MK ULTRA/Assassin Programming (Svali Blog Post)

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    • Trigger warning: discusses cult abuse and programming; graphic detail**

the next few months, I plan to write some articles on how more complex forms of programming are done by the Illuminati. This is the first in a series, and I hope it is helpful information.

Because it is impossible to discuss programming without some mention of how it is done, please be aware that if you are a survivor of this type of abuse, that reading this information could be triggering. Please protect yourself and do not read it unless you are with your therapist or are in a safe place.

One of the cruelest forms of training that a young child can undergo is the training to be an assassin, or to be able to cold bloodedly take the life of another human being on order. In the Illuminati group that I was in, almost all of the children and teens had to undergo this is part of their military training.

The results are heart rending. The child must dissociate heavily in order to deal with both the ordeal of the programming, and the impossible demands that it places on their psyche. A child can be taught and trained to do this, but they can never be taught to be comfortable with the guilt it causes.

The training often begins young. The two-year-old child is placed in a metal cage with electrodes attached, or is heavily shocked and tortured on a table or chair. After a long session, the child is released. They will feel numb, and can barely walk. They will be given a small animal, often a kitten or similar one, and told to wring its neck. The child will refuse. The child will then be placed back in the cage, or hooked back up to the electrodes, and shocked again as punishment. They are then taken out, and told to wring the young animal’s neck. The child will be crying, and afraid of more torture. Finally, shaking, they will do as they are ordered. Afterwards, they will often go into the corner and vomit, all the while being praised by their trainer for the “good job” that they have done. The child will have created a split that obeys the trainer, to avoid the horrendous pain of disobedience (the more important the programming, and the further from natural core values the child holds, the more severe the pain level used to create the programming).

This is the first step in a horrible series of steps. It is continued over the years, and the animals get larger. This is to desensitize the child to the concept of taking a life.

During military training,

the older (aged 7 to 10) year old child will also be taught to use a gun, accurately. They learn to clean the weapon, to load it, unload it, and to fire at targets. They are heavily rewarded for accuracy, and berated and punished for mistakes. By age 12, most children are very accurate with a small pistol or rifle.

They are then taken to an enclosure, and taught to practice shooting animals that have been medicated to slow them down slightly. The child learns to aim for the head or heart. Targets are turned into realistic photo mockups of humans in target practice.

And during this time, the continued torture and abuse occurring, increasing anger levels. The child is told to “use their anger” to help them with their performance.

During virtual reality (VR) exercises, animal targets are replaced with human ones. The child is taught to hit the “bad guys” and to direct their rage at them.

Accuracy in these exercises is rewarded and praised, and mistakes are punished.

The child is taught to obey a command code to initiate the “find and seek” sequence with a target, and then to implement the “terminate” sequence, which involves killing the target. Under drugs and hypnosis, a young teen will be convinced that this is real. One day, they are tested, and told (in VR, but they don’t realize this in the hypnotic state) to shoot their parent or sibling, who is simulated graphically in the VR program. They do.

At this point, the child is considered “reliable” on “command”. If they will shoot the person they love most on command, the programming is considered “engraved”, and only needs to be reinforced periodically from then on.

This sounds horrendous, but this is how assassin training was done in the group I was in. I underwent it, and had to do it to others. I so regret it now. It was a carefully planned, sequential step-by-step process. No one gives a teen a gun, and says, “Go kill someone” in these groups, because the child would balk and be unable to. They start at the preverbal stage, and teach each skill to overlap with

the others.

They capitalize on the young child’s helplessness, and their rage at others to fuel the programming. Many of the techniques were based on the MK ULTRA research done by the CIA in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Illuminati trainers were in close contact with Illuminists in Military Intelligence who worked on these projects, such as Col. Aquinos, Sidney Gottlieb, and Alan Dulles, among others. This knowledge of how to condition a subject was passed out among trainers in the different groups, and implemented, with modifications based on age.

The children in the Illuminati are expected to perform tasks such as this in steps, and move up to the next level when they can demonstrate proficiency. A military commander will ask a teen leader to kill someone in front of the others, with their bare hands, to demonstrate loyalty and obedience. The teen will be given higher status and awards for doing this quickly and well.

This type of programming can be undone, with time, therapy, and concerted effort, and especially prayer to resolve the horrendous traumas that it involves. No human being should ever be forced to do these things, or to undergo this form of training. It causes massive dissociation, and intense grieving when the person realizes that they have done these things. It has helped me to realize:

  • I had no choice at the time. When I was a young child, those older than I forced me to. Alters created who learned to accept, or even enjoy this training, were created out of the need to dissociate and escape psychologically from this horrendous trauma, and those parts hold deep pain and wounding
  • I can grieve before God, and give Him the pain and wounding of a lifetime of intense pain and guilt that these experiences caused, and know forgiveness
  • I have choices now, and have chosen to walk away from this type of activity
  • I can pray that others get out, and escape this type of horrible abuse
  • I can express the anger and outrage that this intentional manipulation of me and others causes, to God, and find healing. The rage often fueled the abusiveness internally in the past, and as it decreases, the hold of the programming can also lessen

This type of programming is mind control at its most insidious, and healing is possible for it. It is a long, slow process, but worth working through.