Texas, and found jobs – but that’s another story.

I believe that God truly protected my friend and I that day. In spite of my lack of faith, He chose to answer our prayers (this did build my faith – a lot!) Seven years later I heard from a friend who left the group I was in about this incident from the other side. She shared how this was being used as a training operation for younger members; that they were absolutely confident that there was no way my friend and I could get away, and they were all stunned at how we literally “disappeared” that day. I can’t explain this logically; I know that God intervened.


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