The Wonderful Story of the Honoured Liilas Bébé

“Maxx! I am The Maxx! MAXX!” exclaimed The Maxx. The Maxx had grown several years in the internal worlds, however in the external worlds only a short amount of time had passed.

“How old are you now The Maxx?” asked Sojan curiously. “Oh just a fours years old Sojan. I am The Maxx!”.

It was about one year before this The Amanda consulted with Sojan about time dilation and time manipulation in the internal worlds. Since getting out of the Family situation and making it harder for them to access whenever they wanted to – it only made sense to speed up time internally.

Sojan was very curious observing the internal worlds. A few babies had already appeared, however they would either merge into The Maxx or The Maxx would merge into the new baby that appears after some time.

“Waffles Industries Maxx! I am The Maxx!!! MMMAAAXXXXXX!!!” the concept of waffles industries was still very exciting. Mr Sojan and also Jas had become waffles industries certified personally by The Maxx. This means that both are capable of creating waffles expertly and had passed the ultimate test of Waffles Industries, waffles industries patience.

Waffles were the choice of breakfast for everyone in the internal worlds. For Sojan they are easy enough to make each morning. Although trying to avoid sugars, Sojan had purchased some organic maple syrup for waffles industries additions.

Only a few bites into the waffle and the sugar affect was already noticeable. It was in this instance that a new bébé had appeared!

Sojan had only become used to new bébé’s appearing in the internal worlds, so having a new bébé appear was interesting. The previous bébé’s that appeared would slowly grow up in the internal worlds and no one can predict how these bébé’s would grow up, not even The Maxx.

“Sojan, this bébé is different…” The Maxx continued to observe curiously the new bébé. “This bébé is a very good bébé Mr Sojan!”.

The new bébé seemed very patient and well behaved. It was also the first female bébé alter that had appeared in some time. A very long time.

“What do you think Maxx, is this bébé going to merge soon?”

“Mmm. Mr Sojan, I can only say this bébé is very different. This bébé could be a Maxx. We have to wait some time.”

Several days had passed in the external worlds, which meant many months had passed within the internal worlds. The new bébé still remained very patient and well behaved and seemed to enjoy waffles industries and Sojans apartment, which The Maxx had declared was good for bébés. With the all of good foods and all of good things, Sojans apartment stood out in the internal worlds and had an open invitation for any curious alters to partake in the good foods.

The Maxx after all had stayed for a very long time. With alters being able to move about and do as they please The Maxx could have easily moved to a new house, however had chose to stay in Sojans internal worlds apartment. In it for the waffles.

The next morning the new bébé seemed more curious about the external worlds. It was then that the new bébé began to communicate with The Maxx and Sojan after curiously and patiently watching everything.

Amanda and Jas had also visited now and then to see the new bébé. The Amanda was very excited to see a new female alter. The Jas also was curious commenting that this new bébé was different to the others we had encountered previously.

The Amanda had decided that it was a good time to take the new bébé to The Amandas Museum. This was a special place within the internal worlds that had recorded all instances of all known internal worlds history. So as new alters would visit and walk through the museum they’d also learn about Sojan, Jas, Amanda and The Maxx and all of the previous events and be bought up to speed quickly. This included all of the bad things and also all the good things.

The new bébé could not speak so many words, however with The Maxx being expert at bébé speak, The Maxx interpenetrated the bébé’s desires to Sojan. The thing that the new bébé desired the most was sugary products, or anything with sugar! And was very demanding of these things after being patient.

This had posed somewhat of a problem, considering the efforts to cut out refined sugars completely – which made a huge beneficial impact on the internal worlds and alters, Sojan did not want to go back to hell that was a high refined sugar diet without knowing any different.

In this case however we had to have some sugars. The newly found desire to have sugars again clearly was coming from this new bébé. Any attempts to try to explain to the new bébé that the sugars are bad, did not go so well. The bébé would refuse to believe such things, and suggest that the sugars are good and to have more and more.

A few more days had passed. The new bébé had become more distinct in character and personality. By this time it was clear that this bébé would not be merging into The Maxx and seemed rather independent, wanting to be her own self and do her own things.

