Growing Up International Part Five: Ages Ten to Twelve (Trigger Warning: Graphic Descriptions of Trauma and Programming Setups) – Svali Blog Post 2019

Growing Up International Part Five: Ages Ten to Twelve

I am writing these autobiographical articles to help others understand how some international occultic societies program their members. The information in the articles is specific to the group I was raised in, but many of the methods described are used by other groups.

Trigger Warning: this article contains graphic descriptions of trauma and programming setups

By age ten, most children raised at the facility are quite accomplished in various areas, including training (they are at an age where they now develop their own training plans for others, and can work independently in most areas); and are able to do fairly advanced military exercises.

These years are basically used to build upon the previous skills learned, and to provide increasing opportunities to work independently in preparation for entering adult roles, which occurs at age 12 or 13, when they become full fathers in the order.

The scenarios and challenges given are increasingly complex, and the child will begin multi-tasking. Computer and hacking skills are now at an advanced level as well. While formal schoolwork is done, it is increasingly supplemented by more advanced practical skills in areas, such as:

  • Performing surgery, including fetal transplants (assisting at first, then developing the ability to do so over time)
  • Prenatal programming interventions
  • Monitoring and evaluating baselines and outcomes for infants and children being programmed in the labs, and developing individualized training plans for review by the adult trainers, as well as problem-solving
  • Increasing complex field missions, ranging from infiltration, to gathering intelligence
  • Overseeing other children, and modeling skills and tasks
  • Acting in increasingly complex roles in the programming labs (e.g., dressing in a specific role such as Lillith or Bel, and then combining this acting role with ongoing evaluation of how the child being programmed is responding to their script
  • Helping to develop new technology or designer drugs with adult mentors drawing from fields that include chemistry, organic chemistry, neurobiology and others
  • Dimensional travel (to the 12th and 13th dimensions) and advanced mage skills

The above are just a few examples of the skills that the children develop during the preteen years.  They also increase on baseline athletic skills, with daily martial arts, sparring, and use of weapons, as well as the ongoing military exercises.

By the age of twelve, the child is considered ready (or almost ready, there is some variance between children) to step into their adult role. The long-anticipated “coming of age” ceremony, and the receiving of a full father’s black robes to replace the brown acolyte’s robe will occur.

All of the children at the facility, as well as selected leadership  from the other 12 international occultic groups, come to the initiation into full fatherhood ceremony (note: females as well as males are are given male names in the order, and are addressed as “father” after completing this rite). This is the ceremony in which the child Anthony becomes “Father Anthony”.

The initiation ceremony begins early in the morning (at dawn), at a private location where an arena is located. The circular arena is surrounded by seats, where the various leadership in the groups sit. Each section will have the group banner displayed overhead, and there are canopies to help protect from the hot sun.  The young father-to-be has been carefully instructed over the last year on what is expected, and how to perform their role. In the center of the arena are 1000 golden poles, with individuals of varying ages, from infancy to young adulthood tied.  The group of fathers-to-be will spend the day killing them all with special golden knives, in a mass sacrifice that initiates them into the order.

Because it is hot, and the work becomes difficult, they are allowed to drink from golden bowls that contain wine during the day. At first, the infants and young children set up a wail and a cry that is chilling, but gradually ,as the day goes on, silence slowly overtakes both children and young adults. As a sacrifice is completed, a portion of blood is collected in a special bowl, and taken to an altar at the center of the field (dedicated to Satan, called “Theo” or ‘god’ by the members of the order).

By the end of the day, the young initiates are exhausted, and weary in both body and soul; the wine does not numb the pain and awful, soul-deadening effect quite enough. Some of the initiates stagger, or even fall, from this weight; but they are expected to rise and continue without assistance, or they will be unable to receive their ordination. Most do, but occasionally one will fail to be able to. The other initiates are under orders to kill the one who fails and does not rise within 15 minutes to continue.

Finally, as the sun begins to fall in the west, the ordeal is over. The killings and sacrificial offerings are completed, and the young initiates present themselves to the council. They are then blessed, take the oath of obedience and loyalty, and are given their father’s robes. They have spent the day conducting sacrifices to show their complete obedience and loyalty to satan, and to bringing in his plan for the world. The members of the council greet the new fathers with a kiss and embrace, and then they are honored at a special banquet attended by the top leaders of the other societies, as well as the leadership in the Order.

After the feast, the new fathers are allowed to rest. Due to the oppressive effect of conducting mass ritual slayings, the fathers are allowed several needed days to rest and recover; days spent with those they love best. Each one is praised and given special time with their main mentors and parental figures in the order as a reward for completing this difficult ceremony.

Soon, they will begin their new life as a fully adult member of the order, working in their adult role. Childhood is now considered over, and their real work will begin: to pave the way for the coming occultic messiah, and to help implement a world that will be ruled by him.


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