A Call for Articles (Svali Blog Post)

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Hi, This isn’t really an article, but instead a request. I am asking for articles from those who are survivors, support people for survivors, and therapists. I would like articles that are practical, and could address the following topics:

Healing from Ritual Abuse

Healing from Mind Control

Things That Help Maintain Safety

What Has Helped in Recovery

What Has NOT Helped in Your Recovery (or your client’s)

Programming and How to Break It

Resources for Survivors

Why am I asking for YOUR help in this? Because I believe that there is a wealth of information out there, from both survivors, support people and therapists, that could help others. Ritual abuse and mind control can be difficult areas to heal in, since both involve the most severe abuse that a human being can undergo. If those involved with survivors, and survivors themselves, will share what has helped them, then this knowledge can be shared to help others.Also, since my background is Illuminati, that is the perspective in many of my articles, but there are many other occult groups and non-occult groups that use different techniques, and information about them would also be appreciated. Those that would like a byline will receive full credit for their article. Those that wish to remain anonymous can write under a pen name, or as anonymous, and can even email the article from a safe friend’s computer.I have published both types of articles in the past.

If you are a therapist, a survivor, or a support person, please consider sharing from your wealth of personal knowledge and insight on this topic.

Thank you, svali