With the new bébé old enough to communicate basic things Sojan had asked this new bébé some questions. “Hello!” exclaimed Sojan.

The bébé sat patiently and well behaved, more so than any other bébé encountered previously. Making some bébé sounds and flailing her arms and legs around was her way of saying hello back.

The Maxx was very curious also. This bébé wasn’t a Maxx. If this bébé is not a Maxx then just who is this new bébé? Sojan had thought of some questions to ask the new bébé to find out more about her.

“Did you always have the clothes on?” asked Sojan. The new bébé looked at Sojan puzzled and said “Yes, duh. Always had a clothes on.” which was interesting. Sojan then asked, “What things did you do? What things did you experience?”

The new bébé became excited and said, “Oh I just sit. The nice people does a takings of photos. Then they give me a sugars treat if I am a good bébé. I am a good bébé okay?”

The Maxx confirmed that this new bébé was indeed very good, and reaffirmed the bébé’s desire to be a good bébé. “Was there things like day time and night time?” asked Sojan, to which the bébé replied “What are those? I just sit and then get a sugars. Always have a clothes on. One time I remember though the nice man was carrying me. Then there was a really bright! And he put me in the moving seat. But I remember nothing after that.”

The new bébé as explaining these things shared the memories visually with Sojan and The Maxx. The memory was being carried outside and put into a car, however the handler had forgot to change the alter and then changed the alters as the new bébé was sitting in the car.

After some more questions Sojan had concluded that this alter was most likely used for photo shoots that were normal. The kind that ends up in kids clothing catalogues which are disguised for child trafficking.

To anyone else who sees the advertisement, it’d simply look like a bunch of kids modelling children’s clothing for sale in common stores. However these had a darker sinister purpose of allowing potential clients to choose which child they are more interested in paying for.

“What is your name?” Asked Sojan. The new bébé was puzzled, “Huh? I am just a bébé.”

“Oh, well in these parts we have some things called names. I am Sojan, this is The Maxx. There is also Amanda and the Jas. Which one do you like? You choose a name for yourself.”

“WOAH!” exclaimed the new bébé, she had become very excited and began to think very hard. “You knows what, my name is Liilas bébé. I had chosen it all by myself. Cool huh?”

“What spelling words makes your name Liilas?” and with The Maxx’s help Liilas slowly spelled out “L i i l a s b é b é’. And so it was the new bébé had been named Liilas bébé. “Strange spelling, but okay. I like it!” agreed Sojan.

Liilas bébé had asked to stay in Sojans apartment after declaring it was good for bébés. Everyone had agreed and the Liilas bébé was made very welcome. With more time passing Liilas developed more personality and became her own person in the internal worlds.

To this day no one really knows how the Liilas had found Sojans apartment or how she got there. We had presumed the sugars in the Sojans apartment is what had attracted this bébé. The time dilation still in affect, it was only a couple of weeks and the Liilas bébé had grown some more and was already close to one year old. The Maxx and the others also had grown up a bit more.

Sojan was reflecting on the past year. When he first had left Australia, The Maxx was still an infant. Amanda was only six years old and Jas was only just fourteen. However with the time dilation in affect, Amanda was now 23 years old with Jas being around 27 years old. Sojan seemed to be around the age of 29.

“Ahh they got to be pissed off at that!” laughed Sojan. Remembering the attempts with accessing and torture to regress alters ages and keep them young and programmed had failed after all. The alters were now seemingly stuck growing up and there was nothing to stop this growing ups despite their efforts.

“Maxx! I AM THE MAXX! MMMAAAXXXXXXXXX!!!” shouted Maxx excitingly. Liilas bébé had looked confused at The Maxx with his maxxoutbursts. Sojan though calmly tried to explain that this was simply The Maxx and a Maxx is a Maxx and Maxx does what a Maxx does. “MAXXALLLITERATION MAXX! I AM THE MAXX!!! WAFFLES INDUSTRIES MAXX!” The Maxx continued to exclaim the things he liked followed by ‘I am The Maxx!’ or ‘Maxx!’ and then suggested to be aware of the imitation Max. The only genuine Maxx is the Maxx with two X’s.

