The Occultic Agenda – Svali Blog Post 2021

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The Occultic Agenda


Trigger Warning: the things shared in this post have the potential to be very triggering for some survivors

In recent months, the reports on the news have become quite alarming at times; it feels as if I am hearing on the news the things that I was told (and helped plan) in the cult years ago that would happen.
I want to begin by first stating I do not have a political agenda when I share the following. I believe that both Trump and Biden are equally mind controlled, and have never believed that “Trump winning” would mean that the “good guys win” (as some online seem to believe).

According to my memories of the occult agenda for 2020 and beyond, these events were planned:

  1. That a viral pandemic would be unleashed in the media, to see how people would respond to what the media (and the media subliminals) were telling them, and try to discover where pockets of resistance were. The goal was to see if people would believe what the media told them over what science and real data indicated. I am not saying that there is no coronavirus, or that there has not been any loss of life; but I believe that the reporting, testing and media coverage and the responses of various nations (such as shutdowns with severe economic and social impact) has not been commensurate with the actual situation. I personally know several people who refused to be tested for coronavirus, and received “positive results” for COVID-19 in the mail; and of individuals whose family members died of a heart attack or surgery complication whose deaths were attributed erroneously to COVID, when it was not the cause of death. This makes it difficult to believe to believe the numbers reported in the media. I am grieved to see events that years ago were planned for by the occultic groups come to pass at this time.
  2. That Trump would serve two terms in the US. This agenda has changed since I left the group I was in; I could only speculate on why.
  3. That Trump would betray the nation in 2024, and this betrayal would cause civil unrest (again, this did not occur, so apparently a “plan B” was developed and carried out).
  4. That the US dollar would become completely devalued, and a martial law/authoritarian regime would be put in place with loyalty to a one world government in return for economic stabilization.
  5. During the above, a second pandemic would be unleashed which will purportedly be fatal to younger people, including children. This would be used to overcome any initial resistance to government protocols to be instituted, such as requiring vaccination to buy and sell, or travel, and other citizen rights would be surrendered “for the common good”.
  6. That legislation based on “anti-hate” laws would be instituted that will sound good, and legally appear to be protective of previously oppressed groups, but will ultimately be misused by the occult societies to criminalize certain faith groups, including Christianity, Judaism, and any political group that does not agree with the cult agenda.
  7. That a world leader will appear on the scene around 2030, who will appear to have workable solutions for all of these issues. He will lead a one world government with the consent of almost every nation.
    Okay, so the above is what I understood would occur during the next decade. BUT this does not mean it will necessarily happen (although recent news items, such as the vaccination legislation seen in Israel in recent months, and other international events make the above appear to be much closer to occurring than ever).
  8. While the above is the occultic agenda, I believe in a God who can heal, deliver and save, and who can change world history. We need to pray, as never before, for the US and other nations; that truth will come to light, and that this wicked agenda will be thwarted. God is more powerful than the occultic societies, and this is a time to pray and believe that He can – and will – act in response.
    I am not posting this to promote fear or alarm, but as a call to prayer and intercession to the one who can truly help the nations. This will not be a “world leader” or a political agenda, but instead a God who loves people and hears our prayers, which do not go unheard.


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