Technological Torture (Svali Blog Post 2017)

Technological Torture

In international occultic groups and many governmental organizations, the trend has increasingly been to use technological torture (tech torture) on individuals being programmed.

What is tech torture? In general, this refers to a combination of technologies and techniques that are used to simulate, entrain and install punishment within individuals.

Virtual Reality

 The state of virtual reality (VR) used by modern cult groups is at least 50 to 75 years ahead of the latest state-of-the-art equipment publicly available. While VR and holograms were initially used in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s (by groups with the funds to purchase them), the technology has improved radically since 1995. In the past decade, the technology can create extremely realistic alternate realities that are almost indistinguishable from true reality.

Using VR, programmers can:

  • Take photos and videos of therapists and their offices using microtechnology cameras, and create a VR “session” to program a survivor against the therapist.
  • Install programming sequences of any type, from “ascension to celestial heaven” for an infant, to “demons from hell tearing a child apart” and others. When final installation of a program is checked for loyalty and obedience programming, for instance, the child may be told to “shoot and kill” a family member in highly realistic VR.
  • Create horrendous punishment and pain sequences, using brain prints and scans downloaded from actual victims, in which the individual being programmed experiences extremely realistic renditions of things such as:
    • Legs and arms being torn off, with realistic pain
    • Hot rods inserted into orifices
    • Being burned alive
    • All bones in the body being broken, and then radiated (which causes swelling and intense pain)
    • Being skinned alive
    • Bees swarming over the person, and stinging them

These and other tortures (the list goes on, based on the demonic creativity of the programmers) are so realistic and terrible, that those undergoing it must be monitored for “VR shock” which can actually cause the person to go into shock and die if untreated. VR can be one reason for memories that seem “impossible” based upon the individual’s being alive and unscarred, since VR leaves emotional and spiritual scars, but no physical ones. Demonic healing is another reason that no scars after torture remain.

Machine Programming: Tesla waves and Microbursts

For years, the cults have been aware of Tesla waves and its applications to create changes within tissue that rival microwave and laser, but with greater energy. This energy wave was harnessed, first for use over larger areas, and then in the 1970’s, research was done upon harnessing the waves at the micro level. Eventually in the mid-1990’s, a machine was developed that was able to use Tesla waves and microbursts of energy to change brain waves and develop internal resonance within the brain.

This technology was further developed, and eventually was used to create deep stimulation of the neural pain centers during programming. This type of tech torture creates agonizing pain throughout the neural chain, and is used as the base for modern pain and punishment systems that guard high-security information inside. Various waveforms are created to create pain and terror through direct stimulation of the pain areas; the terror areas, or the despair areas within the brain.

Entrainment is used in combination with this type of torture. In a typical session, the individual is placed in a machine (called the “God machine” by some groups), which appears as clear plastic. Inside, the individual is surrounded by a holographic screen that appears when the programming session is active. Their brain scans are continuously displayed for the programmers to view, in order to see when the programming “takes” (there are specific changes in the brain scans that occur when this happens).

The entrainment will begin over several hours at a time, with various tones that reflect brain states played in a sequence. In one example, the tones for gamma, beta, alpha, epsilon, theta and delta, then deep delta and death state are played in sequence, and the individual being programmed is slowly entrained to “follow” the tones, and go from one brain state to another in sequence. Very gradually, the tones become more rapid, until the brain is entrained and taught to perform a very rapid drop from high gamma (or even omicron) state, to deep delta or even death state. This rapid drop in brain state creates a sense of “falling” or “dropping” in the parts (often infants or fetuses) being programmed, and is extremely painful, creating terror in the parts that undergo it.

There are many other forms of entrainment. The entrainment takes weeks and months to be programmed in fully.

7 X7 Programming

7 X & is a specific form of punishment and pain programming that involves the entrainment within the brain of 7 lines of tech torture, at 7 levels of pain. While at the lowest level of it running, the first line runs at the lowest level, continued disobedience to cult commands and directives (such as failure to recontact; or failure to forget, or dismantling programming) can eventually cause all 7 lines to run simultaneously at the highest (7th) level of pain.

This is very difficult, painful and terrifying programming to undo, and is installed in individuals who work in high-security areas. Undoing it requires significant emotional support, pain medication if available when running, and the ability to abreact the programming lines. Eventually, if the survivor does not recontact, the programming does fail, but can take a significant amount of time to run down.

Side effects of Tech Torture can include:

  • Feeling as if the individual is “vibrating” internally at a rapid rate. This lasts for roughly 6 weeks after a programming session, then becomes less intense over time.
  • Severe, deep headaches at the back of the head, and in the center of the brain (including feeling as if the center of the brain is a “hot coal” inside). Because the deep neural centers have been directly stimulated, the headaches are atypical.
  • Hyperthermia and hypothermia: during the tech torture and entrainment, the individual’s core temperature often rises, and cooling blankets are put on them. As the programming is broken, they may re-experience these body memories. They become less frequent and less intense with time.
  • Extreme restlessness and feeling as if the individual is “crawling out of their skin”: this is associated with the tesla waves vibrating internally
  • Tingling and even shocking (electrically) if the head is touched: because the entrainment literally trains the brain to shock itself, this is one side effect that can occur. Supporters may feel a mild to moderate shock if they place their hand on the survivor’s head, as the electrical activity works its way out of the body.
  • Extreme soreness on the top of the head, or the back (bottom) of the head

All of the above symptoms will pass with time and healing; and it is important to reassure the survivor that these are normal side effects when breaking the programming.

Mobile tech (helmets, VR goggles)

Unfortunately, the above technology (which began being used more widely in 2003) has become mobile in recent years. While programming in a machine is done at programming centers, there are helmets and VR goggles/nets that can simulate the entrainment and reinforce tech torture programming. The VR goggles have a silver net that fits over the head, and will create a virtual “machine” that simulates machine torture as described above. Programmers will have libraries of microdiscs that they insert into the VR equipment, and will use tablet-sized computers for monitoring brain scans and other vital parameters during the programming.

For this reason, if a person is accessed in a van, or small space, they may undergo a rapid re-programming session using mobile technology. This is yet another reason to break recontact programming as quickly as possible.


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