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Hybrid Labs: Fact or Myth?

Note: the information in this blog post may be triggering to survivors of occultic abuse

Over the years, there have been questions raised and discussions of what have been called “nephilim”, “beautiful ones”, etc., and whether they are real or not. In the Bible, in Genesis, there is mention of “the sons of God” (believed to be angels) having relations with human women, and creating a race of nephilim. The book of Enoch in the Apocrypha also makes some reference to them.  Many believe that the myths of half human/half “god” individuals in ancient mythology describe these beings.

What I will share here is based upon my own memories while in the group of these things.  I realize that these are recovered memories, shared by parts. Some may disbelieve what I share here, while others may be surprised.

The Jesuit order has been involved in trying to create half-demonic/half-human individuals for many years (since the early 1900’s, especially). This attempt is known as the “Hybrid Project” by those in the order, with the express intent of creating “satan’s son” and includes the following elements:

-A large underground facility (located in Czechoslovakia). This facility has numerous altars within in, where sacrifices are done continuously day and night, for the spiritual empowerment of the project.  This facility is equipped with high-tech equipment.

– numerous staff who have strong theta (psychic spiritual) gifts

-birth mothers selected for size, genetics and strength, including strength of will to live.

The latter is extremely important, because carrying a hybrid child is very difficult on the mother. Once impregnated, the birth mother will experience extreme oppression and depression, and over the months, as the fetus grows, the birth mother may literally die from the amount of spiritual oppression in which the mother feels literally consumed from within.  In other cases, the mother will abort the fetus before she herself dies, partway through the pregnancy (this happened to me at age 14, when I was a carrier).

In the earlier days of the project, abortions and birth mother deaths were much more common. Many of the hybrid children born only looked partially human. Over time, the technology was developed, along with enhanced genetics (later generation birth mothers were stronger). Omega teams (individuals with strong omega skills) were also developed, during which a group of spiritually strong individuals would spend time around the clock with the birth mother, and literally “take” for a period of time the oppression for her, which allowed birth mothers to carry fetuses to term, and live.

In recent years, several hybrids have been born that look quite human, and that are the product of a spirit father and human mother during specific rituals. One is an individual that the Jesuits believe is “he who has come” or satan’s son; this individual is currently 18 years old.

The main issue regarding hybrids is that they do not think or act like humans. These beings have incredibly strong spiritual abilities, and are born with a natural desire to kill. They do not have to be “trained to kill” as humans do; instead, they must be taught to NOT kill, through bonding with a human (usually the birth mother, who is normally a very high-ranking spiritual individual).  The birth mothers feed these infants with a combination of milk and blood, obtained by cutting themselves as they nurse the hybrid infant.

These children are incredibly beautiful, although some (but not all) are a bit “odd” in appearance; they may have titanium white hair and violet eyes; or be incredibly strong (they develop coordination and muscle mass much more quickly than full humans). They are able to send very strong demonic attacks (theta skills).  They are exceptionally intelligent, and often take on the characteristics of their “birth spirit” as well as the human mother.

The ultimate plan is that the hybrid children being raised now (must are under age 8) will form the future leadership council of the order.

One of the reasons that I left the order years ago was that I disagreed with this. I saw the terrible things done in these labs, and realized that these creatures do not love human beings, or care about their welfare at all. They actually hate all humans, and require significant bonding and gentling to even be able to appear normal to some degree.  I remember going to a Jesuit monastery in southern Poland years ago (early in the project days) to work with a hybrid toddler that the staff were afraid of. The toddler had gotten out very early one morning, gone into the chicken coop, and killed all the chickens by pulling their heads off. The toddler was sitting there, eating them, when I arrived. This type of horrific scene can occur with these beings.

After experiences like this, I felt that the order was wrong to fund and staff the hybrid labs, and chose to leave in protest.  This was not “improving the world” in any sense; it was senseless to attempt to breed these beings that had a natural cruelty.

I do realize that what I have written here sounds unbelievable – that by writing this, I risk being blown off as a “nut”. I wish with all my heart it wasn’t true. But this is occurring, and I ask that all Christians join in prayer that this type of occultic activity would be stopped.


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