A Day in the Life of a Trainer 2 (Svali Blog Post 2017)

Several years ago, I wrote an article about a day in the life of a trainer in my American presentation. This article is about the day of a life in the cult host, where most of my life was spent, as a trainer overseeing facilities. I was in my cult host when doing these activities.


3:30 am: My beeper, one of four that I have (for various facilities, plus a country that I am military commander over) goes off. I am sleepy, having gone to bed just three hours before. But the work at a programming facility never ends, and the group I work for is not kind to its trainers – even the head trainer over the facility. I get up, take a quick shower, and put on my clothes and lab coat, grab a cup of coffee and start the day.


4:00 am: All of my trainers are gathered together to give a quick update on what is going on in the facility. These are bright, outstanding trainers, and their reports are quick and to the point. Any unusual changes in the children and infants are noted, and the goals for the day are quickly discussed. My beeper for another facility goes off, and I answer it. It is a crisis there; a child being trained attacked and nearly killed its trainer, and has been put in isolation; the trainers are asking what they should do. I tell them to wait until I get there later in the day, and in the meantime ask them to send the video records of the event for me to review right away.


4:30 am: the day starts with a ritual, with all the trainers participating together. The trainers range in age from mid-40’s, to young training mentees of age four. Most children are taught how to program others starting at age three, and by four, will follow their programmers around, learning how to program others from them.


4:50 am: Facility rounds start with checking on the infants, to review their progress, their responses, and to address any difficulties (such as failure to thrive, unusual responses) that have come up. These genetically enhanced infants are extremely bright, and greet their trainers with coos of delight. This response has been repeatedly reinforced; any infant that turns away in anger from its trainers is brutally punished, and isolated/abandoned to extinguish this behavior. The infants are rewarded for dissociation and their ability to smile, bond with, and attach to the people who torture them. Today is the day that this group of infants, who are all roughly the same age, will undergo training to enjoy sadomasochistic sex. The infants are roughly abused sexually, while at the same time tech stimulation of the pleasure centers of the brain is being done. The infants have already learned to open their legs for sexual activity on hand and voice command, and this is another step in their training. One infant refuses to open its legs on command, and is hung painfully upside down and whipped with a baby whip for this infraction.


5:45 am: By this time, I have reviewed the video of the issue at the other facility, seen where the trainer made an error working with the super theta (a child who has never been allowed outside the facility, has undergone horrific abuse and bonding, and has learned to channel its rage spiritually). The trainer pushed the child too hard, did not look for its cues of stress, and the child reacted predictably. I resolve to put the child with another trainer, and to discuss what went wrong with the trainers at the facility. I sigh. I wonder what caused the trainer to push so hard, and how I will deal with him at the meeting I will have privately later with him and his mentor at the facility. He is 17 years old, has been programming children for 14 years now, and should know better.


6:15 am: I have grabbed another cup of coffee and a brioche for breakfast, brought to me by one of my students. I have 24 students that I work with intensely, who are all top trainer potentials themselves. They vie with each other to see who can bring me coffee, or lab reports, or meals in order to spend extra time with me, since I am their primary trainer and the person they love most on earth. I make them take turns, since I don’t like to play favorites. I feel a small trickle of dread in my stomach, and push it away. It is time to go check on the birth mothers in another level of the facility.


6:30 am: Rounds at the birth mother area are done, with all students and trainers involved in this area present. There are currently 15 birth mothers in private rooms. It is month seven of the prenatal training, and all of the birth mothers look inhuman, with heads and pubic areas shaved; their teeth all missing (pulled out during torture sessions); and missing arms and legs due to the slow removal of digits, then hands and feet, then lower limbs, and finally the cutting off of the entire limb. Because of the healing technology, the stumps have healed well, but the birth mothers have almost completely lost their humanity. They have just finished eating breakfast, a nutritious mush in a bowl, which they eat out of like dogs on the floor since they have no hands to eat with. The birth mothers alternately howl and whimper as we come and assess the fetuses; they have learned to associate the presence of lab coats and trainers with inhuman torture. The fetuses are growing well, and respond positively on the brain scans to hearing the voices of their primary trainers, who they are completely bonded to since the emotional “leaving” of their birth mothers after months of torture which was blamed on the fetus. The fetuses will undergo their celestial city programming today, with visits from actors who represent the main controllers within the city, and a visit from the occultic “messiah” who promises to give them peace, safety and joy as they obey him. Later, “hell” programming with birth mother torture in a simulated hell will be reinforced.


