How the Cult Programs People: Part Two (Svali Blog Post)

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Part Two

Training for jobs in the cult

The fourth category of

training or programming is towards doing a job in the cult. Each person has a specific job(s) that they are given, from earliest childhood on in the Illuminati. Often, the child is tested at intervals during their early years for aptitude and ability. The parent’s status, as well as the child’s intelligence and dissociative ability, will also factor in to the final role. Jobs in the cult might include, but are not limited to:

cleaners (clean up after ceremonies, set up)

spiritual (lead meetings, high priest or priestess, or acolytes)

punishers (punish members who are out of line or make mistakes)

scholars (learn cult history, ancient languages, do readings and history set ups)





scientists (trained in behavioural sciences)

doctors, nurses, medical personell

military leader (for military exercises)
The list goes on and on. The Illuminati are a complex group, with interwoven roles. The amount of training the child will need for their adult role will often depend upon the complexity of the final job. Sometimes, jobs overlap, or a person will be cross-trained for several. A child raised with child pornography may as an adult be taught to run a video camera, for example. A nurse or doctor may also help as a trainer, or learn sciences. A person trained as a military leader in the group will frequently also have assassin training (MK-ULTRA) as well.

These jobs are taught using operant conditioning principles from early childhood on. The child is shown how the role is done by an adult or older teen, ie “modeling” the behaviour is done. The child will also see the jobs done in the course of being part of the group. After the behaviour is modeled, the child is told that they will be learning it. Clear directions on what is expected are given. The job is broken down into steps, and each step is put in sequentially. The child may be shocked, or tortured, to create a “blank state” or tabula erasa personality who will do anything asked of them. Then, the behaviour is elicited. If the child does well, they are praised and petted. If they do not, they are punished severely. The child learns it is much less painful to demonstrate the asked for behaviour. Afterwards, once the behaviour is shown, the trainer “bonds” with the child, praising them, telling them how valueable they are, and what a wonderful job they are doing for “family”. The child is given the validation and caring that they so desperately crave, and a trauma bond is created. The personality state in the child will WANT to do well, it has bonded with the trainer or adult, and seeks approval again and again. This bond will last into adulthood, and often the personality states that seek approval will stay in a young state inside of an adult body. After the “job” is done, they will come out and still ask for approval at times. Another reward for the adult will be perceived moving up in status if they do well.

Spiritual Training

At its foundation, the Illuminati are an intensely spiritual group. They worship ancient deities including those of Babylon and Assyria (Baal and Ashtoth) and of Egypt (Ra, Horus, Isis, etc.). They believe that the spiritual is the root that feeds its many manifestations today. Because of this, all children will undergo some form of spiritual training, or programming. This is to ensure their bonding to the group as well as coerce or frighten them into fearing leaving.

Spiritual programming begins with the first ceremony that an infant is taken to, when they are dedicated to a deity, or even prenatally, when the fetus may be dedicated in utero to the “mother of heaven” or other deities. The young toddler’s world will include seeing the adults around him/her going to ceremonies, and they will be forced to imitate the activities they see.

There may be blood baptisms, using animals. There will be many, many dedications and rites, including the passing on of familial spirits from mother or father or grandparent, to the young child. These can be intensely frightening experiences. I do not want to argue the existence of the demonic here, but I will say that the group certainly does believe it is real, and that the manisfestations seen at these rites go beyond that which can be explained scientifically or rationally. As a child, I believed intensely that the demonic was real, as did all of the adults around me.

There will be ceremonies in which the demonic is invoked, and manifestations of power, including channeling, foretelling, or psychic slaying of animals. Objects may be moved, or a tree felled, using psychic abilities/demonic help. Adults will be involved in power battles. “Reading” people will be done. And in all training/programming sessions, the demonic will be invoked to help the trainer, to guide them, or to give energy to the programming being done. Often, before important programming sessions, trainers will perform a ceremony asking for demonic aide.

The child will be told that the demonic has been placed within them, and that if they ever try to leave, or break the programming, the demonic will “kill them.” The terrified child believes this. “Psychic surgery” may be done, where an “eye” is placed in the abdomen, and the child is told that the “eye” can see them wherever they go, and will tell them if the child tries to escape or questions the group. Implants may be placed, small thin metal rods, used to call up demonic forces. If the person tries to leave, or break programming, the implants are to cause intense pain or torment.

A child will be forced to participate in rites, including the mutilation or killing of animals or even an infant (although some of these are set ups, using a corpse, as mentioned in a previous article). Visits to sacred groves or holy areas may occur, where statues to the deities are garlanded with flowers and robed followers chant before a rite.

In some groups, the child will be turned against Christianity with purposeful programming. Since Christianity is the antithesis of the dark occult practices of the Illuminati, they often will want their members to be unable to reach out for the hope that it offers. Special sessions may include torturing a child. Often, the child will cry out for help, or to God. At that point, the programmer will tell the child, “God has abandoned you, He could never love you, that is why you are being hurt. If He was so powerful, He could stop this.” They will even ask the child to ask God to stop it. The child will, and then the trainer will hurt the child more. This will create a deep sense of hopelessness and despair in the child. He or she will truly believe they have been abandoned by God, that He has a deaf ears to their call for help.

The child may be tortured or shocked when the name “Jesus” is said, to create a barrier to hearing His name. Hymns may be used in sessions, to create aversion.

Spiritual programming will cover a variety of areas. I have only briefly covered some here.

This has been an overview of some of the areas that the cult, specifically the Illuminati, program people in. It is by no means all-inclusive, and there will be many, many variations in specific techniques used. Also, I am sure that different groups use different methods. If a survivor has memories that are different from what I have described here, they should believe their own memories. I am only sharing what I do remember about the Illuminati, the specific group that I was associated with, in the Washington, DC and the San Diego, Ca. areas from 1957 until 1995. My hope is that this article will help those who work with survivors, or who wish to know more about how these groups operate, understand more about them. That it will increase compassion for the immense amount of suffering that a member of these groups undergoes and for the struggle, once they leave, to overcome years of conditioning from infancy on. It takes tremendous courage to leave such a group, to say “no” to the pull of all the person has known, to decide to question values that lay unquestioned for years. To look at the pain underlying the programming, and to grieve over the manipulations and betrayals that have occurred from infancy on.

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