Why the Core or Original Child may Fear Healing – Svali Blog Post 2019

Why the Core or Original Child may Fear Healing

While some literature presents the “core”, “original self” or “original child” (I’ll use the term “core” in the rest of this post as being protected from trauma, the reality is that in groups that use mind control, the core will also undergo extensive programming. This programming can include:

  • Programming to fear feeling intense emotions based upon traumas experienced, such as terror or despair, and teaching the core to “give” these emotions to primary emotional controllers, or splits, who take the burden of these feelings for the systems. These emotional holders are then placed under demonic control, with the agreement by both the core and the holders to allow satan/demons/entities control the emotions to help drive internal obedience and loyalty.
  • Programming to believe that without dissociation, the core will be unable to survive. This may be put in using various scenarios, from literally being put to death and resurrected using technology after a “coming together” VR is run, or similar ones.  If the individual begins healing, and their programs begin failing, this can trigger terror and retaliation at the core level, due to this fear.
  • Programming to bond to a “savior” from pain/trauma/terror: the core will be put into terrifying situations either prenatally, or soon after birth. The only “rescue” comes from the main trainer, or the demonic entity the group wishes the individual to be bonded to. This bond keeps the core locked into an internal “bubble” inside, since out of love for this individual, and the fear of their displeasure/anger, the core has agreed to never come out and present, unless this individual (or individuals; most individuals are bonded to at least three primary bonds) is present
  • Undergoing programming scenarios in which “healing” or “integration” cause immense pain. These are used to teach the core to fight any healing work done by the other systems. This type of conditioning will often begin prenatally. If the individual attempts to enter therapy, or to heal, they may feel immense resistance not only from programming of the presentation, but from the core as well.
  • Programming to feel only loved by the main trainer or entity the group worships, and to feel rejected/abandoned by all others. This includes having the birth mother completely reject the fetus, and then the others the fetus is to bond to speaking loving words. The core will then associate “healing” and leaving the group as losing this special love, which the core believes has helped him/her survive an extremely painful life.
  • Anti-Christian programming: this is also done to the core as well, to prevent a decision to embrace Christianity at core level. This is often modeled initially by the birth mother (who is traumatized by a false “jesus” actor); and later, the fetus is also traumatized by a “jesus” who shocks the fetus in the womb, etc.  If the individual attempts to pray, or allow the Christian God to help with healing, the core may react with terror, sabotage, or running retaliation programs to prevent this.

It is important to try to discover what types of conflicts regarding healing have been installed (they will be there; this is not left to chance). Instead of “pushing through” resistance in therapy (which will often result in kickback and intrasystem hostility), it is more helpful to ask “What do you believe will happen if this program stops running?” When the individual has reached the core level of healing, this type of dialogue, and addressing concerns and fears, will help the healing process.

The core does want to heal; but both the core and the other system parts may have been programmed with extensive trauma to fear this. Helping to address and resolve these traumas will help the entire system.


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