7 am: By now, I have had 12 calls from five facilities to solve problems and answer questions from head trainers at each, and will need to get ready for a meeting with several of the facility sub-directors to discuss a new programming sequence recently developed for two-year olds that will be implemented. The new sequence improves on the older version of the installation of elements as barriers: the new River Styx and water barrier sequences in the VRs will replace older ones, since they contain certain things the previous programs left out.


8:30 am I leave this facility, to go to one in another country. I will be meeting with the head trainers at the facility with the student who attacked a trainer, and deciding how to proceed.

12 noon: the previous issues are resolved, and I have reinforced the need to look for subtle signs and cues of stress in children who do not exhibit normal reactions due to their highly abnormal life to the trainers at Facility B (the supertheta training center). I also discuss the need for extra bonding time to prevent attacks like this. The trainers agree that the incident could have been prevented, and a new protocol is created and put into place for prevention. I am now on another flight to another facility where genetics research is being conducted. I eat a quick meal brought to me by one of the five advanced students (ranging in age from eight to 15) who accompany me. These are my top students, who I am mentoring, and they will one day become some of the top trainers in the world. I catch a quick nap, between emails and making several phone calls to resolve issues at the other four facilities that I oversee.


2 pm: My students and I make rounds with the head scientists and researchers at the genetics lab. On the way to rounds, I quiz these mentees on the main genetic markers we will be looking for in this new group of zygotes, and ask questions regarding how they would conduct the research if they were in charge. I am developing future leaders, and am truly interested in their responses, since they are often more intelligent than the current head scientists. They give the correct responses, and we review what will become G19 (Generation 19) genetic enhancements. The scientists have learned how to add exceptional coordination to enhanced muscle mass that is not obvious, since the muscles have a specific shape that appears normal, but is much stronger than ordinary. Enhanced healing abilities have also been added.


4 pm: I have reviewed lab reports and had Skype conferences with the facility sub-directors and trainers for all the facilities that I oversee. I am now flying to the cult facility school, where the children aged six to 12 go to daily classes. I am also the head over this school, and will be meeting with the teachers to review student progress. As I walk down the hall, I am greeted by numerous people, and eager children wave at me or smile as I walk by. The children are on an accelerated schedule, which includes physics at age 7, calculus, and the equivalent of a full medical degree by age 10, among other classes. Some of the classes include language skills (in all the major world languages), and mage classes in the afternoon. I go to my office at the school, and am greeted by a head teacher who brings a “difficult” student who played pranks on the instructor for me to deal with. These children have extremely high IQs (far above 200, on average), and their greatest delight in life seems to be trying to outwit their trainers and instructors. Because creativity and problem-solving are encouraged, some of this is allowed; but I must discipline children who cross the line. This student hacked into the main computer of the school, getting past all the firewalls and security measures in place, and replaced a training video with a video in which all of the trainers involved were naked. I keep my smile to myself at the effort, intelligence and computer skills this prank took, and with a stern look on my face, order the student to go naked for the afternoon in front of their peers; a true humiliation. It is not okay for students to show insubordination to teachers.


6 pm: I have dinner in my private office with a friend for a few quiet moments alone – a rarity. I then go to evening vespers in the chapel, where the children sing beautiful praises to satan with voices that sound like the Vienna Boys Choir.


8 pm: After several classes on conducting rituals, and the routine evening sacrifices, I meet with the head of the cult intelligence unit and the second in command in the Assassin Corp. The two are having an argument, and ask me to mediate. The second in the Assassin Corp feels that the intelligence that they received from one of the Asian countries was unreliable based on the reports from one of the Corp members in that country. The head of intelligence argues back that his agents are completely reliable and fast, and have gathered sufficient intelligence for the Corp mission there. After hearing both sides, I and several others decide that the intelligence unit needs to spend more time gathering intel, because we do not want to compromise an agent in the field due to inadequate information. This is also based upon past experience with the Assassin corp second, who is very bright, perceptive and has good intuition regarding such matters. My top student, who will be training intelligence and assassin personnel like these in a couple of years, is present for the meeting in order to learn, but is not allowed to add her input. I do ask for it afterwards, and she gives remarkably perceptive answers.


9:30 pm: I must go to a ceremonial dinner at a major meeting between our group and several others. I will also be gathering intelligence for our group, so I am dressed in a designer gown, full makeup and put on my most charming aspect. Even as a facility director, I often must go on missions myself, especially those that are politically sensitive or that require specialized skills. The group I am in only allows the best to teach others, and so I must use these skills now.


1 am: I finally go to bed, for a couple of hours, knowing that my day will start in a few hours. After 20 minutes, my beeper goes off; I am being paged to handle another crisis in another part of the world.


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