Although the early days living with The Maxx were strange and sometimes difficult to deal with, everyone had grown fond of The Maxx and his uniqueness.

The secrets The Maxx still contained were limitless and Sojan felt honoured to have The Maxx choose to live in his internal worlds apartment, still very curious as to what new things he could learn from The Maxx. From time to time, although very sad and disturbing, The Maxx would share some stories about ‘The days of the bogus green man and The Maxx’.

Sojan had liked meeting new bébé’s and then watching them grow into them older selves. It was all very interesting. Almost two months had passed, however many years had passed within the internal worlds. As Liilas became about two years old she started to worry about some things.

Sojan noticing this had asked Liilas what was wrong.

“Mr Sojan, you are very expert due to having waffles industries certifications from The Maxx! You would know these things. After all this time I am sure I am just a Liilas bébé. I am not a Maxx. I am not a Amanda. What do I be when I grow up?

I see all the others and they have their own things. The world of Amandas is very impressive and spans and takes up the most space in the internal worlds in all directions. I was like wow! … Sure I mean I could go to the University of Amandas and gets education and then help in Amandas world. But… I just don’t want to do that… It’s all so hard!”

Sojan reassured Liilas, “Oh Liilas, you are still just young. Only about two years old! There is still time to decide. You can stay here as long as you need or do whatever you want. What are you thinking?”

Liilas, after giving some deep thought had replied “Well I’m going to be a Liilas bébé. I had been thinking about what to do. I had also talked with The Maxx in secret, as The Maxx is very expert in all industries analysis..”

The Maxx then interrupted with “INDUSTRIES ANALYSIS MAXX!”

Liilas then continued, “After much thought there is simply not enough coats or jackets within the internal worlds. And then, what about where to put them? So I think I will enter into the coats and coats stand industry in the internal worlds. Although your apartment is very nice, I want to have my own shop and live next door to The Amanda. It’s still close to your apartment though so I can visit.”

Sojan replied “Great! That is very interesting. Actually thinking about it, we don’t really have any coats, jackets or places to put them industries. I think it’s a good idea. I mean we have clothes, but more different types of internal worlds clothes would be nice. Good idea.”

Liilas bébé became excited. After packing her possessions she had moved and created a store for tailoring jackets and the manufacture of coat stands.

“Aww they grow up so fast!” Said Sojan. And so it was, Sojans apartment had The Maxx and Sojan again.

Some more time had passed. There was no sign of any new bébé’s appearing and the new Liilas bébé had become popular with the internal worlds. From time to time Liilas would visit Sojans apartment and tell The Maxx and Sojan how things were going.

“Hello! Sojan and The Maxx!” Sojan was about to say hello back except The Maxx had interupted.

“MAAAXXXXXXXX!” The Maxx then made some bébé noises and said “Honoured Liilas bébé, highest honours. MAXX!” and bowed out of respect for the Liilas bébé.

“Welcome back! How is the life Liilas bébé?”

“Yeah Sojan really good. I have been very busy. I picked a very good industry to enter into. I never thought custom made jackets would be so popular! Everyone in the world of Amandas has ordered at least two or three jackets each! All customised to how they like.

The Maxx however has ordered 53,748 jackets in total. I am unsure why so many, he just said “No Maxx questions! I am The Maxx!”. So I am always busy!”

Liilas bébé revealed that the jackets have special properties. When alters are wearing them she can understand them better simply by them wearing her jackets. This same affect could be observed also by The Amanda and Sojan thus making communicating with some alters more easier.

After all this time too Liilas bébé had a better understanding of sugars and the desire to have sugar had disappeared completely.

Liilas bébé then revealed a new coat stand and jacket she had specially made for Sojan. Sojan placed the coat stand by his apartment door and hanged the jacket upon it.

“Thanks Liilas bébé, this is a very nice jacket! Clearly a bébé of highest honours.”

“Highest honoured Liilas bébé Maxx!” confirmed Maxx.

To this day despite being around four or five years old still prefers to be called ‘Liilas bébé’ and recently has entered into ‘hover glides industries’ along side making jackets and coat stands.


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