Your Tax Dollars at Work (Svali Blog Post)


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I am writing an article that is somewhat angry, but I can’t help myself. I am angry that my tax dollars are being used, and yours as well, to fund certain projects. I am risking my articles here at this site being pulled for writing this, but I can’t stay silent.

The projects are under the umbrella of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia. These projects are investigations in the techniques of different forms of mind control and how easily “subjects” can be coerced, drugged, hypnotized, traumatized, or otherwise brought under “control” and turned into willing workers who believe fully that they are doing a “good thing” for either their “country” or their “family”.

I should know. I was a victim of these brutal experiments, and later in life I was an experimenter on others.

There is a ton of documentation and evidence both through governmental records and online that this stuff really happens. That MK-ULTRA, BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MONARCH and other projects funded by our tax dollars were and are being covertly used to abuse and torture innocent children and later adults through these programs. The fact that there IS documentation available in the face of the notorious amount of governmental paper shredding that goes in shows the sheer volume of the documentation and notes that were kept and that could not be completely erased from the public record.

With project PAPERCLIP, it is known that nazi doctors (you know, the ones who did those experiments on people in Germany during WWII) were imported into the United States. While ostensibly they were there to help the US increase its technology, many of them also shared their knowledge of human neurophysiology, and were recruited into overseeing ongoing experiments.

Enough third person. I will share my own personal memories of this.At night, by age 8, Dr. Timothy Brogan of George Washington University, my main trainer, and my mother would take me to Langley, Virginia. I remember there were dark trees in the fields behind the long buildings at one end, and that we always went to the same building. Underneath there were classrooms, used for training. I would sit in a group with other children, and watch films on :How to kill someone (we were forced to analyze these films, asked by the “teacher” what the “subject” or “mark” who was killed did wrong, and how the kill was set up. We would analyze and discuss everything, including wind direction, type of firearm used, scope used, etc. Target practice: there was a shooting gallery there and we would do literally hours of target practice. We learned to take a gun apart and put it together again in ten seconds or less. We were timed.Training films: projectors showed different films on every conceivable topic, including ones on “These are your leaders” with a conference table, and then the top Illuminati leaders in the US rising when the top one entered the room. Films that were sexually explicit, violent films, and films that discussed loyalty. We practiced how to “drop a tag” (someone following us) and how to follow someone without being detected. In one room was an isolation tank. It was NOT used with group exercises, but for special training sessions. Usually the room was sealed off when not in use. Language training: different people would come in and both in class and one on one teach different languages. At times, my mother would sit and chat with her friend, Sidney Gottlieb (who was very very egotistical in this setting), or with Dr. G. Steiner, a medical doctor who was working on this project with children.I don’t know who the other children were, or where they came from. Their families would come and pick them up afterwards, usually a mother or father or family friend. The exercises would be done by 4:30 am.

At Tulane Medical Center (home of “The Institute”, considered one of the top research facilities in the United States for mind control techniques and exploration of the paranormal, near death experiences and using recorded messages to repeat a message over and over were used. They believed that the near death state would engrave a message or belief into the deepest levels of the unconscious, and the “rebirth” experience (which created a new alter at a very deep level) created a very very loyal “subject”. It did. The subject was terrified and told that if they ever disobeyed, they would go back to the “near death” state, so few thought of being “disloyal” under those circumstances.

The equipment that our tax dollars bought for these organizations working under a governmental umbrella was very sophisticated: VR equipment, and use of the most sophisticated neurolinguistic techniques available. And people who were taught in how to use it all to maximum effectiveness.

By the time I was 23, I was a head trainer in San Diego. At night, I continued to experiment on others, under the supervision of Jonathan Meier and eventually Col. Aquinos, who was a regional director over our group. And sure enough, each evening after we were done, we would upload our data that was heavily encrypted to the data banks at Langley, Virginia. We had to go through six levels of security passwords at the CIA data center before we came to the area where data could be uploaded. They wanted to know the results of experiments ongoing everywhere, and there were strict protocols to report any unusual reactions, anomalies, or new medication combinations that were especially effective.

I believe that most of the American public has no idea that certain governmental organizations are using their money this way. I also believe that most who read this will disbelieve that the CIA and a respected medical center could be the site of such experimentation on the minds and psyches of both children and adults (we did it on both). But it is the truth, and I am sorry that it is, because I am angry that part of my taxes taken out when I work goes to support ongoing abuse. My only hope is that someday, this will be discovered, brought out into the open and the public will be able to scrutinize what occurred and still occurs, and it can be stopped.